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9:32 PM on 03.05.2009

My Top 10- Sonic Games

With the recent release of the worst idea possible that somehow is in more fanfics then sex is...Sonic and the Black Knight (which despite IGN's review, is actually quite enjoyable), and me being one of (if not the) biggest Sonic Fanboy here, I present to you my TOP 10 SONIC GAMES!!!

10. Sonic CD

What! A Sonic fan who doesn't think that this is the best or second best Sonic game, he's no fan at all!
No, I love the game, but less than the others on this list. I really don't know why I don't like this game as much as others do though. It just feels...not as good as the others on this list.

9. Sonic Unleashed (Wii)

Ok, how does this beat CD?
Look, I know that Sonic isn't about pure speed, but fast-paced platforming. What makes this possible is not the character, but the level design. The level design in Sonic games should allow Sonic to go as fast as he can, and in Unleashed the Day levels do just that. The Day levels in Unleashed are some of the best designed, well polished and lush levels in the series history. All of them are a pleasure to play through, and when you're watching all that scenery blur behind you at 300+mph and actually going that fast without instantly exploding or anything, you can really appreciate what a good Sonic game is all about.

8. Sonic the Hedgehog

That's right the original Genesis classic makes number 8 on this list. This was the game that made Sonic, and started his rocket to the top (and then his crash...) and it was so well designed. Everything was fresh and the speed was unbelievable. This was one of the fastest games for a long time, and a combination of great level design and spot-on controls made it an almost over whelming experience.
But compared to other games, this one a first game, with the later games tweaking and improving the formula.

7. Sonic Adventure

Sonic's 3-D romp land in at number 7. This game was as fast in it's generation as the original was in it's and the controls translated great to 3-D. After a hard time on the Saturn, this is the game Sonic needed and it's just awesome. The levels and speed felt fresh again in 3-d and the game just felt great to play.

6. Sonic Advance (2)

These were Sonic's first 2-D game on a Nintendo system, and they was a hit. They brought back the gameplay of the Genesis originals and added a whole lot more speed, better graphics, and everything Sonic gained in the years in-between. This is my Sonic 4.

5. Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)

This game took Sonic Adventure, one of the fastest games at the time, made it faster, improved the controls and levels and and it resulted in one of the best Sonic, and Gamecube games. This is the definitive 3-D Sonic experience, combining fast Sonic platforming with excellent controls.

4. Sonic 2

My first Sonic game and arguably the best comes it at number 4. It improved everything about the original. I feel that the game felt more comfortable about itself and it's style in this game, allowing for a better understanding of what makes the series so enjoyable. Also, it introduced Tails, who is awesome.

3. Sonic and Knuckles

Not only was this a great 2-D Sonic game, but with lock-on tech, it allowed you to improve and replay the other games and make them feel fresh again. It's best lock-on companion was...

2. Sonic 3

The most renowned, and popular choice for best stand-alone Sonic game. It was one of the biggest games of it's time, each level about the size of 3 Sonic 1 levels and was the pinnacle of Genesis platforming and games. This is near Sonic perfection! But it doesn't stop there, connect it to Sonic and Knuckles and you get the biggest 2-D Sonic game, that still hasn't aged one bit.
So why isn't it #1? Because I feel that without the Knuckles lock-on, it isn't as much of an improvement on the formula as 2 was.
But that raises another question, what could beat it?

1. Sonic Rush

Why does this game score so high?
For one, this IMO perfected Sonic 2-D gameplay, with outrageous speeds, tight controls and another batch of great levels. This game also had great art and music. It also had the best Special stage ever.This is the best Sonic game, 2-D or otherwise and if you are to play one Sonic game, play this one.   read

10:27 PM on 02.26.2009


I recently started a journalism class in school and I had to write an article about gaming for the school's paper.
It was my first article and well, I'm proud of it so Imma show it to you guys!
Please give any and all constructive criticism.
Remember, this article was written for a school newspaper, and not everyone is a gamer so judge content accordingly.

