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I've been nerding it up since 1985 with the nintendo. I graduated to D&D in '88 and oddly enough around the same time my stock in girls plummeted. My first big gaming experience was playing Dragon Warrior for the first time on the NES and realizing that you don't always have to start over when playing a game. You can move ahead in increments, such a simple thing blew my mind. I didn't even know what an RPG was at that point I just knew I loved it.

Now most of my time is spent playing music and video games. I have played in a few very underground bands that released CDs on a couple different labels. Currently spending more time with games and taking a long break from music so that when I find it again, I can love it. Hedonism is my god, and I'm a level 33 enjoyer of stuff and what not.

Oh yeah, I LOVE TV. I know, Henry Rollins would be very disappointed in me, but I love TV series shows like True Blood, Futurama, Carnivale, Deadwood, Rome, The Pillars of the Earth and many others. I would state some bands but it will just seem like I'm trying too hard, which I already am, so I should quit while I'm behind...
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every time i hear this in reviews for JRPGs that, "thank god there are japanese voice overs because the english voices are SO bad!!!", my eyes fall out of their sockets and i must pick them up, rinse all the carpet hair off of them and pop them back in my skull...

PLEASE, lets all agree on something, Japan invented obnoxiousness!!!! (TY BTW)
obnoxious voice-overs, obnoxious characters with big eyes, obnoxious sex fetish's etc and infinity and so on...

so when you hear an english voice over that's just "too much" for you to bear, its being translated from a japanese iteration at 50% obnoxiousness!!! that's only half the obnoxiousness parsecs!!!!

now let me get this straight as well, i love japanese culture, and i have been playing JRPGs since i started playing games and they were my gateway drug. so this isn't a "mmmerica beddar than japan, FREEDOM FRIES, TRUCK NUTZ and MADDEN PWNZ!!!!"...

its just a simple reality check//anti elitists opinion.

i don't turn on the japanese voice-overs when i play JRPGs, because i like to hear and understand the delivery of the language and to hear the nuances of the spoken language as opposed to hearing japanese that i can't understand while reading something that really has no correlation to whats being said in japanese.

now if i could read and write japanese, or at least it was my 2nd language THEN i would listen to the voiceovers because i could probably pick up some of the things lost in translation, otherwise, lately, it just sounds elitist to hear the complaints about it...


anyone else fed up with devs and console companies acting like they're doing YOU a favor when announcing exclusivity? its just another word in a long line of jargon made to make you feel like your investment in said company/machine is paying off "yet again"...

actually all they are doing is everyone else a disservice. I always felt that PS3 owners should be able to play mass effect and that I should be able to play infamous on an "inferior" PC or the even more inferior 360, cause devil knows a company has never tried smashing a game into another machine for a quick buck...

the only favor being done here is for the dev company that is paid off to only make the game for that console and the extra few bucks made on console tie in sales when someone buys a system to play that new game that they deem a must have.

and if your wondering, the answer is yes, i'm just whining cause I cant play infamous 2...

so there seems to be a new trend with publishers/developers talking about the golden toilet paper "DLC" as though its what the community of gamers demands AND months before launch?

just look at the article where Mike Laidlaw of Bioware is talking about what they're planning to do with DLC.

it used to be, customers just wanted to hear "we will support this game after its launched with patches and possibly expansions", but now we get to hear about bits of the game being sold before its even out.

look, when you put the tip in and say "for 800 microsoft points you can have the shaft too", it looks desperate.

lets just end this little charade and just tell us from now on that games are going to cost 70$ at launch AND then we really will be getting the shaft...

Mike Laidlaw of DLC on gamezone-

it's easy to agree with kotic if you believe brutal legend is not a good game. maybe you didnt enjoy it, or maybe like me you had "zelda" expectations....

i wanted it to be a 20-35 hour adventure game, and when it wasn't, i didn't want to play it anymore. whos fault would that be? 75% mine, 25% mixture of bad advertisement and other BS.

but i recently grabbed the game again for 20$ because i had a gnawing need to explore something the game did to me. (it touched my butthole *in a great way*)

and i will go on record right now, brutal legend did something no game has ever done. it has set a precedent, whether considered to be a "good" game or not.

and when it all comes down to it, i fucking love the game now. schafer and co. did something no dev co has ever done. you got to play a game along side lita ford, rob halford, ozzy osbourne and lemmy amongst many other great voices and musicians as well as one hell of an insane sound track whos only rival might be GTA vice city.

but when i met lemmy (in game) the first time, and he was playing his bass while i would steer my character towards the speakers to hear more, there was something magical happening for me.

kotic is wrong, not an opinion but a fact. this has never happened before. even if the game was not enjoyed by the majority of the public it is a great game. it will go down as a classic cult hit that other developers will use as a touch stone to new games.

