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I've been nerding it up since 1985 with the nintendo. I graduated to D&D in '88 and oddly enough around the same time my stock in girls plummeted. My first big gaming experience was playing Dragon Warrior for the first time on the NES and realizing that you don't always have to start over when playing a game. You can move ahead in increments, such a simple thing blew my mind. I didn't even know what an RPG was at that point I just knew I loved it.

Now most of my time is spent playing music and video games. I have played in a few very underground bands that released CDs on a couple different labels. Currently spending more time with games and taking a long break from music so that when I find it again, I can love it. Hedonism is my god, and I'm a level 33 enjoyer of stuff and what not.

Oh yeah, I LOVE TV. I know, Henry Rollins would be very disappointed in me, but I love TV series shows like True Blood, Futurama, Carnivale, Deadwood, Rome, The Pillars of the Earth and many others. I would state some bands but it will just seem like I'm trying too hard, which I already am, so I should quit while I'm behind...
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it happened today reading the joystiq headlines, "RUSE to support Move, not planning to support Kinect", that's when I realized a horrid revolution. not only do we put up with games degrading as they cross platforms from 360 to PS3 to PC and so on, but now we will have 2 new devices to contend with developer's time.

maybe you have heard of a term on the bioware boards called ZOTS? i can't recall the exact breakdown of each letter, but basically it means (developer manpower, developer time etc).

these two new machines in the "arms race" for casual gaming hardware, in my opinion, will only divide our chances of refined games. if only one game out of 100 is crippled, then it's already not worth it to me.

let me also say, gaming is gaming, i don't believe in prescribing to "hardcore gaming" or "casual gamer", its all gaming. but i will say the extra hardware, many times, turns out to be a board game bought on a whim and played only once. my niece is the perfect example. she wanted the Wii, she got it, and soon after stopped playing. then she wanted the balance board to play sean white's snowboarding. same story, she got it for x-mas then shortly after, stopped playing. now i'm not saying my niece is the example of every gamer, but shes a great control group participant.

i just hope your favorite developer and mine has a discerning eye for where our gaming is going.

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