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rocknerd avatar 4:56 PM on 09.27.2010  (server time)
in this, i need to be heard. (kotic on schafer)

it's easy to agree with kotic if you believe brutal legend is not a good game. maybe you didnt enjoy it, or maybe like me you had "zelda" expectations....

i wanted it to be a 20-35 hour adventure game, and when it wasn't, i didn't want to play it anymore. whos fault would that be? 75% mine, 25% mixture of bad advertisement and other BS.

but i recently grabbed the game again for 20$ because i had a gnawing need to explore something the game did to me. (it touched my butthole *in a great way*)

and i will go on record right now, brutal legend did something no game has ever done. it has set a precedent, whether considered to be a "good" game or not.

and when it all comes down to it, i fucking love the game now. schafer and co. did something no dev co has ever done. you got to play a game along side lita ford, rob halford, ozzy osbourne and lemmy amongst many other great voices and musicians as well as one hell of an insane sound track whos only rival might be GTA vice city.

but when i met lemmy (in game) the first time, and he was playing his bass while i would steer my character towards the speakers to hear more, there was something magical happening for me.

kotic is wrong, not an opinion but a fact. this has never happened before. even if the game was not enjoyed by the majority of the public it is a great game. it will go down as a classic cult hit that other developers will use as a touch stone to new games.

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