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4:45 PM on 05.06.2011

RexwolfTrivia: I kinda said I'd do several this week, didn't I?

Oops. Anyway, to the points!

1 point each for SoJTuna, Lawofthermaldynamics, Smurfee McGee, and HandsomeBeast!

2 for DynamoJoe!

And 3 for Occams Electric Toothbrush!

You know the rules, and you know what you're fighting for. On to the post!

I have been stuck for quite a while in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I have been stuck on the ice palace, and it's been a month or two by now. I should really just give in and get tips from a walkthrough or YouTube on how to figure the part out, but I'm a stubborn sumbitch. Speaking of horrible segues, it's time for...


What is the special item that may be found in the ice palace?


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5:43 PM on 05.02.2011

RandomWolf2: The Gritty Reboot

So, we here at Rex software have decided that, even though you fellas love RandomWolf, it needs a reboot to appeal to today's children. So, expect fewer colors, less Nintendo, and hard rock to replace the planned jazz and chiptune for this edition's music. Also, it will feature a younger, angsty Rex. Enjoy!

Champions: The first word I saw
Random Thoughts are back with a vengeance!

Champions. We are the champions is a Queen song, which I donít especially care for anymore due to overexposure to it, which is the same with We Will Rock you. I like Queen a lot. They can rock hard, or be light and airy, often within the same song (Innuendo is an amazing example of this). One of my favorite parts of that song is the Spanish guitar. I speak limited Spanish, and so does Talia Edit: That was phrased badly. Talia is a native Spanish speaker. . Hi Talia! Does anybody else speak Spanish? I really havenít seen many people on chat recently. I tried to talk to whatís-his-face with cutter Kirby as an avatar (sorry, I canít remember your name right now and Iím typing really quickly!) this weekend, but I donít know where he went, because he never continued the conversation. The continue screen is something I see relatively often in Street Fighter IV when Iím playing arcade mode. I love the 3DS, itís pretty nifty and Iím a bit worried about Cave Story 3DS, because the screens have been mixed with whether I like them or not and my mind is just blank right now- I like bagels! I had a plain bagel straight up the other day, and it was great! A bit of it was charred so I had to throw it out, though. Okay, now I feel like finishing. Iím going to go get a bagel.

Edit: Sorry, Venus! I got your name mixed up with somebody elseís, and couldnít untangle my mind. Here are some cookies to make up for it.

Doctor Horrible
Or, an attempt to once again siphon votes from Whedon fans. (And possibly PixelSith64)

Do you like musicals? Neil Patrick Harris? Joss Whedon? Super heroes and villains? Wait, what? None of those? What do you mean I'm asking too many questions? You're one to talk. I don't see how you can dislike all of those things. Anyway, now that that's over, I'll chat about Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Quite a few factors contribute to me considering it one of the best things ever. It tells the story of a villain who is really a pretty nice guy, his superhero nemesis who is kind of a dick, and a philanthropic woman who is the object of affection. The cast is fantastic, and each person fits their parts marvelously. Catchy songs with great lyrics are helped by the great singing voices of the main characters. The entire thing just feels genuine and heartfelt. You will laugh, cry, and sing along- and I sound a bit too much like an advertisement. Just watch Doctor Horrible, okay? You won't regret it.

Games, games, games!
Or, what I've been playing.

This baby showed up as a 620x350 image. It was too adorable not to use.

Super Mario RPG is a game that I've been playing, and I couldn't be very much happier with it! While it may be the precursor to every other Mario RPG, I find it to be one of the best, if not the best! The battle system is fun, and landing an attack right is extremely rewarding. Add in funny dialog, cool characters, and snazzy graphics, and you've got yourself a winner! Possibly one of my favorite parts is the grind-friendly nature of death- you get to keep all of your experience! There's one part right before a boss where that can be majorly abused, and abuse it I did. I never said I was perfect!

Super Metroid is another game that is quite excellent, and I've been making slow progress in it. The gameplay is still excellent, and the boss fights continue to be superb as well. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to utilize the cool grappling beam method of killing Draygon that Chad featured in The Memory Card.

What I've probably been playing the most is Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. Such an excellent game, it is. As I continue to play, I find more and more secrets and strategies that help me improve myself. I also find it amazing that nearly every character I've played as feels badass and powerful. Right now, I have a small hit list going of people that irk me. Ibuki, Adon, and Hakan could really go without their voice boxes, and I have to give C. Viper brownie points for calling Hakan annoying during her rival fight with him. Not long ago, I played a few matches online with SteezyXL, who claimed to be "rusty." It was quite fun, and marks the first time I've played anything against a Dtoider. Final note: While you're supposed to do trials to improve your skills, I'm mostly just doing it for the adorable cartoon-head icons that you can unlock for each character by beating 16 levels.

The Law Corner
Or, you brought this upon yourself, Matt.

Lawofthermaldynamics, you've given me so many things to talk about, they need their own section. Here goes!

