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sandwichassassin avatar 8:26 PM on 04.24.2012  (server time)
Requiem for a split-screen

As it seems to me, video games have become more about being alone, and getting yelled at online, then ACTUALLY having a good time playing. More below.

For awhile it seems video games have gotten less social then they were. When really, video games were originally accepted by the ones who generally weren't that social. Over time, they got more "buddy buddy" with the addition of a second controller port, you and a buddy could effortlessly team up to beat the baddies! What a novel concept, right? Maybe I could possibly be getting on to something, eh?
Anyways, after a while, the guys behind the games came out with four controller ports. Now, four people can get into the same game and have a blast! Multiplayer components became a staple in gaming as the medium gained more notoriety, becoming more popular, and more refined. Then, online gaming came out, and many gamers hopped on the technology bandwagon. Who wouldn't? The idea of popping in a game, and playing with people all over the world sounds like a great idea, and it is.
However, it seems like a step backwards. As people hopped online, they cut themselves off from the good times that can be had by some friends getting together and gaming together. All hope was not lost, however. Many games still had split screen support, and you and a buddy could team up and go online together. This seems like the perfect storm, no longer would groups of gamers be subject to only four people in a game, or even two. Sadly, as games progressed, and multiplayer became the main focus (yes i'm talking to you Modern Warfare) split screen was only offline, and you and your buddy couldn't sit on the couch together and have some online teamwork-y fun. Some guys got it right (the halo series' four player split screen online support) and Treyarch's Black Ops online split screen component was there, but these are two in a staggeringly endangered list of beautiful species.

Do what's right. Protect the sanctity of video games being fun and about having a good time, not getting yelled at by a prepubescent kid whose mommy bought him an xbox live subscription, while you're all alone in a dark room by yourself. Be the voice our medium needs, if enough people speak, someone is bound to listen. Do it for us. Do it for Everyone. And thanks for reading[color=darkred][/color][color=darkred][/color]

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