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A good RPG, a complicated cup of black coffee and a stack of crisp comic books makes me a happy girl. When I'm not playing with my kittens, I disappear into my Steam library, page through some books or toss my mind to the tv gods with my partner and our two cats.
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The world sprang to life around me, and I happily marched down the row of nordic dwellings with my trusty lady warrior in tow. I had just teleported from my gloomy mage college to the town of Solitude that perched precariously on a gangway of rock and mountain. It was almost as if someone or something had forced the town to walk the plank and yet had forgotten to push it off.

But I wasn’t here to ponder such things. I was here to quest! I chatted to a kindly old man, discussed some pressing matters with the local shopkeepers and played a quick game of tag with a group of neighborhood children before deciding it was time to head out.

As I pass through the great wooden doors of Solitude, my heroic afternoon plans were suddenly derailed by the thundering orchestra that signaled a coming battle. Sure enough, another damn dragon circled above and roared out her challenge.


I had just fought a Frost Dragon not eight minutes ago in Winterhold. It was official. These sky vermin were starting to become a problem.

I summoned my lady of flame and wrapped myself in a quick Stone Flesh enchantment. Then, I remembered my unlearned spellbooks that I had just purchased. How could I have forgotten! Quickly, I threw open my menu and scrolled to the stack of musty books. Fireball! Lightning Bolt!


Equipping both spells to my glowing palms, I charged up and let my new-found power flow toward the digital wyrm as she descended to meet me with a breath of ice. I laughed aloud as I released ball and bolt into the she-dragon's gaping maw.

“What are you laughing at?” A voice popped into the room behind me.
[Escape button]
“Oh, just my unlimited power,” I replied casually to my wife as my mage sat frozen in mid-cast.
“You’re cute,” she smirked and kissed me on my head.
As she left the room with a yogurt, I mashed on [Escape] and returned to my fight.

The chorus and drums crescendoed as I raised my hands and called forth all of my strength.
“Cute,” I scoffed.
This wasn’t going to be cute.

The scaly ice queen vomited torrent after torrent of heavy frost at me and the seven city guards that had decided to join the brawl. "The more the merrier," I chuckled as I threw every ounce of hellfire and thick cords of electricity at the thundering beast. Finally, with a raised howl, her heavy body slumped and grew lifeless. Its power swirled around me and I greedily sucked it up like a Dyson in heat.

The group of murmuring guards stood over the remains of the late dragon and, as they watched me loot its bones, one of these local dragon slayers looked at me quizzically and asked, "What is it? Dragons?!"

Yes, silly man. It was dragons.

Save Game.

With that brief nuisance out of the way, I continued happily down the hill to talk to some bloke about a problem he was having. He needed a hero, and I was exactly what he was looking for.
For I am the Sith Gandalf of Skyrim.

But... it seems that will have to wait,[Escape Button] as a certain kitten has just nosed her way into my lap.

And I shall give her a hero’s-worth of attention.

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