You may remember Law's blog about Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, and I know I do. Because of this recommendation, I checked it out, and found myself enjoying it immensely. I do not read much manga, but I know good stuff when I read it, and Lucifer is good stuff. You can read Law's blog for more information about it, but I'm going to post my thoughts about it here. The plot is amazing and well-paced, and I always was clamoring for more information about the characters, backstory, and everything else that was to come. The characters are excellent, and every one is important in their own way. Even those that I didn't initially like, I came around to understand and enjoy. Also, the fights are amazing.


Baccano! is another thing that I enjoyed. Having remembered that Law liked it, I looked it up on Netflix, and lo and behold, it was there! From the very beginning of the opening (which I included above), I was laughing, and easily fell in love with the series. While the number of characters may seem intimidating, by the end I knew every single one, each of whom had a unique story to tell. The period setting of the 1930's goes amazingly with the soundtrack, which is quite fun, indeed. Now for my favorite part of the series: Isaac and Miria. The two lovable thieves may possess the intelligence of children, but they are just as lovable and optimistic as them, too. Nearly every seen they're in is hilarious, and they made the show for me. Watch Baccano!

Just this weekend I read The Importance of Being Earnest on Law's recommendation, and it is brilliant! Extremely witty and funny (the muffins stand out, in addition to any mention of Bunburying), the play by Oscar Wilde is a must-read, for any fan of literature.

Finally, I cracked a joke on Twitter (follow me @Rexwolff2!) yesterday about him giving me fashion tips, to which he replied that red was in this year. When I opened my dresser drawer this morning, the first thing that I saw was a red shirt. The man is a genie, I tell you!

Supply of Blue
Or, I lied. Here's the regularly planned musical selection.

It's no secret that I love Anamanaguchi, but this is the first time that I've ever been able to review one of their albums, which I am excited to do. Power Supply is their first album, released for free online, which I didn't know until I Googled it about a week ago, resulting in an instant download. Being their first album, I expected a little bit less polish and shine than what I was used to, and while that came true, the music blew me away. Each song is unique, and has something to say. Fast Turtle, for instance, has a great melody, which is made even better by a sudden and effective slowing of tempo in the final third of the song. While all chiptune sounds somewhat like it's from a game, Airbase sounds especially so, and I am genuinely sad that it isn't in one. The last song that I will analyze, Flora/Fauna is a beautiful and fluid tune, which I find to be more genuine and natural than most music made with "conventional" instruments. At seven songs long, it's a bit short, but well worth the memory it takes up.
Rex Rating: About this level of AMAZING!

Kind of Blue, from the great Miles Davis, was recommended to me by KRA1D after I admitted that I had no jazz in my collection. Upon download, I found myself listening to a real gem of an album, with great songs that, for once, I could use purely to relax and feel good. Also, I found out that listening to this kind of jazz makes playing Street Fighter at the same time nigh impossible. If you have any good suggestions for other jazz, tell me! I'm always eager to expand my collection.
Favorite song: So What
Rex Rating: Fabulous

A Random Finale
Or, thoughts to take with you.

This image was actually from Dtoid, it seems that 620x350 is the site standard.

I love Spongebob.

What irks me is rappers who use others' music to rap over. The other day, I thought I heard My Sharona, but it was just somebody rapping over the tune. I just want to listen to My Sharona, goddammit!

I promised another Rex, PI a while back, but I have been quite, quite, busy. This week especially, because of a play that I was in. The final week of production leaves one with little to no free time. If you haven't ever participated in a theater production, I highly recommend it. I've been doing it since I was a freshman in high school. It may consume time, but it's quite rewarding in the end, and quite fun, also.

I think I'll do several trivia installments this week.

Also, don't forget to fap! I've spent three hours on this post!   read

1:22 PM on 04.23.2011

RexwolfTrivia: No pictures today

Due to my current distance from a computer, you are just going to have to imagine the picture.

Currently, the point total stands at:

1 each for Tuna, Law, and HandsomeBeast!

2 for DynamoJoe!

And 3 for Occams! (who I may just have to give an extra point for introducing me to Hellsing. But if I did that, I'd have to give Law two for Baccano.)

Remember, the prize is the ability to give me a prompt for a special blog. If you don't want it, you can drop out any time. (which is recommended, only seven people may compete.) The first to five points wins!


I've talked about Street Fighter before. It's pretty darn awesome. My two best characters are definitely M. Bison and Ryu. And now it's time for...


Interesting fact: Bison is called Vega in Japan. M. Bison was originally going to be the name of a different character, and the M actually stood for something. What did the M stand for, and what is the current name of that other character?


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11:58 PM on 04.14.2011

RandomWolf2: Missed my birthday

[Yeah, sorry about not posting this. Iíve been busy. Very busy. Anyway, this is the fifth installment of RandomWolf andÖ I have no idea what fifth installments are supposed to mean. Letís get on to the ramble.

