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we all recall the PS3 launch and sony's hubris by creating an "ultimate" system with a high price and then the forcing of said system down the throats of sony's fans... changing features that were beloved staples of the previous gen, changing the controller, removing the rumble feature, little things like that.

here we are again. a system thinks they are number "one"...

they are going to try and please everyone and possibly spread themselves too thin. its like the leader of a secret alliance on survivor who thinks they're untouchable, then all of a sudden they're knocked of their pedestal.

i had a theory that MS was going to try and lead with heavy TV features and in doing so i assumed that the XBOX system design would resemble my direct tv unit. boy i didn't think i would be so spot on...

i'm also sensing a lot of little rules changes in the way we will be allowed to use our games, also what will happen with "used" games and stuff like the pricing of Live features. MS seems so secretive, keeping their cards close to the vest.

it just feels like MS is so sure of themselves that they feel they can tack any rule//price//barrier on to the launch of their next Gen system and no one will care because we just want to cup their balls and tell them they're the best we've ever held...  

and to sum it all up, a little quote from the wall street journal "if you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards"...

makes u want to cry your hill street blues...

who says cocky shit like that without asking their "fans" how they might feel?

the BIG company who just might lose a ton of thunder to the "little" company called Sony...

...who wants nothing more to appease their hard core gamers with a badass gaming machine. mark my words here, this is me saying watch out for the PS4 being the only system who really hammers home a true gaming powerhouse system, designed to be a gaming system FIRST and the rest will be icing...

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