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7:47 PM on 01.06.2009  

Thanks for being my Neighbor, DToid

With all this so-called drama over the past few days, it has made me come to realize a few things. First, it's made me realize that this is most likely my last blog written on here. Second, it's made me realize a few things about me and site that I haven't put that much thought into before.

Now it's taken me a bit to write all of this, so I'm sorry if it's redundant by the time I post this, but I feel I need to get this out. I also tend to get lost in my thoughts and get more wordy that I need to be, so I've turned to Mr. Rogers, a man I admire greatly, to help get my true feelings through.

I suppose I started off as a bit of a troll. I would start drama just to entertain myself. But Ron and others somehow saw through that bad aspects of me and embraced the good aspects of me. Through that, I learned that what I was doing was ultimately not fulfilling in the end and that these people around me were in fruitful relationships while I was slowing alienating myself for a few minutes of shallow entertainment. And simply because my good qualities were embraced, I began to care about the site and the people on it. This of course led to very strong relationships getting formed and led to what I consider to be one of the greatest times in my life.

But I often wonder what my life would be like if DToiders wouldn't have pointed out my wrongs and embraced the good aspects of me. If I was simply dismissed as a "dumb 4channer" and forgotten about as I honestly believe that DToiders made me a better person not just on the site, but in life as well. And I fear that many others are missing out on the opportunities and friendships I gained simply because they come to the site to start drama for cheap laughs. In the end, I think you'll find they can be good people if you give them the time of day.

I don't know what Ron said or did to make life so difficult for the editors of the site to make his complete removal from the site seem necessary and I certainly wont pretend like I do. But when you removed him, you didn't just remove the memories of someone who hurt you, you removed the memories of a person who did a lot of good for and brought a lot of joy to the community. I go back at all of the "epic" posts we had, the times of real community togetherness and fun, and I don't see Ron. I see people talking to him, but I don't see him. And I sincerely mourn the loss of that.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and would often play in the attic with my toys. I don't know why I liked the attic so much, I supposed I liked the solitude or perhaps liked that I could make my Superman figure "fly" by throwing him across the room and not get yelled at for almost breaking something. But besides just my toys, the attic was where my mom stored everything she could hold on to. Scrapbooks, photos, old clothes, you name it. One day, I started building my Superman figure his own Fortress of Solitude out of Legos and stacked books that were laying around. But being young and naive, I failed to realize that one of those stacked books used to build Superman's fortress was a scrapbook made of pictures of my deceased dad. And being made of Legos and stacked books, is was quite unstable, and the house fell over and my mom's scrapbook was left laying on the ground.

Being the messy kid I was, the scrapbook stayed there for days. Getting walked on, Kool-Aid getting spilled on it, getting knocked around the place while I was running with a blanket taped around my neck. Eventually, it was practically destroyed. The photos were bent, the pages were stained. And when my mom finally saw what happened to her book, she was devastated. She completely broke down and to this day I have never seen her in the state she was in when she found out what I did to her book.

Now my dad was no hero when he was alive. He broke my mom's heart and died because, well, he did something very, very stupid. But her memories of him were important. And as I came to realize as I grew older, even though he hurt her and she resented him for it at times, she still cared about him and cherished her memories of him. Because even though he was gone - and perhaps her life was actually better without him - my dad defined a large part of her and her life.

She of course forgave me. I was a young and had a lot of learning to do. But if there is one thing in my life that I could do over it would be taking that book and putting it in a safe place. But I know I can't take it back, so I'll just have to take that experience as a difficult but important life lesson.

By starting off as a community based website, you brought some wonderful people together. But I also hope you understand that you gave yourself a responsibility to maintain those important connections between them. I've heard some editors claim that it's about the gaming news first, then the community. But I'm afraid they are wrong. Period. And that is the one thing in this post I will not budge on. I assure you that these hundreds of people didn't support you because you told them CliffyB made a new game with big guns or because you reported on what different kind of donuts Gabe Newell likes for breakfast, brunch, lunch and diner.

If you haven't realized it by now, your gaming website has made a large impact on my life. Perhaps more of an impact that anyone will ever realize. I've made some very strong relationships. And while some of those relationships ended and hurt in the end, I would never forget them because they made me a stronger person because of it.

So please think about that. I want you to be successful. I want you to become the leading name in gaming news. But please do not forget about the people you helped bring together.

This isn't so much a "goodbye" as it is a "thank you and I'll see you around" post. I have met so many amazing human beings through DToid and I will always love DToid because of it. But I just don't feel like I mesh with direction DToid is going and that's nobodies fault. I will continue to keep in contact with those friends like nothing has changed, but I will talk to them as a friend, not a DToider.

The last thing I wanted to do is get overly emotional, but I guess I kind of did. So I suppose it is best that I let my good friend have the last word.