The Video Game War- Hardcore and Casual
Video games are a growing subculture, and like many sub cultures, it’s people fall into sub-sects. The two most distinct sub-sects are the “Casual” and the “Hardcore”. Now, not all gamers fall into these sub-sects, and not all agree with them, but a lot do and like all cultures, it is important to know a little background before judging.
The most common definition of the “Casual” gamer is either the baby or the senior citizen. To elaborate, according to the bulk of gaming culture (aka, the “hardcore”), the casual audience is either too young to know what a good game is, and will beg their parents for anything with colorful boxart, or are too old to appreciate a video game, and only buy a system (mainly the Nintendo Wii or DS) for non-games (“Brain Age”, “Wii Sports” and the like.). My definition of the “casual” gamer isn’t that different, being someone who plays video games as a secondary or tertiary form of entertainment, behind T.V. and books perhaps. The “hardcore” claim that the “casuals” are a cancer to gaming. That is because companies (again, mostly Nintendo) can find profit in these games and will start making cheaper games to appease to this larger crowd and forget all about the “hardcore”. The hardcore use the Wii’s and DS’s high quantity or “shovelware” (cheaply made games with poor gameplay, graphics, and little to no depth), as proof of this switch of audences.
The “hardcore” definition of “hardcore” is a real gamer’s gamer; someone who plays only real games, with guns and blood. A gamer who doesn’t dare pick up a game that isn’t mature enough for their standards. These gamers are usually boys between the ages of, believe it or not, 13 to 22. These people own usually a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. They believe that games can only be appreciated by the “hardcore” and that games need to be a more mature art form. My definition of a “hardcore” gamer is someone who treats gaming as a primary form of entertainment, and like all coinsures of an art, have experienced it in all of its forms and genres.
I also believe that most of these “hardcore” gamers, are in-fact “casual” and are the very cancer that they claim to be protecting gaming from.
From what I’ve experienced as a gamer, your average “hardcore” gamer has a false perception of maturity, but this isn’t just in gaming. Like most people in the lower percentiles of that age group, they perceive maturity as the media that targets them does, in this case, the still predominate gangster culture that make being older seem all about pushing the envelope and breaking the censorship of a previously sheltered world. I believe that another huge part of the mindset of the aforementioned group deals with another common feeling of insecurity. Most teenage boys feel that if they play something they perceive to be to immature, they’ll be labeled as such by others; and because of their already blurred perception of maturity, they usually feel that unless it has something’s blood on the screen at all times it’s too kiddy.
Overall, I believe that these labels and the “hardcore’s worrying about the “casuals” ruining the market is stupid and immature. Yes, gaming is an art form, and it does need something to entertain it’s older audience, but hogging all of it to them is bad. Gaming needs a fresh new audience of the youth to continue, and right now, those youth are being drawn in by the shallow games that the “hardcores” protest so strongly. Don’t worry, like you, they will mature and find the pleasures in more intricate games, but for now let them have their fun.   read

1:10 PM on 02.21.2009

Other Side of the Pixel 2- Sonic the Hedgehog

If you read the firs one, you know how it goes, if you didn't I'm not retyping it...

Okay, so by fan request today is Sonic the Hedgehog.
Now, I'm only gonna focus on the original 5 Genesis games (Sonic, 2, 3, &k, CD) because those are the ones with the thinnest plot.

So the stories of these games are all pretty thin and pretty similar: Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik wants to take over Sonic's home (or Angel Island, or the Small planet) to conquer it. Do do this he traps all the cute innocent native animals in his robots and steals the Chaos (Master or Time Emeralds).

Simple, but with enough of what I like to call "writer's cardboard" we can make it complicated and convoluted.

We can do this in many ways.

First way- Science and Industrialization vs. Nature. If you've played Mother 3 this should sound familiar to you.
First, we know that Dr. Robotnik is a mad scientist, robotisizing (it's a word now) all the innocent, pure creatures of nature and corrupting their morals by turning them into and industrial product. A common link is made between the advance of technology and the destruction of weapons so, also by making the animals robots, he makes them more violent.
It is now up to Sonic the Hedgehog an incorruptible animal who can outrun the speed of the advance of technology to save his home and restore it to it's pure state.

Second way- Democrats vs. Republicans.
Let's look at the character designs and traits of both main characters.
Sonic is blue, thin/ small, nonaggressive and a does things for the benifit of the little guy, traits often associated with a democrat.
Eggman is red, bloated, pro-violence (take this as war) and cares more about the advance of business over the ecosystem (statistically). Representative of republican government (Give me a B-U-S, end with an H, what do you get?).
But wait, what does that make the also red Echidna, Knuckles? Becuase we are looking at only the Genesis games, lets call him a republican puppet government used to advance the "American way" onto a poor country.
(Yes, do lean more to the liberals, if you think that this is biased, it is...)

The third (last one I'm doing) and properly most obvious is SEGA vs. Nintendo. Sonic is representative of the blue SEGA logo while Eggman of the red Nintendo logo. Again, Robotnik is bloated and in control of most of the island (market share) while Sonic is the underdog and last chance to beat the Doctor and rescue what he stands for.

