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7:00 PM on 09.04.2011

League of Legends: ELO Hell

I've been in ELO hell(1.2k ELO and lower) for a long time now (I use to be in the 1.2k-1.3k tier but got thrown down in the pit) and high ELO players seem to think that if your in the lower tiers you deserve it. This is due to the large amount of controversy the "soft reset" for the upcoming season 2 will have. soft reset means that instead of every one getting set back to 1200 rating (both the good and the bad people) people will get set back to check points designated by riot, so high ELO people will stay high and low ELO will stay low.

The reason why I think this idea is a bad idea is that if you have ever been in ELO hell you know that even if your a decent player it's almost impossible to get out of it, you get swarmed by trolls, bad players and people who D/C constantly. A team game that is based on playing well with your team becomes a new game in the lower tiers, you have to play against your own team. It gets ridiculous if it becomes less of a competitive game and more of a game based on luck, you are lucky if your team is not a bunch of people who quit out of the game, people who cant handle their character or people who have a computer form the 1950's. It's just purely frustrating.

The thing that puzzles me is that why after getting such bad reception for having a soft reset that riot would go ahead and do it. My guess is that they are not backing down that they are a serious competitive game now and even the fans complaining wont stop that (and in theory a hard reset wouldn't hurt the top tury players, if they deserve to be on the top of the ladder then they will).   read

12:40 AM on 08.29.2011

Why does realism = good?

I recently got into an argument with a few of my friends about GTA and Saints Row and I personally think saints row 2 is much better then GTA 4 because its absurd gameplay suits the sandbox concept better then the gritty reality GTA has shifted to. this was apparently the wrong opinion and I was told that I had the mental capacity of a banana (not exact words). I was a bit upset until I realized I seem to in fact have the wrong opinion (in the term of sales)!

The more realistic games like call of duty, Deus Ex and GTA all have much higher sales then saints row, eternity darkness or any suda51 games. I'm not sure if this is the gaming industries attempt to get away from its crazy and childish birth with games like mario and sonic being the most popular giving though games more promotion or if realism and underlying messages about humanity might be what gamers want now. I just find it astonishing that in the matter of a decade video games went from mostly mindless entertainment to having to have realistic perspectives or being a "big dumb game" (quote from an IGN review on saints row)   read

2:26 AM on 08.11.2011

Found a Fallout 3 Review from years ago

"I started playing this game few months ago and thought it was way to dull and i had games like fable 2 and rockband to play so i might as well play them. Came back to this game for the gamer points and i dont hate it AS MUCH anymore but i still have problems with it. i mean i love Bethesda games, elder scroll games are made out of win but this game just felt wrong,

I kept asking myself why am i using a gun when i can kill everything in the game with 1-2 hits with a baseball bat.....and why the hell does a base ball bat do so much damage when i only have 20ish points in melee and 80 points in small arms. plus the auto shoot system vatts or whatever itís called pissed me off because it did like 4 times the damage of a normal shot and it was so inaccurate it wasnít funny. Plus there was no real point to having a silenced pistol if i shoot at a target and after he is hit he knows exactly where i am and so does every other enemy ever. what im trying to say is that if they use the oblivion melee style....which in my opinion is one of the best RPG combat styles ever, why use the super crappy shooting that just felt like the Bethesda devs got drunk and threw it together in 2 minutes.

also i had an issue with foreshadowing. at the beginning of the game the super mutants acted all organized and like they were going to be a big threat to you but as i played the game more and more the super mutants just seemed like they were no better then animals because only a select few were shooting guns now and they didnt have any real purpose for infesting the areas i found them in. also when you first talk to Dr.LI when ur in the citadel she says "dont trust them they have very disagreable ideals" about the brother hood of steel, and then you talk to elder lynos and he just seems like a nice old man. you also talk to other capitans and scribes and some of there conversation options sound dickish but generally they help you so it just makes Dr.Li seem liek a crazy asshole. so it effectively makes character dialogue in the game forshadow to events that never happen, just making all the people in this post-apocalyptic world seem downright stupid.

I like the idea behind the story line and the fact that you can go out and explore the open map (and find cool stuff like crashed alien ships) but in the end it really feels like this game had so much more planed for it and bethesda just said "fuck it, we are stopping here lets get it ready for stores

over all id have to give the game a 5/10 cus its story line and quests are weak and combat style just seems to hold the player back. its not nearly the worst game Iíve ever played on the other hand."

This is what I wrote as a response to a friend who asked "why I didnt like fallout3". in retrospect i see what Bethesda was doing with their shooting system. it was trying to accommodate the RPG style of shooting with the crappy rusted guns you would be using in a post apocalyptic world and it didnt do a bad job of it. the tweaks that were made in New Vegas really helped the shooting in my opinion but I still had a giant dilemma....why the hell am I using guns to begin with? The melee in the game was still far far Superior to shooting just from the fact that if you sneak up on an unsuspecting monster (and with the stealth boy you will every time) your going to turn him into gooey chunks in one big punch (or slash or bash). not only that but the melee is much more fun in my opinion.

I also took a look at the story of fallout the third and the main story is not as bad i thought back when it first came out but it still had the really dumb inconstancy with the fallout back story (especially with the brotherhood of steel). over all I see that I was incredibly harsh on the game, mostly because i wanted to get across all of my points to my friends, but it still deserves more of a 7/10 then a 5.   read

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