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5:13 PM on 12.19.2007

A day(and night) at Target

The only reason im writing this is because its really fucking weird.

So last night I had this dream that I was hanging out with some friends calling around looking for a Wii and what not. Nothing out of the ordinary or whatever. I was telling my friend that there was this one special Target that nobody really knows about that will likely have a Wii because of their low customer volume. So anyway I call and what do you know, they have one. I cruise over and pick it up ding I own a wii.

I wake up and dont really think anything of it.

So today my mom called me to tell me she was waiting in line for one at Gamestop and no dice, shes made buying people a Wii her personal crusade this year for some odd reason. We talk shit as always hang up and go about our day. At that point about lunchtime my son was being a pain in the ass so we decided to get out and cruise around the Atlantic terminal mall here in Brooklyn, where there happens to be a Gamestop that I always check and a Target that I always buy diapers and forumla, along with beef jerky at. As always Gamestop is jammed with people no word of wii and they have their signs about January for Wii's all over the place.

We cruise upstairs to Target to get some random christmas junk and cereal where what do I spy in the electronics section, but a wii sitting on the shelf. This is the first wii ive seen on a shelf, ever, anywhere. So i grab one of the Target people and ask them if theyll get it out for me and the girl says to go get on line. Well if any of you can imagine what this target is like and the chaos, its insane, and the line is insane. But we stand there. We finally get up to the counter where there are OUT OF WII signs plastered everywhere and I ask if theyll pull the wii out of the case so I can buy it when lo and behold, there is a stack of about 50 behind the counter. We bought one. We brought it home, and now im gonna wrap it, so i can open it for myself on Christmas.

So in the end, my dream came true. This Target is literally the last place id expect to find a Wii but not because of the low volume of customers but quite the opposite, its always chaos and jammed with people. But anyway, here it is. The bidding starts at $500 and ill deliver anywhere in the NYC metro area. j/k.

Seriously though, a dream about getting a wii at target, waking up to go to target and actually getting one, is just a bit weird.

P.S. this is full of typing and grammar errors but im busy so you know what to do.   read

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