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12:26 PM on 07.21.2010

On the Tyranny of Fun

Videogame media’s sine qua non condition for a good videogame: being fun. If, and only if it is fun, can it be deemed a good buy, a prime piece of entertainment or what they would foolishly call a work of “art”. Sure, techn...   read

11:27 AM on 06.02.2010

Eastern Love, a Densha de GO! + Train Simulator review

“Densha de GO!” (roughly meaning “Let’s GO! by Train”) is a quirky train simulator Japanese series. Its game design reeks of distilled arcade elegance – players can only accelerate or brake using a single lever, the goal be...   read

7:01 AM on 06.02.2010

“Harry Potter just went third-person shooter”

No... I mean... seriously? The line which serves as title was actually taken from Eurogamer's hands on article, which to tell the truth I can't even bring my self to fully read, such is the state of shock I'm in. Am I the o...   read

5:36 AM on 05.31.2010

Another for the Masses, a Mass Effect 2 review

Gears keep turning. Four years after its launch, “Gears of War” remains the template, the archetype, the defining game by which all revolve around. In this mere second in video-games’ development time, there have been doz...   read

11:37 AM on 05.24.2010

Heartbreaking Nostalgia, a Final Fantasy XIII review

All it took for was one brief look at the Yoshitaka Amano title screen in a local megastore for a scream to build up inside. “Final Fantasy”. We grew up with the series, and for that they will always hold a special place in...   read

10:26 AM on 04.27.2010

Unrequited Love, a "The Void" review

“The Void” has us enthralled at first sight. An eerie melancholic soundscape fills the background, a strong feminine voice entangles itself in a haunting poem [adapted from our very own Luís Vaz de Camões], the screen swerv...   read

6:07 AM on 04.08.2010

Hail the King of Thieves, an "Uncharted 2" review

“Uncharted 2’s” introductory moments are an absolute marvel. Most importantly, they represent a clear break from traditional game design logic, showing off exciting new possibilities in terms what a video game can (should?)...   read

4:49 AM on 03.31.2010

Revisiting Horror, a Resident Evil (2002) review

Today, the name “Resident Evil” can only be associated with a modern brand of derivative military shooters. This is true regarding the main entries of the series – that slowly, but consistently, shed their adventure legacy ...   read

10:40 AM on 03.30.2010

Why we need a ‘Citizen Kane’… and why we may never get one.

“Video games are art? Please, don’t insult yourself” – these are the thoughts that cross people’s minds. It’s true. Video games as a whole, have never held up to any form of mildly analytical, critical analysis from an art ...   read

9:45 AM on 03.25.2010

I think, Sebastian, therefore I am... a "Machinarium" review

Some games I haven’t the courage to approach with a review. Partially it’s because I don’t think I have the right knowledge or literary technique to express my views or to dissect them properly, but also because I have this...   read

7:20 AM on 03.19.2010

Authorship by Proxy, an "Assassin's Creed II" review

Has it really come to this? I remember a time when designers, whether good or bad, creative or conformed, loved or despised, were authors. A time when authorship lived and died by their creators’ passions and views on what ...   read

10:15 AM on 03.16.2010

From Russia with Cold, a "Cryostasis" Review

As western game development grows thick in its arrogance and nigh religious faith in the formulaic, and the far eastern dwindles in its inability to appeal to the new found world masses in any way but the mimicking of the w...   read

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