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ryu89 avatar 2:20 PM on 09.12.2012
Botchtoid Episode 3 tonight~~

Tune in tonight for yet another episode of Botchtoid! We skipped a week but we're back this week!

Johnny Luchador won't be able to make it again this week, but that's ok there's still plenty to talk about!

You can see it at at 8pm EST!

Topics include:

Impact Raw and Smackdown overviews

A breakdown of TNA's No Surrender pay per view (spoiler: it sucked)

Updates on the status of Jerry the King Lawler after his heart attack on monday.

vApathyv again maybe?

More gimmick introspection!

A look forward to this sunday's WWE pay per view, Night of Champions

and much more!

So join us please if you're interested!


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