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11:49 AM on 11.14.2007

Rock Band street date broken, I weep inside.

I now blame my parents for not having lived in New York so I could be born there and still live
there so on this day, I might get Rock Band 6 days early.

Also a plague on whoever this pic is, a plague on all his houses:


2:32 AM on 08.22.2007

The PSTriple cometh.

Hello again fellow gamers, or shall I say my family... yes, yes, we are all one big family here, a family that does not suck.

It would appear to be a safe assumption that my pstriple will be arriving at my house this day, and while my initial plan was to just leave it in the box and shove it under my bed until I discovered some use for it, I might be convinced to do something with it when it arrives.

That is where you come in, oh family of mine. What are some amazing things that I should be indulging in (pstriple related mind you, I'll thank you to put your dirty minds at rest for now) when the shiny new console arrives?

It is my current understanding that there is not a damn thing worth doing on the pstriple yet, is that accurate? I challenge the Sony/pstriple army to prove me otherwise.

Why, if all this negativity, did I bother to even buy one you ask? Hah! Twas' this very site that convinced me to get one with that silly $150 discount method.

So, for the short version of this post, finish this story:

"Once upon a time you got a pstriple in the mail..."   read

7:17 PM on 08.13.2007

It's BioShocking.

Ok so.. let's get to the point.

BioShock 360 demo. Ok, go change your pants, I'll wait.



Welcome back.

Now I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you just ruined your good pants for nothing.

The BioShock demo is not all that amazing! /gasp

Let me get my FPS check list out here....

- Standard zombie-oriented enemies with [insert blunt object] for weapons? Check.
- Creepy little girls? Check.
- Ruined civilization that you are just now joining that apparently had been mighty and full of history at one point and it's your job to discover the past? Check.
- Physics oriented super powers? Check.

I'm sorry but everything about the game demo felt completely standard, and I kept checking to see if my socks were being blown off, but they remained loyally on my feet throughout the entire experience.

I will, however, join the legions of gamers whose jaws remain on the floor after catching a glimpse of how the game looks. It does look good. Lemme check my socks... Alright they blew off just thinking about the graphics.

Hopefully when the full game is released, the completely standard elements will be outshone by some marvelous tricks up BioShock's sleeves that were carefully excluded from the demo. Until them, color me unimpressed.   read

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