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rexwolf2's blog

4:45 PM on 05.06.2011

RexwolfTrivia: I kinda said I'd do several this week, didn't I?

Oops. Anyway, to the points! 1 point each for SoJTuna, Lawofthermaldynamics, Smurfee McGee, and HandsomeBeast! 2 for DynamoJoe! And 3 for Occams Electric Toothbrush! You know the rules, and you know what you're fightin...   read

5:43 PM on 05.02.2011

RandomWolf2: The Gritty Reboot

So, we here at Rex software have decided that, even though you fellas love RandomWolf, it needs a reboot to appeal to today's children. So, expect fewer colors, less Nintendo, and hard rock to replace the planned jazz and ch...   read

1:22 PM on 04.23.2011

RexwolfTrivia: No pictures today

Due to my current distance from a computer, you are just going to have to imagine the picture. Currently, the point total stands at: 1 each for Tuna, Law, and HandsomeBeast! 2 for DynamoJoe! And 3 for Occams! (who I may j...   read

11:58 PM on 04.14.2011

RandomWolf2: Missed my birthday

[Yeah, sorry about not posting this. I’ve been busy. Very busy. Anyway, this is the fifth installment of RandomWolf and… I have no idea what fifth installments are supposed to mean. Let’s get on to the ramble. Yet anothe...   read

8:37 PM on 04.09.2011

RexwolfTrivia: It's been a while...

Sorry about the absence of trivia lately; I've been busy. I've been busy. I'm going to keep this short, because there's a RandomWolf I'm working on that'll be up by today or tomorrow. Law and (Not-so)HandsomeBeast each hav...   read

5:47 AM on 03.22.2011

Technical Difficulties: Cute but Deadly

As I read through this month's series of musings about difficulty, I think about the games discussed and chuckle to myself. "Hell, I'd never be able to play through those games," I say. While I may be a bit hard on mysel...   read

11:11 PM on 03.13.2011

RandomWolf2 may replace Shoot the Breeze in the blog roll...

...but never in our hearts. Think of this as a StB-Lite, and if Bey actually writes one this week, it'll be pretty awkward. Anyway, let's get going! We are now at the fourth installment of this decrepit and self-deprecatio...   read

9:07 AM on 03.12.2011

RexwolfTrivia: ...yup.

So, it's time for another trivia challenge! Here's a score check: Law: 1 point DynamoJoe: 2 points Occams: 3 points. It's still anybody's game, folks! So, I like Bit.Trip RUNNER. After (fuckin' finally) destroying No...   read

4:34 PM on 03.05.2011

RexwolfTrivia: Let's make this quick

To begin, let me just say that last week was a break week for me. Posting two blogs a week takes its toll eventually, and I need some beauty rest. I'm going to need to hurry up, because I'm going to be heading off to an orc...   read

4:45 PM on 03.04.2011

Rex, PI Episode 3: A change of Scenery

Hey, look! It's Rex, PI! It's taken me far too long to release this, but it's not the only Episode three that people have been waiting for... Since it's been so long, you can catch the previous episodes in this nifty little ...   read

4:28 PM on 02.21.2011

RandomWolf2: The title still has nothing to do with the content

Now we are at the third episode of RandomWolf. The characters have been introduced, the setting has become familiar, and we are about to start going into actual character development. Are you as excited as I am? Probably no...   read

8:36 AM on 02.19.2011

RexwolfTrivia is *GASP* on time!

It is a beautiful morning here in Rex-Land, and I thought that it might be a good idea to bring all of you swell fellas some trivia! I know that it hasn't been on time lately, but there have been legitimate reasons for that,...   read

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