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Current games i am playing: Darksiders II, Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v.05 beta, League of Legends (all day every day), Team Fortress 2.

Kind of obssessed with wrestling lately, but been a huge gamer forever and a day. Started out on an original NES action pack, mario bros and duck hunt combo cartridge woo! Been flying nerd status ever since.

You can catch me Every Sunday at 5:30 EST for 321gocast, the unofficial community podcast where we talk about games, movies, comics, anime, whatever floats our boat.

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Fitting image for the title I went with this week I think. Yup. Nothing wrong here.

So brawl again this week because, why not it's actually been attended the last few weeks to my amazement. So yeah, follow the guide below to join, don't be late, blah blah GET ON WITH IT!

TWO: Copy down my brawl code and add it inside of smash brothers before the designated time of play.
FOUR: Be online when it comes to the fight, and I will message you in skype when it's time.

We meet at 11:00 EST. My information is as follows:

Brawl Code: 0817-3428-3165
Skype: Ryuh89

IF YOU DONT HAVE A HEADSET: Get skype anyways. There's text chat and we can get you in the game without having to talk to us. But It would be nice if you had a headset anyways, cheap ass.

Hope to see you all tonight!

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