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Rockvillian's blog

10:54 AM on 07.09.2009

Harvest Moon: It's Real Life!

HEY GUYS! :D Been very crafty lately. I made these over the weekend for my brother and sister-in-law ( and their dog ) for regular garden use, and they consist of acrylic paint, semi-gloss, and some pretty nice quarter inch hickory. I had to hold myself back from burning out and jigsawing the whole farm... D: Oh and be glad you don't farm lettuce for a living. That stuff is bright man.   read

4:19 PM on 12.11.2008

It's December 11th, and L4D Infected Wallpaper is Here!

As promised for all you 'toiders this season... my gift to you! I sort of ran out of Steam halfway through (haaaaaaaaaaaaaa), so to make up for the lengthy creation process, I threw in a special L4D Christmas Special. Also...   read

12:00 PM on 12.01.2008

It's Dec 1st! Let's start with some Left 4 Dead wallpaper.

Hey 'toiders! First let me get out the bad news. No Advent Calendartoid this year due to the company I work for launching our product in the next few weeks. I was planning on doing one, but I'm sure you all know how dual ou...   read

1:47 PM on 09.03.2008

Cowzilla3's True Identity: Matt Hazard

Hello strangers, I come back from the nether worlds! My good friend Cowzilla3 has a sordid past, actually confusing past since I thought he graveyard shifted as a giant lumbering human Godzilla. I was wrong! His true identity? MATT HAZARD (vague link from BlindsideDork about Matt Hazard)   read

2:58 PM on 06.26.2008

Nintendo Presents: Back to the Future 3

Okay, the title is a little misleading (I think I played the old NES Back to the Future all the time but erased it from my memory... seriously what) but what you're about to see is a little bit better. For what seems li...   read

10:02 PM on 06.14.2008

Gaming Fidelity. Not the same ring to it... but hold on.

(this kind of stems from SuicideFlip's latest blog about not liking to buy games, and wishing there were more sophisticated game stores) So we've got our Resident Evils. We've got our Dooms Mortal Kombats. Street Fighter...   read

10:42 AM on 06.10.2008

A Momentous Occasion in Gaming History (NSFW maybe)

Behold fellow Dtoiders, the first living, breathing, capable of space travel genitalia has been created via the Spore Creature Creator. Notice the lack of two testicles! There are limitations (thank you, God), but the symbol...   read

2:45 PM on 05.28.2008

My friends and brothers, Welcome to the Uncanny Black Hole (NVGR)

Guitar Atomik, get out your schematics for the TyrannoZaurus, we've got a planet to save. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -the late Albert Einstein   read

9:22 PM on 05.19.2008

Images from the BaltiNARP

Thanks again to Hitogoroshi for opening the place up, and to everyone there for being cool. If anyone missed it, or is in the area next time, I recommend at least a drop by. Alright, down to the business. First, sleepover s...   read

4:23 PM on 05.09.2008

Where Would Destructoid Be Without Cowzilla3?


7:13 PM on 03.17.2008

High Res Prologue! And, more thank yous.

First off, a few people requested a higher res version of the Destructoid Prologue, so here it is. For some reason my Flash files have a hard time working on the front page, so there are work arounds... in lower res, sadly. ...   read

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