Yet another addition of random rambling
Or, letting my mind wander on too long of a leash

Today I will talk aboutÖ Salamanders. Salamander, charmander. Charmander is pretty awesome, and so is Charizard, but Iíll always love Typhlosion the most. Speaking of Typhlosion, I canít find my copy of Heart Gold, and that makes me a sad panda. I also lost my copy of Platinum, too, but that was before I even got far in it. Iím going to stop talking about Pokemon now. I am super stoked for Cave Story 3D! I am also stoked for OoT, too. I did like Majoraís Mask a bit better, though. It had awesome masks, like the Goron mask, which let you roll around really fast. I want a dinner roll. I love rolls of all kind and- OH YES! I just realized that I have some Hawaiian sweet rolls! Those things are amazing. If you havenít tried any before, fix that. *Temporary mind jam* Also, I like Hawaiian pizza. Not everybody else does, though. Pineapple is delicious. All right, now Iím hungry. Iím going toÖ break out in song and dance! I have no idea where that thought came from. I am working in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, though. Community theater=very fun. Now somebodyís talking about paper near me. I like Paper Mario. The second is probably my favorite. Bye, Iím going to go eat some rolls!

Or, it runs on unicorn shit and rainbow tears

I got my 3DS about a week ago, and it is such a fantastic piece of tech. The pack-in games, while entertaining, lost their luster quickly. I did find the Star Pics app or whatever itís called to be very entertaining, though. My favorite picture is that of Kirby flying towards Samus on a Warpstar while she fires a laser at him. The 3D effect is fantastic, and while itís not super-amazing, it is still quite nice. Nearly everybody I showed it to had commercial-worthy reactions (except the guy that said ďHoly shitÖĒ something tells me that Nintendo wouldnít put that in a commercial). The viewing range wasnít very bad, and Iíve even had people see it while watching over my shoulder.

The thing that I show to most people to showcase the effect is M. Bisonís Nightmare Booster. Quite a few of the Ultra Combos in Street Fighter look amazing in 3D, and they're really the only thing that I use 3D for. I am a fighting game novice, so the touch screen combos are amazing for me. While I can and do actually perform the combos by hand with characters like Ryu and Akuma, for the life of me I cannot pull off Bison's combos. The graphics of the game are fantastic, and so is the gameplay. Right now, I'm mostly playing with Bison and Ryu. With Bison, I use an alternate costume and color that are best described as "gay space ranger," and seeing him in said outfit getting his rear handed to him by the barrel minigame amuses me to no end. Also, I love how one of Zangief's alternate outfits is Robo-Zangief. That makes me very happy for some reason...

Ghost Trick
Or, the end of some awesome

So, I finished Ghost Trick a while back. It was an AMAZING game! In the levels near the end, the music changed ever so slightly to make the game feel more intense, and it worked! The characters became more and more compelling as the game went on, and mysteries became tangled, interweaving into a beautiful spider web that may be seen clearly once one nears the end. A certain gameplay change (no spoilers here!) that happened was absolutely fantastic, and quite fun to use. The ending is a bit surprising, and does not lack charm. Finally, MISSILE! Oh lord, he is such an adorable little puppy, and his presence is simply a gift from the gods. My one complaint: The final chapter was far too easy. If you haven't done so already, buy this game!

Super Metroid
Or, I guess atmosphere is one word for it...

Super Metroid is a marvelous game. I downloaded it on... Friday, I believe? ...and I've been playing the hell out of it. The amount of awesome that the game throws at you is impressive. A definite highlight is using the speed boost in conjunction with a ramp to literally fly across a room. One thing that many people talk about is atmosphere. The game definitely has that. One thing I love is how it constantly kept me on my toes at the beginning. Want to get a morph ball and missiles by revisiting a place from the original? Fine, but now our planet is suddenly alive and full of lightning-shooting robot mantises. Want some bombs? Well, this Chozo statue is going to fight you for them.

Now, we must get to another point: The game kinda scares me. I was fine until the battle with Crocomire (shown above). After losing a few times, I finally figured out the strategy, and was rewarded by the image of Crocomire's flesh melting away as it screamed in agony. Let me just say that I'm glad I never played it as a child. After that, other than a small scare from Crocomire's skeleton (did I say small? I meant large), I advance undaunted. Until the wrecked ship. Upon entry, it feels eerie, but not overly so. I move into the save station. Hm. It doesn't wor- HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT?!?! Yes. A floating ghost orb formed of rotting skulls. Luckily, I died, which was a perfect excuse to go play Super Mario RPG instead. I am a wuss.

The Stranger is Dead
Or, music! Yippee!

So, my first album of the post is "The Stranger," a fabulous record by the talented Billy Joel. Funnily enough, Law suggested I download a few BJ (damn! I told myself I would stop using those initials!) songs, The Stranger being one of them. Somehow, the entire album was on my computer without my knowledge. At first, I disliked some of the slower songs, but after many re-listenings, I realized that it was because I was simply in an overenergetic caffiene-fueled frenzy at the time. While short, this album is not lacking in any way, with a great volume of awesome packed into nine songs. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) is a marvelous opening, and when it is followed by the eponymous track, they form a nigh unbeatable pair of amazing songs. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant and Only the Good Die Young are also two great tracks.
Rex rating: It's Billy Joel! Of course it's amazing!

Now, there is also a story behind this album, too. Apparently, somebody that my brother and I know is The Decemberists' manager. Since I had heard of them on occasion, I decided to download their newest album. Apparently containing much more country than their other music (which I have yet to hear/download), "The King is Dead" is quite the entertaining record. A few tracks that I consider the cream of the crop (or at least the ones I like the most) are "Rox in the Box," "Down by the Water," and "This is why We Fight." Also, death seems to be mentioned pret-ty often in the lyrics. Rex Rating: Great!

