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Ive been a gamer since I can remember but never came out of the cocoon until I got my nes. Since then it has been nothing but games, anime, and ...well more games (maybe anime games). Fell into the RPG genre when my friend from the Philippines got his demo of FF7 and I've been playing every (exception being 11) FF after that and I can't wait for 13. I have a 360, PS3, and a Wii and I just got a big rig PC from ibuypower.com and I don't regret the debt I created to get them. I am married with 3 kids so the gaming time I get to myself is limited, but when I do have the time, its gaming. I also like to watch movies since we here in Monticello, MN got an IMAX theater right by us.

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All the "Lego" games
Prototype (pc)
Overlord II (pc)

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This will always be the best Christmas ever for me because the boy to girl ratio in my house is leveling off. On December 23 my wife gave birth to our first baby boy!

After two girls already its about time I have someone to teach farting and belching to (pooping and peeing all over, he's got that down).

The miracle of life is so beautiful. Starting out as basically a bean

to coming out fully formed (and pretty good looking in a Wild outfit)

is absolutely one of the best things in life.....

until I saw this. Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you, the reader, empirical proof that I may have a hand in the apocalypse...

That's right, we gave birth to the Punisher. Yes the pic is a little hard to see but its there. Right there.....BEHIND YOU!!!!!!
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Just in time for Halloween a list(!) of the favorite horror movies. I will be amazed if anything recent shows up here as hollywood seems to be losing the touch for scaring me. Either its an overseas movie redone for america or (most recently) taking urban legends and stretching it out to a movie (Like this one) which seems to be an old urban legend (the ghosts trying to help you from the evil adult figure) that was made into a Korean movie that is now releasing as an american re-make.

Personally the old Dawn of the Dead is perfect for me (although the new remake of House on Haunted Hill creeped me out)

List 'em boils and ghouls!