Any suggestions for the next one will be considered, though I'm leaning either towards "Atari Classics" or Kirby.   read

1:03 PM on 02.20.2009

The Other Side of the Pixel

Ok, this is another thing Imma thinking of doing a series type thing about.
It's basically a different or more in depth look at some games and series.

First up, Pacman!

Pacman was the first horror game.

An Asian man just bought a new home for his wife and himself and goes in to renovate a bit while his wife is off doing something else. After he enters the home the door shuts behind him locking him in. Shortly after four ghosts appear and start haunting him. The ghosts chase him and he runs. He finds himself in a narrow corridor and runs through it, only to discover a secret passage through to the other side of the house. He then discovers tiny fragments of a magical talisman that seems to weaken the ghosts. He collects them and occasionally finds a weapon to temporary guard him from the spirits while he collects the pieces. With every part he puts together the house gets a bit weaker and wants to destroy him faster, changing the shape of the walls and floors to throw him off his feet and make it easier for the ghosts to kill him.
After many hours of collecting talisman pieces he is almost done. He is collecting the last few and desperate, the house launches one last attack, it partially distorts time and space around itself to freeze everything in it's place so Pacman cant finish the talisman and the house is safe once again.

After coming back from whatever she was doing the wife rushes into the house only to find her husband is missing. She too, runs into the ghosts and discovers talisman pieces. She goes on a mission to rescue her husband,

but that's another game.

Next up for this series (if I feel like it) Either Kirby or Sonic...   read

9:40 PM on 02.19.2009

Top 10 Villains in Gaming

10. Bowser

Bowser is the essential, classic bad-guy. He's big, strong, tyrannical, a princess snatcher and reptilian. So why is he last? Because he never wins, and in-fact sometimes helps out Mario, even when not for his own game. Also, playing go-karts and tennis and baseball and many other assorted sports and activities with the hero, that's a big no-no.

9. Dr. Robotnik

Ok, so he's not that much better then Bowser, but I'm a Sonic whore. Just be glad he's not number 1 because of that. The Doctor is the type two classic. He's and evil genius who wants world domination. But why is he on this list instead of Dr. Wily? Because Eggman is a douche. He uses the sweet innocent little forest animals to help him in this evilness and "that's no good"

8. King DeDeDe

How did DeDeDe, a cute blue penguin who hardly is as much as a villain as he is a nuisance beat two of the most recognizable villains in gaming? Because of his evil plan, steal all the food in his kingdom, from everybody just to eat more. He is greedy and a glutton and has a badass hammer, so why still low on the list? Like I said before, he is cute; and not as much as a villain as he used to be, now acting more as Kirby's friend.

7. Ganondorf/Ganon

The lord of evil is number 7 on this list. He's an all powerful dark wizard who is in possession of the Tri-force of power and will not let anything get in the way of capturing the other two pieces to have complete world domination. So why so low? Because it's part of his destiny to lose. He never even has a chance. Whenever he is close to finally winning, Link comes and kicks his ass. When it's your destiny to not win, give up and move on.

6. Glados

Glados is on this list because she is in control of the game for almost 90% of the entire time you play. She has trapped you in her tummy and has her entire factory conspired against you. An army made of acid, and automatic turrets. Her only goal is to kill you, really because she has nothing better to do. She does it to everyone. Also, she is probably the funniest villain here, and that's a plus.

5. Dracula

Castlevania took a monster that has already scared people for hundreds of years, and made him a god. Not only does he has all this god like power to control and wield, his only goal is to use all that power to exterminate you and your family.He has a personal vendetta against you and will use all that god like vampire power to kill you. With the Castlevania series being as hard as it is too, not dieing is hard.

4. Kefka

First of all...FUCK SEPHEROTH (who doesn't deserve the respect of a properly spelled name!)!!!!!!!
Kefka makes it on this list because he is cynical and has no regard for human life, or just anything. He is the Joker (from Batman) of Final Fantasy and that sums it up. Also, that laugh of his is is eerily familiar to that of the Duck Hunt dog, and that ups his villain level by that much.

3. Gygas.

This alien from Earthbound is just too creepy not to be on this list. He is just a chaotic mass of evil and that is just plain creepy. He is the embodiment of evil! He is so evil that his body can't contain him! He was in fact made from Earthbound's creators horrible memory of a scary movie he watched when he was young. Plus "Nessssss" gives me shivers.
Yet, he is also a tragic figure...a villain who can make you cry and soil yourself deserves higher on this list, but he get's beaten by...

2. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is in-fact a villain, and probably the hardest of video-game history. He is the final boss of the game and compared to Little Mac, he is a dinosaur. One hit from him and you are down and out. You have a 1 in a Gogol odd against him in the ring.

1. Ridley/ Meta Ridley

Ridley tops off this list at number 1. Why?
1. He is completely ruthless. He has killed entire planets before without regret.
2. He is a fucking DRAGON!
3. He killed everyone on both your home planets.
4. He wants to finish the job, and that means killing you.
5. He always comes back.
6. Has and army.
7. Is as smart as he is cool looking.
8. He is a Dragon.
The only thing that would have made him cooler is if he was a pirate.
Wait a minute...

Yeah, I like top #'s lists, but I'm not a one trick pony, expect more blogs from me with different things...whenever I get to it.   read

5:31 PM on 02.06.2009

10 most wanted game clothes.

Game characters have cool, get-ups, admit it. Here of the top ten articles of clothing I want. I'm keeping it to one item of clothing per franchise. Now, I can't really go into detail about these because, their clothing and have only one use, and some are just because of personal tastes.

10. Megaman's Helmet

It's Megaman's Helmet. What more can I say, it's awesome, and my favorite color.

9. Ryu's Dragon Claws

It's the coolest weapon that is also a piece of clothing I know of.
Seriously, how many times have you wished you were Wolverine?

8. Issac's Scarf

Anyone who knows me knows I love scarfs (and watches). Issac's is the coolest looking scarf know to man, If not a bit flamboyant.

7. Any RPG Character's Pants

I'll be able to store everything, ever. In one pair of pants.
Bad part, remembering to empty the pockets before doing laundry.

6. Mario's Cape

I was gonna put the raccoon tail eventually, but I doubt it's clothing...
Anyway, yeah, it's a cape, and you can fly with it, badass.

5. Meta Knight's Cape

Inter-dimensional teleportation, and a pair of wings, all in one stylish cape. Fuck Yeah!

4. Joe's V-Watch

The power to turn into a superhero (with an awesome scarf) who can slow or speed up time. All in an awesome watch. WIN!

3. Samus' Varia Suit

With all the weapons plox.
With this suit, I am a one man army, with a laser, a laser whip, bombs, missiles, cool hud, and the ability to roll around as a ball.

2. Link's Hat

It's Link's hat, it's a classic, it's cool looking, and it's my second favorite color.

1. Sonic's Shoes

If you don't know by now, I am a major Sonic fanboy. I would love to own a pair of well painted running shoes, but the real things would be a dream come true.
Plus, if you delve into the Sonic mythos, these shoes aren't effected by friction, giving me a skip to my step.   read

6:24 PM on 02.01.2009

Ten Games I care about in 09

While everyone is still in the 10 things about them state, I thought of making a different top ten list.
These are the top ten games I'm looking forward to in 09. Keep in mind I live in America, and this list only has games that I own the consoles for, so no PSP or PS3 games are on it.

10. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

As a major Sonic fanboy, I've learned to love the Genesis. Unfortunately, I've only played a handful of games for it (including all the Sonic ones). I think that this collection will be a neat blast from the past and let me experience where Sonic came from...Also I lost my Sonic Mega collection so I want the original games back.
Yeah the new filter looks like shit but...I really don't care.

9. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

I love parodies and satire. This game looks to be a funny parody on many genre's of games. Gameplay doesn't look to special, and it is a duel analog shooter, but I think that the comedy will be enough to endear the game to me.

8. Dark Void

Another shooter, but this one, like "Eat Lead" has a quirky...gimmick. The main character has a jet-pack, and with it, he flies. I love the idea of flight and so far, only a number of games I've played made me feel the whimsy of it (the Original Nights, and the red star from SMG) but this game looks to capture the experience really well. I can deal with the shooting if this game gives me the flying experience I'm looking for.

7. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

When I picked up Marth and Roy in Melee, I wanted to know where they came from. After the first Fire Emblem to hit American shores arrived I fell in love with the series. I'm not a big fan of strategy games, but there was something special about this one.
So being able to play an updated version of the original game, with Marth is almost a dream come true.

6. Kingdom Hearts: 358 days over 2

While not the biggest RPG fan, I've come to enjoy Action RPG's, and the Kingdom Heart games on the PS2 were a couple of my favorites. So far, this sequel looks to stay true to the formula and that means another good game.
It's a shame you gotta play as Not-quite-Sora though, (I refuse to give him a name, I don't like him)

5. Prototype

It's Grand Theft Auto...with you as a Super(Anti)Hero. Epic Win!