Or, stuff not big enough for its own category

So, I recently had a third Dtoider invade my dreams. The first two were Law (We met, he was cool, the plot turned video game-y) and HandsomeBeast. (He was a slight dick and we fought it out Street-fighter style) This time, in only a small cameo via text message, it appeared that Talia was both in trouble with the law, and part of an underground fighting/boxing ring. My dreams are an odd place.

Watching Code Monkeys on Netflix, I can say that it's... alright. It is successful in making a TV show/retro game hybrid, but a lot of its humor doesn't appeal to me. Although, I caught some Retro City Ransom and Mega Man in some of the actions of the characters' sprites, which makes me happy.

I couldn't retrofit it into my paragraph about SFIV3D, but I tryed out C. Viper earlier today, and I like her. She's got an interesting style (With easy to pull off moves! Yay!).

Sunday was my birthday, and I was planning on having this post ready by then for a big birthday blowout, but things fell through. However, I did get enough cash to finance the purchases of my next few must-have 3DS games!

I made this in about twenty minutes when I was bored.

I'm hopefully going to get Rex, PI #4 up by next Friday. I'm also planning a super-secret blog that requires me to finish a certain game...

Blogging again feels good.

So, I'm not recapping the post this time because I'm tired and want some sleep!

This turned up when I tried to find a 620x300 picture of "sleep." No. Friggin. Way.

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8:37 PM on 04.09.2011

RexwolfTrivia: It's been a while...

Sorry about the absence of trivia lately; I've been busy. I've been busy. I'm going to keep this short, because there's a RandomWolf I'm working on that'll be up by today or tomorrow.

Law and (Not-so)HandsomeBeast each have one point!

DynamoJoe has two!

And Occams has THREE!

So, I downloaded Super Metroid yesterday. It is marvelous. Details can be found in the RandomWolf, but I can say this: I can see why it fights A Link to the Past as Chad's favorite game. And now it's time for...


Anyway, the above suit is the Power Suit. There is another suit, though, that is better, orangeier (thatis a word!), and has larger (and more awesome) shoulder pads. Name it.

Also, tomorrow is a special day for me. Naming what it is will also net you a point if somebody else hasn't already scored and you can't name the suit..


GO!   read

5:47 AM on 03.22.2011

Technical Difficulties: Cute but Deadly

As I read through this month's series of musings about difficulty, I think about the games discussed and chuckle to myself. "Hell, I'd never be able to play through those games," I say.

While I may be a bit hard on myself, I do have a point: I'm not exactly what you would call a "skilled" gamer. Years of easy games and uneven genre exposure has made sure of that. When I play a game, I'm not generally looking for a challenge or frustration. Sure, I may enjoy getting my fix of adrenaline-pumping difficulty once in a while (Bit.trip RUNNER comes to mind, having dethroned the dreaded miner Non Trotski after over a month of efforts not long ago), but I usually enjoy easier games. I can't think of any series that is both so fun and so fabulous as the Kirby franchise is.

The Kirby series was created specifically so that anybody, casual or hardcore could beat the games. While a series engineered in that way may result in a shallow, boring experience in the hands of some, the exploits of our favorite ball of pink fluff have been anything but. Somehow, the fellas at HAL managed to create and maintain a series that is known for not only its low difficulty, but is also a boatload of fun.

So, how could this be so? The phrase "no pain, no gain" often comes to mind when talking about video games in terms of difficulty and fun. Many people think that for a game to be engaging and entertaining, it has to maintain a delicate balance of difficulty without being too easy or too hard. Kirby bucks this trend by starring in games that are simply entertaining, no matter how big or small the challenge is.

Not only does our courageous puffball have appeal to some gamers despite being easy, but I'd say that being easy is one of the reasons that Kirby is so fun. Let me expand on that: the fun comes not from being easy, but it comes from the feeling of pure power that many abilities give you. Nearly anybody who has played a video game can tell you how satisfying it is to land a huge hit. Kirby deals out huge hits left and right. Many of his abilities (hammer and UFO are prime choices) can kill foes in the blink of an eye, and nearly all of them are completely different and fun to use.

One of my favorite Kirby abilities of all time, Master from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, is a perfect illustration of how power is so damn fun. This is the legendary sword wielded by Meta Knight we're talking about here, so you know it's going to be some amazing shit. It was designed to be the end-all be-all of weapons in the game. Need to pound in a stake? Master can do that. Need to light a fire or cut a rope? Master can do that, too. The description even says that it can solve any puzzle in the game. As if this wasn't enough, the moves you can do are amazing. A charged up wave of energy, a flurry of slashes, and a move where Kirby turns into a spinning torpedo of death are just a few things you can do with this veritable swiss army knife of death, and they are all extremely satisfying.

