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rmsk8r05's blog

12:33 AM on 08.28.2008

No PSN Cards...

Have you ever wanted to download new music tracks for Rock Band on the PS3 but the only thing keeping you from doing so is that you don't own a credit card. Despite the fact that Sony has provide pre-paid PSN cards in Asia and very select location in the United States; not many people are able to find or buy them. Hell they aren't even available up here in Canada which makes it very frustrating when get barred out of CoD4 matchs because you don't have the variety pack yet. Well the folks at Kotaku say that pre-paid PSN cards won't be hitting Gamestop/EB games until 2009 while places like Blockbuster and 7-11 won't be getting them in the next couple of months. Since most gamers probably don't have access to a credit card (like myself) but would like to start purchasing and downloading stuff off the PSN; I came across a solution. Gift Cards provided by major credit card companys like Master Card and Visa. After posting some help on the official playstation boards and doing some research; I decided to buy myself a $25 Master Card Vanilla gift card. People on the boards seemed like the didn't know if would works and the Wikipedia page for the PSN said only known gift cards that worked where Visa and American Express. Well after logging into my PSN account, I proceeded to enter the cards info as if it were a real credit card. After a brief moment it said that I loaded my PSN account with $15.00; I tried using the rest of the cards value but Sony took out a $1.00 for reasons I can't remember. So I was only able to input at least $20.00 dollars altogether but using the gift card. So if can't wait for Sony to make the PSN cards widely available, hate asking to borrow other peoples credit card or just plain denied access to one; then gift cards are the way to go. Know go start downloading some Rock Band tunes.


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