6:40 AM on 01.02.2009  

Heretic was banned so I guess it's safe for me to start blogging again

Honestly, I really don't know why I stopped blogging. Maybe it's just my real life taking over or maybe it's the dream I had about Christian Bale that I refused to wake up from until now.

I'm not gay. It's called Bromance. Look it up.

But since I took the time to add text to that picture of ElectroLemon, I guess I should talk about the vidja.

I've been playing a lot of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. I'm not that great at it but I love learning it. I still jump far too much and go for reversals that I shouldn't go for, but it's satisfying to get better at. I just need to break bad habits instilled in me from playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike so much (you actually have to deal with fireballs instead of just parrying them? HOLY SHIT!)

I also rented Sonic Unleashed. Dear Lord is it bad. It makes me want to go back and play Sonic and the Secret Rings again. I don't even think the running levels are all that good. At least not good enough to suffer through the Werehog levels. Don't even get me started on the towns. DON'T EVEN GET ME STA-DED.

And I watched Twilight. I know it's not a video game but it's so bad I just had to write down my hate for it somewhere. The writer of the book is Mormon, so everyone knows her stance on doing stuff with things. So it's pretty clear that the vampires biting people is a metaphor for sex and that by not biting the chick with the gigantic forehead, the alleged gorgeous vampire is abstaining from becoming intimate with her. But then he talks about how he abstains from biting humans by biting animals? So in the end Twilight is a movie that sells an abstinence-only stance and suggests you only have sex with animals before marriage instead. HOT. I never knew that Mormons were into that kind of shit. I guess I'll have to hide my dogs the next time they knock on my door.

Anyway, I'm tired. Bye bye.   read

6:54 AM on 11.28.2008  



Everybody get up it's time to slam now
We got a real jam goin' down
Welcome to the Space Jam
Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam

Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam
Come on and slam, if you wanna jam

Hey you, watchagonna do
Hey you, watcha gonna do
Hey you, watcha gonna do
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Party people in the house lets go
It's your boy "Jayski" a'ight so
Pass that thing and watch me flex
Behind my back, you know what's next
To the jam, all in your face
Wassup, just feel the bass
Drop it, rock it, down the room
Shake it, quake it, space KABOOM...Jus
work that body, work that body
Make sure you don't hurt no body
Get wild and lose your mind
Take this thing into over-time
New CD, goin' burn it up
C'mon y'all get on the floor
So hey, let's go a'ight

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2:]
Wave your hands in the air if you feel fine
We're gonna take it into overtime
Welcome to the Space Jam
Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam

C'mon it's time to get hype say "Whoop there it is"
C'mon all the fellas say "Whoop there it is"
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C'mon and run, baby run
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Yeah, you want a shoot, baby shoot
C'mon and slam, and welcome to the jam
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C'mon and slam, and welcome to the jam
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If you see me on the microphone
Girl you got me in a zone
C'mon, C'mon and start the game
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We the team, I'm the coach
Let's dance all night from coast to coast
Just slide, from left to right
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3-1-1 all in your face
Jam on it, let's have some fun
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You run the "O" and I run the "D"
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[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

Hey ladie
Y'all ready stop?
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[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

C'mon, everybody say "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah"
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Check it out, Check it out
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Nah...I, I don't think so
Y'all ready to jam?
"You know it!"
[embed]112927:16094[/embed]   read

6:35 AM on 10.15.2008  

INTERNET GOLDMINE: Crazy drunk lady live on camera dancing and singing with a pot on her head at 7am (NVGR) LIVE BLOGGING UPDATE: CAPTURED FOOTAGE ADDED


See: title.

It's over :( ... NVM OH FUCK SHE'S BACK.

















[embed]107719:15239[/embed]   read

4:25 PM on 09.30.2008  

Happy Birthday Yashoki!


6:13 AM on 08.05.2008  

Are you ready to start hating your Soul Caliber IV online experience?


Ivy Infinite: B+K (to put her whip into sword form), While Standing B, WS B, WS B, WS B, WS B, etc.

The timing is difficult at first (at least it was for me), but as he said in the video, the longer it goes the easier it is to do. So expect to see a lot more of Ivy in ranked matches for a little while. But I suppose some good could come out of this as it may stop people from complaining that Kilik and Nightmare are cheap (they aren't) for a brief period.

Let's pray for a patch soon.

Found by SAB from Tekken Zaibatsu and posted on the Caliber Forums.   read

4:36 AM on 07.16.2008  

And now for a Happy Birthday message from Roseanne


8:15 AM on 06.13.2008  

Own a PC with INTERNET? Click Here.