When Kirby isn't blowing through enemies with an overpowered fire sword, he makes sure to throw in a bit of creative fun, too. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror had a nonlinear, fully explorable world, something never attempted before or again by a game in his series (but similar to the Maze in Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode). With a group of friends only a phone call away and a large expanse of levels to explore at your leisure in any order you choose, the game set itself apart from other platformers (and cuddled up a bit closer to Castlevania and Metroid). Also, one of the boss fights in the game, the Mega Titan, found me coming back again and again. In it, you find yourself in a room with a giant floating robot, with four flying fists. Normal attacks don't hurt him, but by returning the stars created when his fists hit the ground, you can knock him into the electrified walls and kill him.

Another boss fight, this time from Kirby Super Star (Ultra) is one of my all-time favorite fights ever. Computer Virus, arguably one of the most meta boss fights a Nintendo game has ever featured, pits you against three enemies (slime, puppet, and wizard, or wizard, knight, and dragon depending on when you fight), but there's a catch. There are several old-fashioned computer "windows" up, showing the enemy's HP, the enemy himself, and the best part, a message bar that describes what's going on. It plays like an RPG, with Kirby and the characters taking turns to attack. The best part is the end. After the death of the third enemy, windows start to close, and the game awards you EXP (not that it really matters) and powers up stats such as "squishiness," "courage," and "eye sparkle." Was the fight hard? Not really. Was it fun and entertaining? You bet your ass.

All of the fights described above are quite easy, and the abilities overpowered. While that may sound like a dealbreaker for a game, it's what makes a Kirby game a Kirby game. Sure, there are parts where you may be challenged, such as any boss rush or the always exemplary duels with Meta Knight, but they make up the minority of the Kirby experience. The little fella has never been about challenging fights or balanced abilities, but these things are instead made in a way that's just fun to play. In my mind, Kirby is one of gaming's greatest badasses, and after reading this, I hope you know why.


11:11 PM on 03.13.2011

RandomWolf2 may replace Shoot the Breeze in the blog roll...

...but never in our hearts. Think of this as a StB-Lite, and if Bey actually writes one this week, it'll be pretty awkward. Anyway, let's get going!

We are now at the fourth installment of this decrepit and self-deprecational series! After the success of the previous three titles, weíve started to run out of ideas, so weíre going to add pointless gimmicks, shoehorn in a multiplayer mode, and just do a general fucking-up of the overarching plot. If weíre going by the book, now is the part where I segue intoÖ

My insane thought train
Or, some sexy good times

Ghost armor. It sounds like a piece of equipment in an RPG, one that gives you godlike evasion statistics. It could even make you turn invisible at points. If I were invisible, it would be fun as hell. Hell. Hell level of Cave Story. OH MY GOD ITíS SO FREAKING HARD! Even Pixel said that you donít need to finish it. But I do want to finish Bit.trip RUNNER. Fuckiní Non Trotski, you mining sonuvabich. Miners. Gold Rush Alaska. Lookiní for the glory holeÖ Okay, new topic. Topic. Essays. I was never very good at writing topic sentences for essays, but I was even worse at conclusions. Conclude. Finish. I need to finish Bit.trip RUNNER. Fuckiní Non TrotskiÖ Iím repeating myself. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Trying to think of another connection. The Rainbow Connection. Rainbow bridge linking Asgard to our world. Thereís a rainbow bridge in Ocarina of Time, right before the end of the game. End. Okay, Iím ending this.

Movies and such
Or, Serenity, Robocop, and other Netflix nonsense

So, I finally got around to watching and finishing Serenity, and it was pretty dang good. It had a few things that I had issues with, though. I disliked the remodeled ship, not because it looked bad, but because I was so used to the old ship. Also, while the bank robbery started out pretty good in this manner, the movie lost the not-so-high-tech western charm that I got from the series. Despite that, I loved the movie. The dialog was great, as was the acting. It was actually somewhat funny, because in the middle of the bank heist, I was wondering if Whedon and the writers had just forgotten about Reavers, and I was quickly proved wrong. The action scene where River took out an entire horde of assailants was quite fun to watch, the Allianceís secret was shocking, and I donít know how to pace a mini-review.

Robocop was another spectacular movie, which I saw for the first time not too long ago. To start, let me just say that it was not nearly as cheesy as I expected it to be, and three times as awesome. However, some of the death scenes were, by today's standards, hilariously bad. A prime example is when Murphy was being shot about a hundred times by a gang that inexplicably included both the dad from That 70's Show, and a younger version of the priest who sometimes shows up on Psych. Overall, fantastic movie, and I'd chat a bit more about the themes and some awesome scenes (like when he removes his helmet), but I've got to move on to...

Or, I had missed out on some good stuff

Also in the vein of Netflix, but in an effort to avoid an overly long section, ...I don't remember how I was going to finish this sentence. Anyway, I love Futurama, but I wasn't able to see every episode from the most recent season. I fixed that a week or so ago when I realized that the season had reached Netflix. The only two episodes that I had fully missed when they aired, Lethal Inspection and The Late Phillip J. Fry, ended up being both the most touching and some of my favorites.

The Late Phillip J. Fry may have ignored some fairly basic scientific principles (such as the butterfly effect. If you saw the episode, you'd know what I'm talking about), but it more than made up for it with the touching moments and humor that you'll only ever find in Futurama. ("This new universe is ten feet lower than our old one!") Also, the whole rebirth of a perfectly identical universe was pretty neat.

