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10:01 AM on 05.08.2010

why Ubisoft NEEDS to resurrect the rainbow six series

This is my first blog ever so go easy on me here.

So i lagged out of Bad company 2 today and in my frustration disconnected my computer and decided to play some Single player games, glancing around i popped in the first Rainbow Six Vegas game and was instantly reminded of why i always call it "The best shooter on Xbox 360" The intensity of the close quatars combat is unmatched by any other game even in 2010, the amount of customization of weapons, tactical moves, and team tactics make the game an experience like no other. At the same time i saw why the game did not reach the "timeless" status among the mainstream that Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 1942 did, the graphics, even for the time, are just BAD. The weapon models look flat and boring, lighting effects are almost non existent, and the environments look almost like an original XB game, not to mention the storyline. The "sexy action movie" appeal of the storyline scared away a lot of the hardcore tactical action fans (not me though), but the tactical action, "one shot and your dead" health system, and lack of QUake III style multiplayer scared away the halo/COD fans. That explains why the masses of shooter fans flocked to COD4 a year later, leading to a booming of action packed high thrills shooting games, and leaving us tactical action fans pretty much in the dark for the past 4 years. However despite the lack of flair Rainbow Six Vegas is in many ways still WAYYY ahead of its time in gameplay mechanics and especially enemy AI. The enemies arent just faceless terrorists, they swear at you, they panic, they huddle together and plan ways to flank you out of your position effectively, using the same tactics you are trained to. Firing a clip in their general direction doesnt turn them into an army of super soldiers as it does in splinter cell in other games, like real humans, they can panic, give away their position, and make other blunders that lead to their demise. Your actions impact them psychologically,they behave like real soldiers. Like i have said many times earlier, it is an experience like nothing else on the xbox, which to me is a huge shame.

Now why do i say "resurrect." well, we havent heard a word about Rainbow six in the past 2 years,not a word. RSV2 was an OK game, but in my opinion was a bit of a step backwards, it felt like it was trying to appeal more to the action crowd, and failing. The reason that to me this is a huge shame is that the first rainbow six had something that wasnt just great, it was groundbreaking, it was in my mind a perfection of first person shooter combat, and not only has Ubisoft failed to thoroughly follow it up with something, but other developers haven't really taken note, in the past 2 years weve seen a booming in older style shooters, "run and gun" style games with arcade style features and "super soldier with super powers" style players (yes you know what i am talking about), cover systems in FPSs have not even been attempted since RSV and the amazing enemy AI seems to have been replaced by large numbers of mindless zombies (sometimes literally). In this state Rainbow six Vegas is bound to fall into the abyss of games that COULD have been game changing and groundbreaking but were forgotten about by the masses because the seqeuls were dumbed down and other developers were too lazy to take note. These games are played by small groups of people who play and discuss them religiously. Yes i am talking about Deus Ex, the first Operation Flashpoint (the sequel was just half assed) and System Shock. Ubisoft/Tom Clancy seems to have put more energy into Ghost recon (which has ALWAYS been the mentally challenged cousin of Rianbow six in my mind), the increasingly Jack Bauer splinter cell, and new series that usually fail. I think its time they go back to the game that put them on the map in the first place, the game that brought the tactical action genre to light, Rainbow Six. I think if they were to take the combat system of hte first RSV, update the hell out of the graphics, scrap the stupid storyline for something a little less cheesy and maybe bring back some of the older features such as pre mission planning they in my mind, would have the tactical action game to end all tactical action games, and for once people who are into real tactical shooters like me, would have a kickass game and not half assed efforts like Operation Flashpoint 2 and Ghost retar--i mean recon.   read

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