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Current games i am playing: Darksiders II, Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v.05 beta, League of Legends (all day every day), Team Fortress 2.

Kind of obssessed with wrestling lately, but been a huge gamer forever and a day. Started out on an original NES action pack, mario bros and duck hunt combo cartridge woo! Been flying nerd status ever since.

You can catch me Every Sunday at 5:30 EST for 321gocast, the unofficial community podcast where we talk about games, movies, comics, anime, whatever floats our boat.

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1. I'm deaf in my right ear. My left ear is a super bionic ear because of it.

2. I still have a Nintendo Power subscription even though its basically useless. What can I say, its a nostalgic thing.

3. I'm a computer science major and I hope to get my foot in the door of programming games one day.

4. If i never make it as a programmer, I would like to write scripts for movies. Don't worry, I'll stay the hell away from gaming if I ever do!

5. I think rez HD is an awful awful game. You are all delusional and taking PCP when you play it I bet.

6. I like watching shows like CSI, even though I know most of them are awful. Thats part of the fun of it.

7. I used to like watching Attack of the Show, because I fooled myself into thinking it was about gaming.

8. I think macs are the stupidest thing ever unless you are my mother. As gamers you should all know that it is pointless to own one unless you work in the entertainment industry and are required to make super fancy graphics and video to make a living.

9. The same as number 8 but with linux, and that i just think its useless altogether.

10. I'm an avid golfer, enjoy watching the pros every now and then, but I hate Tiger Woods' guts. Something about him rubs me the wrong way.

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