Or, my biggest time-sink yet

So, last week I found out about the chat feature by way of Twitter. Confused, I went over to my computer, logged on, and was greeted with something that has stolen hours of my time within one short week. At first, I thought that it was just a little neat, with the whole-site chat feature, but then I realized how to invite individuals for private chat. That's when the fun started. Since I don't have an HD console, my contact with you fellas was pretty much exclusively through comments and Twitter, but both have pretty obvious drawbacks. Chat is, to put it lightly, GLORIOUS. It may freeze my computer if I'm not careful, but it's worth it. I have had some wonderful conversations with quite a few people, and have probably wasted upwards of five hours on it already. One thing that makes me smile is how you literally drag people into conversations. Paints a nice mental image, it does.

Ghost Trick
Or, a game that will have to be pried from my cold, dead, hands

So, I bought Ghost Trick on Saturday, and I am LOVING it! I had received nothing but recommendations, so it took me long enough to get it. I soon discovered that I should not have spent so much time dragging my feet. The opening, while a bit heavy on the tutorial, was still pretty well done, and it was just amazing for the "teacher" to be a possessed desk lamp. Three chapters in, the game is still a bit easy, but I don't care, because not only do I love how the gameplay is handled, but I also adore many other things. The graphics are colorful, vibrant, and unique. Doesn't hurt that they're just all-around good, too. The characters are all great, with each individual standing out as a memorable individual. My two favorites so far are definitely the fabulous Inspector Cabanela (dancing his way through life!) and (SQUEEEEE!!!) Missile the Pomeranian. Missile is just too damn adorable, and it doesn't help that his dialog and actions are hilarious, too! The bottom line: BUY GHOST TRICK!

(Not) OK Headphones
Or, I only have one album this time

Now it is time for another installment of "Something I'm listening to because of Law and something else." This time, I'm here to chat about OK Computer, an album that was recommended to me as a "masterpiece." So, is it a masterpiece? Don't ever ask me questions like that, because I am horrible at rating things and placing them into categories. What I can say is that I enjoyed the album immensely. Radiohead was becoming a new favorite of mine after downloading The Bends, and this album is only working to exacerbate the situation. All of the songs are distinct, and each one has its own charm. I am 90% sure that I had heard the opening instrumentals of No Surprises somewhere else before. Also, whenever Fitter Happier comes on, whatever I'm doing grinds to a crawl in an eerily disturbing fashion until the track (I don't really know if I can call it a song) ends. Don't get me wrong, though. I think it's pretty damn brilliant (and creepy). So, a few songs that stood out for me are No Surprises, Exit Music (For A Film), and Fitter Happier.
Rex Rating: I dunno, but it's a helluva lot better than OK! (Also, if you check under your seats, you will each find a rotten tomato for flinging purposes)

So, just today, the left earbud of my beloved red/black Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds gave out, and that makes me a sad panda... I then proceeded to open my reserve earbuds, a pair of black smokin buds unfortunately, I became an even sadder panda... Compared to the Ink'd buds that I had been using for over a year (multiple pairs), the sound quality was not very good, and I also liked the colors, design, and lower price of my previous pair much more than this one. Next time I get a pair, I'm switching back to Ink'd. Do any of you guys know of any other earbuds that provide pretty good quality for a price of less than 25 dollars? If so, I'd love to hear about 'em.

So, in review: My mind is still a scary place, I enjoy Netflix movies, I forgive Futurama for ignoring the butterfly effect, my name is Rex and I am a chat addict, I ADORE Ghost Trick (and Missile!), I had fun with OK Computer, not as much with my new earbuds, and I love you, you love me...

9:07 AM on 03.12.2011

RexwolfTrivia: ...yup.

So, it's time for another trivia challenge! Here's a score check:

Law: 1 point

DynamoJoe: 2 points

Occams: 3 points.

It's still anybody's game, folks!

So, I like Bit.Trip RUNNER. After (fuckin' finally) destroying Non Trotski, the evil miner (actually he isn't evil in my interpretation of the story. More on that in a future blog if I feel like it), I've reached the final area, and I am loving it once again. However, I couldn't really think of any trivia for the game. Instead, I'm going to take my question from FATE, shown above. And now it's time for...


In FATE, Commander Video has a few buddies who will provide him with special powers every once in a while. Name all of these buddies.


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4:34 PM on 03.05.2011

RexwolfTrivia: Let's make this quick

To begin, let me just say that last week was a break week for me. Posting two blogs a week takes its toll eventually, and I need some beauty rest. I'm going to need to hurry up, because I'm going to be heading off to an orchestral presentation of the works of Led Zeppelin not long from now. (True story!)

Yesterday, I posted the third episode of Rex, PI, and I decided to use it for my question. I've been giving out cblogger cameos left and right, and I will not stop! So far, I have included Law, mrandydixon, and Occams, (copy and paste for spoilers) and there are many more coming!

And now it's time for...


Somewhere in the aforementioned third episode of Rex, PI, Mario claims to have a friend who will help him out in some way. Who is this friend, what is his/her species, and what does he/she do?




