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10:36 PM on 01.30.2009

Hi, I'm Rushnik, and I'm new here. I'm a relatively young gamer, being born in the early 90's but I do respect and play old NES, SNES Genesis and Gameboy games. I will admit to being pwn'd by their difficulty...
Umm, I'm a Sonic fanboy and while I do love the blue blur I realize that he needs some help and rejuvenation. The old games did hit they're mark and they could teach the new Sonic some stuff but I'm not the type who thinks the oldies were the only good games.
I do feel that I am a knowledgeable, reasonable and well informed gamer, albeit being a Sonic fan makes convincing people of that tough...
I hope to bring an appreciated and welcome voice to the community and I will update my blog with my opinion on what I feel deserves it...

I will welcome any question about me or my opinions in the comments below and try to answer them to show you who I really am.

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