4. Sonic and the Black Knight

Well, it's a Sonic game, so It's probably gonna be another let down. But I think giving Sonic a sword is a better idea then turning him into Stretch Armstrong. So far the game looks fast and..well, not a complete load of crap.

3. The Conduit

That's right, another shooter, but this one's for the Wii; and that means NO DUEL ANALOG CONTROL!! Fuck Yeah! You know what other shooter has no duel analog control? Metroid Prime 3, and I love Metroid Prime 3. The tech behind this game is top notch and if gameplay is anything like MP3, this game will be a AAA title for the Wii, and I can't wait.
I am cautious about how the online will be handled though...

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum

I am gay for Batman. He is my favorite, and the best (Super)Hero, EVAR. No contest, I win.
Unfortunately, his games don't live up to his hero status, but this game looks like it has potential. It has the style of the comic's, the voice actors from the 90's animated series and BATMAN!
So far, the game looks like a true Batman experience, sneaking, investigating and kickass.

and the number one game I'm looking forward to in 2009 is...

1. Mario and Luigi RPG 3!!

So far all the Mario RPG's (including the "Paper Mario" series) have been top tier, extraordinary games with great writing, tight controls and fun gameplay. This game looks to steer more towards Superstar Saga's style, and that was the better of the two handheld RPG's. All the Mario RPG's so far have been enjoyable experiences, and this game's pedigree more then earns is a spot on the top of this list.
Also, Fawful FTW.   read

11:09 PM on 01.31.2009

6 Things you don't know (or care) about a newb.

Well, everyone else is doing it and I thought It would be a good way to warm myself to the community. Why 6? You only care most of the other guy's facts because you car about them, and...I'm lazy.

1. My first game:

My first game was Sonic 2. I played it on my dad's friends Genesis and didn't get a chance to beat it until I got my Sonic Mega Collection for the Gamecube. Sonic 2 was my introduction to video games and it endeared me to them as well as the object of my fanboy affection, Sonic the Hedgehog. It was one of the best Sonic games and I'm proud to call it my first.

2. My first console:

My first console was the Nintendo Gamecube, late to the game, huh? But it wasn't my first game experience. Going backwards from when I got my cube; I played my friends Gamecube. We mostly played Melee as well as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I also had another friend at that time with a Dreamcast and he had Sonic Adventure as well as Soul Caliber, Shenmue, Power Stone, etc. Before that, my summer camp had some old SNES's and Genesis's. It was there I played the classics of Mario World, A Link to the past as well as continued playing Sonic. Before that, in early elementary school (kindergarten and 1st grade) I had a friend who had an N64. I mostly played Mario 64. Before that was the aforementioned Genesis of my father's friend.

3. My favorite game:

My favorite game would have to be Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Because I never owned a system before the GC, my favorite game is not one I hold in favor because of nostalgia that has, or hasn't aged well or even by ratings. I just have fun with Brawl. I love the roster, the gameplay and just playing it with friends.

4. I Suck At:

I suck at FPS's. I just can't get the grasp of Dual Analog controls. I'm competent at MP3, because it's different, but I just can't get Dual Analog.

5. I Regret:

I regret never beating a 2-D Zelda or Mario 3 or World. I really just never got around to beating them, due to time restraints or other reasons. I have played them, but I've never beaten them. I swear one day I will beat at least one 2-D Zelda and SM3.

6. Favorite/ Least Favorite Game Genres:

Favorite: Platformers, Action Adventure, Action RPG

Least Favorite: FPS, RPG, Fighting.

The rest are eh. Of course there are exceptions to the rule.   read

10:36 PM on 01.30.2009

Hey! Listen!

Hi, I'm Rushnik, and I'm new here. I'm a relatively young gamer, being born in the early 90's but I do respect and play old NES, SNES Genesis and Gameboy games. I will admit to being pwn'd by their difficulty...
Umm, I'm a Sonic fanboy and while I do love the blue blur I realize that he needs some help and rejuvenation. The old games did hit they're mark and they could teach the new Sonic some stuff but I'm not the type who thinks the oldies were the only good games.
I do feel that I am a knowledgeable, reasonable and well informed gamer, albeit being a Sonic fan makes convincing people of that tough...
I hope to bring an appreciated and welcome voice to the community and I will update my blog with my opinion on what I feel deserves it...

I will welcome any question about me or my opinions in the comments below and try to answer them to show you who I really am.   read

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