(PS: The question still stands: What do you think of my newly updated banner?)   read

4:45 PM on 03.04.2011

Rex, PI Episode 3: A change of Scenery

Hey, look! It's Rex, PI! It's taken me far too long to release this, but it's not the only Episode three that people have been waiting for... Since it's been so long, you can catch the previous episodes in this nifty little hidden blog! Also, since I named the main character after me, I figured that I might as well give other people from the blogs a part, too! There will be plenty of Cblogger cameos, so stay with the story! (I actually already put two people in episode 2 already.) Finally, I added something(s) to my banner! What do you guys think? And now, the show...

My vision faded, and I let my head fall limp to the floor. The next instant, something happened. You ever gone through puberty? Imagine that, but in a split second. Ghastly experience, and I hope it never happens again. However, I was somehow alive, and my wounds were healed. Stumbling around in my clumsy new form, I wondered what I would do. In my business, ya gotta be discreet, and a man with the height of an elephant does not fit that description. Fortunately, a wayward turtle bowled me over and turned me back to my original size. The only thing more worrying than that turtle is that after the day I had, I didn't bat an eye when that happened.

Back to my normal size, I took a closer look at my surroundings. I was in a dark place, surrounded by brickwork. Sewers? Judging by the pipes all around, I would say yes. But how would I get back to my office? I racked my brain for a minute, and then it hit me like every woman I've ever taken out on a date. (Hard and in the face, in case you were wondering) The pipes were the key. The two piantas had retreated through one, so who was to say that I couldn't use it, either? Having lost my bearings, I decided to use an old detective trick to figure out where I had come from: Eenie meenie minie moe. Having deduced the position of the tube that would take me home, I ran into the pipe...

And ended up surfacing in a toilet in the ladies' room at Hugh's diner. As the women fled shrieking from the facilities, I decided to play it cool, dust off my jacket, and step out to pay Hugh a visit and get some lunch. I must not have tidied myself up as well as I could have, 'cuz when Hugh saw me, he said, "That you, Rex? You look like shit." Sitting down at the counter, I replied, "I wish that that was the extent of it. You still make that lemon meringue pie?"

"As always," he replied. "You want a slice?"

"No. I just wanted to tell you that I've always thought it was terrible. Whip me up your special and I'll get out of your hair."

No sooner was it said than done, and soon enough, I was chowing down on an amazing sandwich that arrived with a cthuloid cookie added free of charge- Hugh never sends anything out without one. While I was chowing down on said cookie, I realized something: Since the goons went after me for looking into the princess's disappearance, they would almost certainly be paying Mario a visit, too. I threw down my cookie and some money for the lunch, and rushed over to the hotel where he was staying, hoping that I wasn't too late.

I was too late. When I reached Mario's floor, I heard a single gunshot emenate from his room. Hearing footsteps coming towards his door, I seized the opportunity and heroically dove into the nearest trash can. I saw the piantas exit the room and head into the elevator, Andy leading and Matt waddling behind. Once I was sure that the two were gone, I leapt from my hiding spot and ran into Mario's room, praying that there was something that I could do to help.

When I entered, I viewed a sad scene: Mario was face down on the floor, and the room was trashed. As I reached for Mario's arm to check for a pulse, a white mushroom emblazoned with red hearts appeared above the body, and then disappeared in a flash not unlike that of a camera bulb. Once my vision returned to me, I viewed the man not lying on the floor, but sitting up and straightening his cap.

"It's-a life shroom. Never leave-a-your home without one, no?"

I decided not to question him about the subject, and moved on to the topic of the piantas.

"I was a-hoping that it wasn't this bad," Said the man who had many questions to answer. "I'm-a going to need to tell you. When you were a kid, did you ever hear the stories about-a-da creatures like the goombas, koopas, Lakitu, and more? Well, it's all-a-true. They live in the Mushroom-a Kingdom, and that's-a where we need to go. The pianta family hails from there, just like-a-me. The Koopa Klan is not a terrorist group a-named after these stories. They are-a-turtles. We need-a to go there now if-a we want to solve this case."

Shocked by this truth, I was barely paying attention as I went to my apartment and packed my bags. I met Mario at the hotel, and he led me into the street, where he proceeded to remove a manhole cover. I followed Mario into the sewers as he led me into a secret room sealed off by a hidden door. As I followed him into a pipe, the only thing in the room, I looked back at the door and saw the words "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!" I contemplated these words, but only briefly, for when I reached my destination, I was blown away by what I saw.

The other end of the pipe was situated at the top of a hill, and while you may find that odd, it pales in comparison to the rest of the scenery. The landscape was beautiful and colorful. Giant mushrooms, hills with eyes, luscious greens, and the list could go even further! The only things more amazing than the land were the people: midgets with mushroom hats, though I wouldn't put it past them if they weren't hats, bipedal turtles, squat figures with robes and masks, and more turtles, these ones riding upon clouds with faces. A weaker man would have reacted in a much worse way, but I simply fainted and awoke with trousers much more damp than I had left them.

