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C:\> DSTRTOID.COM /U ROBOTBEBOP /? version 1.337.
Copyrights (C) 1980-1989 NieroSoft.

ROBOTBEBOP is a video gaming enthusiast.
ROBOTBEBOP is located in CANADA.
See /? CANADA for more information.

Commands available for ROBOTBEBOP:
- /E - Command ROBOTBEBOP to eat FOOD, default PEROGIES.

- /S - Command ROBOTBEBOP to sleep.

- /P - Command ROBOTBEBOP to program something.
** WARNING: Use this feature at your own risk! the PROGRAM subroutines can (and frequently will) cause severe sleep deprivation and possibly even destruction of CRITICAL SOFTWARE DATA.

- /B - Command ROBOTBEBOP to drink BEER.
** WARNING: Use this feature at your own risk! the BEER subroutines will cause performance slowdown and possible memory dumps. The severity of these issues will depend on how many times BEER was used in an hour.

- /G - Command ROBOTBEBOP to game. Default SFIV.

For more information, please RTFM.

I'm making a game with some bad dudes at Notion Comics - check it out

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I'm RobotBebop, you might remember me from PAX or from when I actually posted cblogs.

Just to remind any of you who I am visually. I'm not just some random weirdo.

I've come to you today to let you know that I've recently released an iOS game with the fine people from Notion Games. I did the programming for the iOS release.

Click the image below to see the iTunes App Store description:

Here's some gameplay footage.

Here's a couple of reasons why you should buy it:

1. I'll cry if you don't.
2. No, seriously. I'll cry.
3. There are definitely worse ways to spend $1.99
4. It's fun, and challenging!

If you buy the game and it's too difficult for you, don't worry! We're going to add a couple of difficulty modes to open things up a bit for everybody,

No iThing to play it on? Well, there is an Android port in the works, but unfortunately I don't know when that's going to be ready :( Sorry Android users.

Oh, also, we've released a soundtrack. You should buy that as well, because it is really good.
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Long time no blog, but here I am. What have I returned for? Simply put, to site whore. For the past few months I've been working with Drew and Matt from Notion Comics to develop our own video games. Our current project is called Up Up Ubi. We're planning on targetting iOS primarily.

You can see development gameplay videos at the youtube channel I setup here

If you want to donate some money and get rewarded for it, you can pledge here

The minimum pledge is $5 and you'll get your name in the game credits. Anybody who pledges $10 or more will receive a free copy of the game.

Why should I pledge?

Because you're a generally nice person. Because you can point to a game and say "I helped release that game!" Because you don't want me appearing at the foot of your bed in the dead of night with a bottle of lube and a gimp mask.

Are you a bad enough dude to pledge a measly $5-$10 dollars?

Turns out the iPhone was a crappy idea. So I've carefully (not really) photoshopped Beyamor into all the pics that required it. I also didn't end up taking nearly as many pics of Beyamor's avatar as I would've liked. Sorry!

Ah, PAX. That glorious time of year. A Mecca For Nerds as I've heard it described. Such a horrible fate to befall those who cannot attend!

Fortunately there are those who can attend PAX from beyond the aether via their online representations, Avatars if you will. A few good men and women have begun to adopt these avatars, facilitating attendance.

What follows is a chronicle of one's journey.

Beyamor DJ'ing while waiting for the Greyhound in Bellingham

Shortly after arrival he demanded to go to Gameworx. I tried to explain that he was unable to actually play any games, but he was being so stubborn.

After a few drinks we met up with the rest of Destructoid!

Beyamor told Jim that Rush sucked and that there was a Ghost Of A Chance that he might be bias. Jim was less than impressed, but otherwise posed for the picture.

While waiting for the Dtoid Live panel with Dexter345 we were greeted by Elsa and Mongoose.

But Beyamor's avatar said something wildly inappropriate and scared everybody away.

After the group photo we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch with ScottyG, bushofghosts, Icarus, Random Hamza, theGoldenAvatar and Half Left. The warm glow of Beyamor's digital prison soon attracted the attention of a stuffed lobster. There was nothing to fear, but Beymor was concerned none the less.

After lunch I did a run through of the show floor. We finished the day with a few beers at the Daily Grill.

Later that night...


However, Beyamor was still feeling a bit bad about his horrible statements earlier, but then...

... Elsa and Mongoose's made nice with Beyamor

It was shortly after this point that Beyamor's avatar entered a trance like catatonic state. Completely satisfied with his time at PAX he disconnected his consciousness from the device and dispersed among the crowd. (or, just a really fluffy way of saying I didn't get a chance to take any more pics of him.)
Photo Photo Photo


(come on you knew this was coming.)

[UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom for a video that I recorded from the Protomen concert!]

I have to say it was an honour and a blast to meet and even hang out with so many dtoid members and staff. I can't really express in words how awesome this weekend was.

I'm aware that Hamza (or somebody) is going to setup a public Flickr account, which I'll probably upload these to when it's ready. In the meantime I've hastily uploaded the pictures that didn't come out rubbish thanks to my camera's fucking retarded auto focus/iso/whatever functionality.

The full stream can be found here

Below are a few of my favorite pics that I got.

Mr. and Mrs. Carey. Shortly after this picture was taken Sean said the funniest thing I heard all weekend. It was also VERY INAPPROPRIATE.

Anus McPhanus and Funktastic being awesome

Niero and Me from a photo apparently taken in 1995.

Dtoid Canada! ScottyG suddenly became poorly masked out and was able to defy the very laws of nature by standing inside the cushioned bench, just like Dr. Manhattan. (Or he just wasn't originally in the shot for some reason.)

Hamza with Beyamor, while Maya photobombs in the background.

No real idea what's actually going on here.

Jim and Me. I tried to reassure Jim that nobody was going to shank him. I don't think it helped when I shanked him though.

There were more pics but Flickr wants money so fuck them.

To all the people who I was lucky enough to hang out with, and to everybody I only had fleeting contact with, you are all awesome.


Funktastic - Wry Guy
Elsa - Winged Kraby, Handy, Nihil (holy crap Elsa = awesome)
Ali D - Stevil
RobotBebop - Beyamor
Kraid - Occam's Electric Toothbrush
Sean Carey - mrandydixon
Tactix - Xyliac
knutaf - SteezyXL
Guncannon - FalconReaper

There you have it. I think that's as close as a final roll call as I can come up with.