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riomccarthy avatar 4:14 PM on 08.14.2008  (server time)
A Wild Box Appears! - E3 Swag I Choose You!

So today was an extremely rockin' day! I was just sitting here working and minding my own business when I remembered I should go check the mail. What do I find? Oh it was totally an amazing box from the Destructoid offices! :D

I immediately had to open it and was met face to face with something that made me squee harder than I ever have in my entire life. Seriously. Like I think I strained something.

BABY CHOCOBO!!!!!!!!!!
It's the cutest thing ever and it's so soft and fluffy and omgz I love it.

That's not all of course! This box was filled to the brim with absolute win!
Here's a list of all of the box's contents.

And after taking off the TN Games beanie I forgot to put it in the picture, so it's here too and is on my head in another pic.

1. "A Gamecock Taught Me To Yodel" shirt
2. Ghostbusters shirt
3. TN Games beanie
4. Baby Chocobo Plushie from Final Fantasy XI
5. Shirma keychain from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
6. Square Enix Members fan that says "I'm a fan." on the back. (I soooo lul'd at this!)
7. A booster pack of MapleStory cards
8. Legendary Game Preview & Graphic Novel Preview
9. 4 Cowgirl Moist Towelettes
10. Apple shaped stress ball from Novint
11. 2K Games Belt Buckle
12. Sketchbot card, sticker and pin ( So awesome! I love Sketchbot!)
13. Upper Deck lanyard
14. Mike Wilson for ESA President '08 button
15. Left 4 Dead mints
16. Zack & Wiki bell
17. 3 Ninjatown pins
18. pin
19. Mega Man II cellphone game card advertisement
20. Destructoid Stickers! :D

Everything is just so awesome I don't know where to start! Whoever packed this box is getting molested at PAX. I have a feeling Colette packed this one up for me though with the Square Enix love, SO BE PREPARED GIRLY! <3<3<3 I am curious as to where those Cowgirl towelettes came from though. XD Everything's so freaking amazing and fun I can't stop looking at all of it! The box smells nice and minty, as do the shirts, thanks to those mints so they're quite refreshing. :3

I'll have to decide what to put the Ninjatown pins on. They're too cute not to go on something, same with the Dtoid stickers.

I'm so thrilled with absolutely everything. I can't thank you all enough for sharing and sending it my way!

Thanks Dtoid Crew! I <3 ALL OF YOU!

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