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i didn't start playing video games until i was about 8 years old. my first console was an n64, and it was this sweet special edition pikachu console. my first game was legend of zelda and the ocarina of time. right now my gameplay is declining because i'm getting ready for college in the fall.

Whenever I need up to date news on video games or nerdy video game related things that interest me, the only place I know I can rely on is Destructoid. If I'm looking for well written and thoroughly hilarious articles or the release of the latest mind blowing HAWP video I know D-toid has got my back, because we're bros for life. I'm so glad to be part of this magnificent community now so I can give my two cents in the comments and discuss all things awesome with fellow members of this fine establishment, enter bad-ass contests that bequeath prizes most righteous , and becoming far greater than your average bear by being able to even associate myself ever so slightly with such an amazing sight. Destructoid rocks my ever lovin' socks.