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11:25 PM on 12.19.2009

video games are making me broke

look. i'm a hard working man. i don't make a lot of money, but enough to live as a single american male. for some reason, i'm always looking at my bank account and go, "where the hell did all my money go?!". i'll then look to my left at my shelf, and see the loads of video games that are there, and the stack on the top of my xbox are the ones i recently bought, then look at my steam account, and see all the new fun i just downloaded..

man i got problems! i don't realize that this money is supposed to be going towards .. uhh oh i dunno .. ELECTRICITY, but instead i spend it on video games! what's wrong with me! i'm getting married soon. i'm glad i'm catching this now. i need to slow down with this stuff man.. it's like crack!

this is just a warning to everyone. when playing video games, take your time. have some fun and relax. there's no reason to have to play hours and hours on end. you'll just end up broke.

i'm so lucky my fiancee loves me otherwise this would be the end of me.   read

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