In a post last week, I issued a daunting challenge to all PC owners. Specifically users of Internet (Or [insert poorly thought out insult here]). I merely proclaimed that I am the greatest iSketch player in this here parts of Destructoid. This new post is not meant to be a retraction, if that's what you're expecting, I wouldn't hold your breath. This is merely to remind all you PC owners who don't own a Mac and are not lucky enough to be playing Jeopardy! Deluxe (I just happened to pick mine up and just Alex Trebek alone is glorious!), that tonight you can try to take out your frustration on this here Apple enthusiast, me, in iSketch.

Mind you this is no easy task but you do have two things in your favor:

1. I have contracted a venereal disease. A bad one actually that has rendered me even more awkward than usual.

2. I broke my headset giving myself fellatio. Hence my epic shit-talking arsenal will not be in use to anger and distract from your game. Trust me, this right here is a blessing in disguise, as I sound like Dora the Explorer. Swiper no swiping.

This will be your future. Crying like a bitch, when I'm done with you.

But please don't think those things will cripple my game as I intend to bring it and crush all who oppose me. My shit-talking I will post in a future blog for all to read and ridicule the losing players, as I will be laughing at the lack of skillz (with a "z") I'm quite sure I'll come across if any PC players show up. Before you crybabies start telling me:

"Oh, but Riser, it's hard to draw with a mouse WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" excuse, all I have to say is I manage quite well. Perhaps it is not the mouse that is garbage but your artistic ability (OH DANG I FUCKING WENT THERE DUDE DID YOU READ THAT SHIT?!).

Any brave or stupid challengers who wish to wipe the smug grin off my face can do so @ 8PM ESTizzle. 3 ROUND MATCHES FO SHO. For about an hour or two should suffice. Should I see that there will be a need for an additional host I believe White Power Bill has volunteered for duty as one.

This is your opportunity to kick my ass gentlemen. To shut this "labeled" Apple Fanboy up once and for all. Are you man enough to? Because I'm man enough to. Seriously. I'm not compensating for anything.

Interested parties leave your information. I will throughout the day send GTalk messages containing images of my lower region. As well as free lessons on how to wash your eyes out later in the evening.   read

7:48 PM on 03.20.2008  

My "out-shoop Riser Glen" FAILCAST CONTEST entry

Riser Glen as Himself
Necros as Himself
Christian Bale as Himself   read

4:53 PM on 03.16.2008  

Celebrating DToid the only way I know how

...with a goofy photoshop and Christian Bale. Predictable, ain't I?

Destructoid is open for everyone, but at the same time, it's feels like a privilege just to be here. I love this site. I love love love love love love this site. I love the way it makes me laugh, I love the way it keeps me informed, I love its community and I love the way it tucks me into bed at night.

I love it here (as previously mentioned).

I came here in early summer, 2007 (I think...I can barely tell time let alone read calenders) and instantly fell in love. Everyone here is amazing. I could go on and on about your awesome posts and your unbelievably great senses of humor. Before I found DToid and its great community, I had no plans to become part of an online community and never would have expected to become friends with anyone on the internets. And yet here I am, blabbering on like an idiot. I seriously hate getting all sappy, as I am usually a very guarded person, but everything I'm saying is true. What have you done to me, DToid?!

That said, I plan on sticking around like an unwanted house quest. So get out the extra blankets and clean the bathroom, because I'm here to stay, baby!

Your favorite Power Ranger - Riser Glen

P.S.: If you are in California and come into contact with Charlie, can you give him a punch for me? Just say "This is from Glen" and give him a good ol' energy drainer on his right shoulder. He'll know what it means.   read

9:54 PM on 02.20.2008  

The Greatest Guitar Hero Lesson Ever Made


I've never played Guitar Hero, but I've always been interested in it. After watching this video, I feel like I could play DragonForce all day long and could at least beat it in 3 days. This man is a true Guitar Hero and I will spend the rest of my life trying to be him.

I salute you, Guitar Hero. I salute you, your gorgeous hair and your curiously strong middle finger.   read

11:42 AM on 02.15.2008  

EVERYBODY: Super Sonic Racing, let's do it!!


Come on run away
You don't have to stay
You're running out of time
But you're doing fine

So stay on track
And don't look back
Just feel the haste
Come on now race!!

Everybody Super Sonic Racing
Gotta keep your feet right on the ground
When you're Super Sonic Racing
There's no time to look around
With just Super Sonic Racing
Running to the point of no return
Everybody Super Sonic Racing
Come on let the fire burn!

Everybody, Everybody, Everybody
Everybody, Everybody, Everybody
Everybody, Everybodaaay!!

Don't you know
We really have to go
To a place
Where you can feel my heart in space


Tazar's Doin' It!


BahamutZero's Doin' It!


Neonie's Doin' It!

"I hounestly hate you, Riser."


Weegee's Doin' It!


Are You Doin' It?!


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