I just watched one of the most jaw dropping gameplay footage videos I have ever seen. Bioshock: Infinite!!!
It looks to be one of the most incredible experiences. The style and emotion that is evoked within, to me, constitutes art. From Roger Ebert's journal post, to my toilet, yes they can be!

I know, everyone always quotes the definition of art, but art in and of itself is subjective. So who are we to define how something affects someone else. If a movie, which is a 2 dimensional moving picture, with sound and story can be art, why can't a game that has ALL of those previously mentioned attributes PLUS the added ability to interact with that story not be art?

I recall a piece of art created by Yoko Ono wherein a person climbed a ladder to reach the top and use a magnifying glass to see the word "yes", scrawled in small print, at its precipice. Well if we were to use Ebert's definition, then that would not be art? (Accounting for taste being a whole different topic).

As man evolves, so does his ability to craft and create using many different mediums. Sure, maybe Pac-Man isn't art or Space Invaders, but if I find political statements, interesting atmosphere and characters that make a story feel intense within Bioshock: Infinite, is that not evocative of art?


When Turbine announced DDO had gone free to play of course I was skeptical. Skepticism is my default mode until proven otherwise. But I feel like they handled the situation very well. I purchased DDO at launch and played it on and off for a year or two. After a while I stopped subbing altogether because I couldn't justify paying 15$ per month to play it. And by the way, who decided EVERY MMO is worth 15$ a month?

So when I finally logged in and saw the work Turbine put into DDO I was impressed. I felt as though the "investment" I made purchasing the boxed game payed off slightly because of the features I ended up having that a new subscriber would not. Things like extra character slots, instead of the default two, I had four. And I had access to other content like certain adventure packs.

But when I looked at the LotRO free to play changes and compared being a new subscriber, premium player or "VIP", that's when I lost heart.

I had made LotRO my "home" for online gaming for a very long stretch. I would be what you might call a heavy investor. I like to look at buying MMOs like investing, because you never know what that 50$ box will get you down the road. If it was a game like Tabula Rasa, you end up with nothing. You can't pull the box out of your Tupperware bin 6 months from now and say "hey, I think I'll enjoy this game I paid for last year".

I feel like this is unacceptable.

When we buy a box, there should be something we can always do to play it even if I'm logging in to a home version of a server, kinda like Neverwinter Nights 2 allows you to do.

But don't get me wrong, I understand that it takes manpower and cash to keep servers running for people to log in and play, so we get charged a 15$ fee after our first "free" month. Were now basically 'renting' the right to play something we already payed for. I feel like it should be one or the other. If your going to sell me a game in a box for 50$ then I should own it. If you want to "RENT" me a game monthly, then I should be able to download that game when I make my first 15$ rental fee.

What do we own when we purchase a boxed game? A manual, plastic box and disk with art on it? Is the software a by-product? The water is muddy. I feel as though were in a grey area right now and the longer were here the greater the chance some of us will be taken advantage of, if not most.

So what does this all mean for LotRO? I have made huge financial investments for this game and now that 20$ stock price just dropped to 1.50. I bought the collector's ed. at launch for $60, I played straight for at least a year @15$ per month, I payed for both expansions, Mines of Moria/Siege of Mirkwood @ 20+30 dollars and after I slowed down and didn't play every month I still played at least 6-9 months out of every year. When I looked at the LotRO breakdown sheet and saw that they are parsing everything out like classes, the max amount of gold you can carry at any time and character slots per server, which I previously paid for, now they are gone as well, I feel ripped off.

I don't want this post to sound like a cry party. But I'm starting to feel like the gaming community in general is satisfied to pay for game content in any form it can be delivered. And DLC and MMOs are the major culprits. The more we vote with our wallets the more we will see charges adding up outside of the box we used to own.

It will be gone soon. I have already said goodbye to the good ol' days of buying the game and reading the manual while installing. I feel as though the best way to be protected is to sign up for a system like Steam or Impluse because if we are not going to own a box we buy, we may as well have some rights to our digital software via a company that might offer more protection than we previously had collecting our games that may no longer even work because of DRM.

But then again, what happens when steam ends? Everything ends, maybe not our lifetime, but at some point. It used to be so simple. I owned a Nintendo and gave it to my brother when I bought a Playstation. He was content to play Mario.

But more and more the boxes/games we buy are worth less and less, I don't mean capital value, only the ability to enjoy that software when we want. I don't have the answers, but I do know it's something we should all be thinking about.