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30 Minutes Playing.. Fallen Earth

A writer I know made the comment about another writer "he can't do a review, because he can't play any new game for longer than 20 minutes!" So I decided to try a little challenge- gave myself 30 minutes with a game I'd...


The Guide to Quakecon Fashion

With Quakecon coming up in less than a week, its time for a little fashion inspiration from last year. (original image at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quakecon/3923687448/in/photostream) The look: Button mail has been a s...


The Worst Thing That WoW Ever Taught Me

I remember clearly the last few months of my gaming before I started playing World of Warcraft... In those days, the Playstation 2 was my partner in gaming, and the PC was mostly a place to look up guides and walkthroughs whe...


The Girlie Revue... it's only softcore news.

The politically correct opinion on females and gaming right now seems to be that it's not a big deal. Everyone now knows that girls who play games exist. "You just got pwned by a girl!" is now passe, and girl gameplay is no...


Pictureblog: "Don't Play with my <3" tee shirt

This is how two unrelated interests come together.. I have a habit of making hand-printed t shirts, basically whenever I want a shirt that I haven't seen for sale, I make it. Alot of them are video game/nerd related. This one...


Why I didn't Write an Intro Blog: An Intro Blog

I have never been a fan of intro blogs. Part of the reason for this is that I hate to stumble upon a blog that's intro seems interesting and promises to contain alot of things that I want to read... only to find that the intr...


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