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3:34 PM on 05.03.2008

Oh hey Dtoid, I'm back for another post after having to go into hiding from hating Bioshock (I still hate it).

Anyways, can you guys do me a favor and check the date on your computer? I could have sworn we now lived in the year 2008, I could be wrong, but that's the impression I was under.

Hell, I'll go ahead and check the date too, just to be sure one last time.

Ok, looks like we're in the year 2008. Games have come a long way, ideas have risen and fallen, franchises born and killed, game modes praised and trashed. It should be VERY difficult for major game companies to make terrible mistakes in this day and age (and year of 2008).

Which brings us to this...

Are you fucking kidding me? An auto-aim feature in a Ranked competitive online game as big as this? Rockstar, what the fuck are you thinking? How can you make such a terrible decision? To top it all off, when you spawn you're invincible for some amount of seconds. Basically what a deathmatch turns into is:

Spawn invincible -> Hold Auto-Aim button -> Whip around and lock onto random poor guy near you that existed too long and no longer has invincibility -> Pull trigger and get a kill -> Get killed by invincible guy that just spawned after you -> Return to step one.

As fun as that sounds, you might as well be playing against this guy:

I can understand this option being in the game at all, but in a Ranked scenario? No excuse for a terrible decision like that. Not in 2008. Let's check the date again.

Yep, still 2008. Epic fail Rockstar.

Now I know some of you are just itching and burning (hopefully not in your private regions) to hit a reply telling me to quit bitching and crying. So let's try to avoid those replies and settle this peacefully.

Possible fixes:
- Permanently disable auto-aim in ranked matches, leave the option in player matches for the whiny bitches who never learned how to shoot properly and can now get an ego boost from making a kill.

- Enable a filter mode for Ranked matches, where a player can choose only to join matches with auto-aim off.

- Punch Rockstar employees in the throat and pray they get the message.

I mean, it's not a hard concept here. How retarded do you have to be to set something like this. I can see it in Player matches, but Ranked matches, it just goes beyond me. And I'm not even one of those guys that is remotely competitive or in it for ePenis bragging rights to show off my record, I just think the game in its current form with all this auto-aim is one of the worst online experiences I've ever had, and I don't want this shit in my Grand Theft Autos, but as it stands, there's nowhere I can go to avoid it, only endlessly re-join games until I get a host who isn't a bitch and turns it off.

In case you guys still hate me, and feel like you've wasted your 5 minutes reading this, or if you are still burning to yell at me, here's Christina Milian just in case.


ps. - For the ladies of Dtoid, I don't know what a hot guy looks like, sorry. Otherwise I'd post one for you. So I guess the ladies are free to hate me.

pps. - I fail at blogs and don't know why Dtoid decides to do this "Uploaded & saved autolame.jpg; scaled to 100x; scaled to 550x;" upon uploading images. So, sorry for obnoxious images being of obnoxious sizes.
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