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s4ndm4n avatar 12:33 PM on 01.06.2009  (server time)
Why I chose Xbox 360 over PS3....

As I previously posted, we chose to get our family the Xbox 360 last year for Christmas. First of all, I am not disappointed and actually a bit surprised at how much I actually do like it so far! But that's not why I decided to post this. This is about my being a big Sony console fan for years and years, but in spite of that turning to the competitor for my newest console.

To begin with, I don't believe that the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3 in every or most ways or vice versa. I pretty much have figured out that there are pros and cons for both. By a small amount, XBox has the edge though and I'll tell you why it won my heart.

When we went out shopping to get our newest console (I already have a Wii at home and love that one) before Christmas, we were talking about the PS3, and my heart was set on it TBH. Why? 1. I've loved the systems that Sony has made up to now, including the psp although I don't own one anymore (this is only due to the fact that my hands cramp up trying to play games on any hand held, but less so on the DS actually). 2. Since Blue Ray is the new format for movies we figured getting a player was in order. Why not a console at the same time? 3. The graphics for PS3 are better, albeit ever so slightly but nonetheless better. of course that's just my opinion. I don't claim to be the graphics critic, just what I've seen I liked. 4. I am interested in many of the exclusives for PS3. I'm sure there are a couple more things. So why the change in spite of that?

The PS3 is "effing" expensive! Ridiculously so, too! For a system, that, in my mind is only slightly better in graphics, has only a few exclusives this time around and whose library isn't nearly as large as the competitors, I ask why? Why Sony? Seems to me that Sony's dark elitist nature has reared its ugly head. I'm sorry but its a great looking system and I honestly know that when the price comes down, I'll be reconsidering but for now, its just too much. We evaluated getting the PS3 with an 80 GB hard drive and compared it with the xbox 360 pro with a 60 GB hard drive + 2 games (more stuff with it but really the deciding factor was the games that my kids by the way, love) First off, the Xbox was already $100 cheaper with only a slightly smaller HDD. But you have to consider that the games that came with it could be anywhere from $100 to $120 sold separately. So the deciding factors were that 1. We saved about $200+ on the console. 2. We decided that the number of great exclusives for PS3 is not big enough to make a differnce. 3. The console itself wasn't outrageously better in any way. 4. the library still isn't up to par with xbox. 5. Finally, a large number of the games that are out there are now coming out on both systems anyway, so a lot of the library isn't being missed at all.

so that's just my take. Honestly I hope Sony makes some changes to its marketing. NOT to beat out the others but to really fully stay in the game. Sony's been good to me so far... so I am rooting for them!..

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