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ROBOTBEBOP is a video gaming enthusiast.
ROBOTBEBOP is located in CANADA.
See /? CANADA for more information.

Commands available for ROBOTBEBOP:
- /E - Command ROBOTBEBOP to eat FOOD, default PEROGIES.

- /S - Command ROBOTBEBOP to sleep.

- /P - Command ROBOTBEBOP to program something.
** WARNING: Use this feature at your own risk! the PROGRAM subroutines can (and frequently will) cause severe sleep deprivation and possibly even destruction of CRITICAL SOFTWARE DATA.

- /B - Command ROBOTBEBOP to drink BEER.
** WARNING: Use this feature at your own risk! the BEER subroutines will cause performance slowdown and possible memory dumps. The severity of these issues will depend on how many times BEER was used in an hour.

- /G - Command ROBOTBEBOP to game. Default SFIV.

For more information, please RTFM.

I'm making a game with some bad dudes at Notion Comics - check it out

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I'm RobotBebop, you might remember me from PAX or from when I actually posted cblogs.

Just to remind any of you who I am visually. I'm not just some random weirdo.

I've come to you today to let you know that I've recently released an iOS game with the fine people from Notion Games. I did the programming for the iOS release.

Click the image below to see the iTunes App Store description:

Here's some gameplay footage.

Here's a couple of reasons why you should buy it:

1. I'll cry if you don't.
2. No, seriously. I'll cry.
3. There are definitely worse ways to spend $1.99
4. It's fun, and challenging!

If you buy the game and it's too difficult for you, don't worry! We're going to add a couple of difficulty modes to open things up a bit for everybody,

No iThing to play it on? Well, there is an Android port in the works, but unfortunately I don't know when that's going to be ready :( Sorry Android users.

Oh, also, we've released a soundtrack. You should buy that as well, because it is really good.
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