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I've been nerding it up since 1985 with the nintendo. I graduated to D&D in '88 and oddly enough around the same time my stock in girls plummeted. My first big gaming experience was playing Dragon Warrior for the first time on the NES and realizing that you don't always have to start over when playing a game. You can move ahead in increments, such a simple thing blew my mind. I didn't even know what an RPG was at that point I just knew I loved it.

Now most of my time is spent playing music and video games. I have played in a few very underground bands that released CDs on a couple different labels. Currently spending more time with games and taking a long break from music so that when I find it again, I can love it. Hedonism is my god, and I'm a level 33 enjoyer of stuff and what not.

Oh yeah, I LOVE TV. I know, Henry Rollins would be very disappointed in me, but I love TV series shows like True Blood, Futurama, Carnivale, Deadwood, Rome, The Pillars of the Earth and many others. I would state some bands but it will just seem like I'm trying too hard, which I already am, so I should quit while I'm behind...
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9:29 PM on 06.09.2010

I'm surprised at how many people love to hate this game. Some claim bugs and some just don't like it but I have an idea about why so many don't like it. I think AP is a hardcore RPG, period. I think what this generation of gaming has created was this mixture of shooting and RPGs features that have to use water in the mixture or they won't blend.

So you end up not having an extreme genre experience like maybe in the past you would have playing games like D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Buck Rogers or Shadowrun all on the genesis. they were great games but I'm sure more people played all three of those games on a site like as opposed to a site like

My point? It's a question, are the wrong people reviewing AP? I love AP and a friend of mine who likes the same kind of RPGs I have liked in the past also loves it. I think the folks that are reviewing AP are the kind of people who love games like Halo, Borderlands and GTA4. Are they bad people in my eyes? Hell no, i also love those games, but where their list of games/genres stop, mine keep going into stuff like Psychonauts, the old Dark Sun RPGs on PC from the 90s as well as the Ravenloft games. The gold box D&D RPGs from the 80s...

So my point? Many of the gamers who do not like AP probably didn't play OR enjoy these previous games I have mentioned in this blog. Games that were essential building blocks to enjoy a game that takes as much patience as AP does. Now don't get me wrong, these people aren't evil in my eyes, they just have not played many different games that would have helped them prepare for a game like AP. I grew up on RPGs that took more patience than enjoyment to play.

My first few RPGs as a child were comprised of a game on an early 80s PC called, simply enough, "Castle", (I don't even remember the kind of PC it was, I was very young), Dragon Warrior on the nes as well as the first Final Fantasy and other games like Faxanadu, Castlevania Simon's Quest and Phantasy Star 2. As well as the previously mentioned old D&D RPGs, where you would actually have to read the manual to find out what an NPC in the world was saying to you. 'Turn to page 64 to find out if the Elvin gal wants to hold your hand'.

So this is my big scientific hypothesis about why so many people don't like AP. In an age where ME2 gets almost PERFECT scores for a follow up game that didn't follow up much from it's predecessor and failed to appease many of ME1's many hardcore RPG fans. I think ME2 as an example is the most telling.

I have heard many issues with bugs being cited as another reason for its low scores and I myself have not had any surprisingly. I don't want to sound like the guy that has no problems with a game and thus no one else should but it can't be that buggy if its working on my PC for this long without one issue. They at least did one thing right.