After recovering from the shock of the landscape, I realized that Mario said that the piantas were based in the Kingdom. Upon inquiry into what he would do, Mario told me that he had a friend named Bow who could help him hide for a while. Just before leaving, he gave me the address of a hotel where I could stay, and slipped me a piece of paper, telling me "It's-a the address and time of a party. At that party, you can-a find a friend of mine. He's got connections, and I've-a given a description of him. I'm-a counting on you!"

With that, he ran off into a nearby forest, leaving me alone with little more than a few pieces of paper, a sack of coins, and a mission.

--------------------End of Part 3----------------   read

4:28 PM on 02.21.2011

RandomWolf2: The title still has nothing to do with the content

Now we are at the third episode of RandomWolf. The characters have been introduced, the setting has become familiar, and we are about to start going into actual character development. Are you as excited as I am? Probably not. Hey, who wants some...

More Incoherent Ramblings?
Or, Today's word is brought to you by T3HM0RR0W

Antidisestablishmentarianism. It means "the opposition to the belief that church and state should remain separate," and it is one long word. You know what else is long? Yes, that was a setup for a boner joke. Heh. Boners. mrandydixon. He has a pink robe. Robes are very nice and soft, and are very superior to Snuggies. Anybody who thinks that the Snuggie is a good idea is kind of dumb. Dumb. Like people on Jersey Shore. I hate Jersey Shore, and always enjoy it when Joel McHale makes fun of it on The Soup. I found out that Occams enjoys The Soup yesterday. Soup. Chowder. Damn, I want some clam chowder right now. Bye guys, I'm going to get some chowder, and after that I'll finish this post!

That was still really fun, and it was probably some of the fastest typing I've done in quite some time.

Yup, it's Cave Story.
Or, Find something else to talk about, Rex!

I still can't get over how amazing the concept art for Cave Story 3D is. There have been some complaints about the character models, and frankly, they're ridiculous. The first one is that Quote shouldn't have stayed in "bobblehead mode" and should have gotten a character model that looks more like some of the official artwork; taller, skinnier, and more human-proportioned. That would really be fairly hard to do, because as the game is still Cave Story, Quote would still need to take up no more than a tiny square of space, and fitting a normally-proportioned person in there would just make him look ridiculously small. Also, some people complained that the models for Quote and Balrog were somewhat lacking in detail. To those people: Have you ever played Cave Story? The characters are pretty darn small on the screen, so what they have right now is fine. Anyway, the game doesn't even have a release date yet, so there's plenty of room for improvement. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm excited as hell. The next paragraph may have spoilers, so if you haven't beaten the game, don't read it!

Finally, I have reached the Sanctuary! My strategy for all of the "final" bosses after Misery went something like this: Play it safe until your gun reaches level 2, then get as close as you can and unleash everything you've got! This strategy almost didn't work though. I beat the Undead Core with only a few points of health, and I only realized during the would-be escape from the island that I had run out of rockets in that final barrage. The Sanctuary is exhilarating. It is tough, but fair, and keeps the blood racing and you in constant danger. Also, I'm stuck on it. Damn lack of gaming skills...

Rise of the Bends
Or, Rex feels like talking about music. Again.

I have no idea if I'll be able to keep this up, but in the time between now and the previous edition of RandomWolf, I got two more albums, both of which I highly- well, you guys will just have to wait and see.

The first album, Rise of the Obsidian by Disasterpeace, was already featured in an edition of Stereotoid, which is where I found it. So, yes, it is a space-themed chiptune concept album, and, yes, it is glorious. As a cohesive album, it flows magnificently from beginning to end, but there's a song or two in there that, while great in the grand scheme of things, isn't very interesting by itself (I'm looking at you, Beta's Brilliancy!). This is some top-notch chiptune right here, and a few songs that I would select as standouts are Jump Error, The New Formation, and Club (Rex?)Wolf. (Adrift is pretty good, too, but short.)
Rex Rating: Chiptastic! (...that was pretty bad, Rex. Try harder next time.)

The next album, The Bends, is Radiohead's second, and is also the second album recommended to me by Law. Often when I encounter a new artist, I take to the instrumentals almost instantly. Then, it takes a song or two to start appreciating the entire audible package. After I listen through once, I go through again and pay attention to the lyrics. With Radiohead, I was loving the music almost instantly, and decided to move straight to step three. Long story short: I love the album. A few standout tracks for me are the titular song The Bends, High and Dry, and Street Spirit (Fade Out).
Rex Rating: Law and I have crazy similar musical tastes. (Excellent, for you less intuitive folks)

Random Stuff
Or, Rex has a few short things to say

A little while ago, user FKinthecoffee wrote a subpar "First Impressions" for Deadly Premonition. He was obviously from IGN, because of what he thought constituted a first impressions article: straight facts that everybody knows already and the slightest hint of opinion at the end. Man, I hate IGN's press release style news. NEXT TOPIC!

I finally finished Firefly today. Such a fabulous series. I was going to pick out a favorite episode or two, but I can't, due to the fact that they're all fantastic! I started to watch Serenity, but decided to make it last and wait until next weekend. I know how much some people like Firefly, so hopefully mentioning it gets me faps again. Crap, did I say that out loud? Well, this is awk-NEXT TOPIC!

I seem to try to work my name into quite a few things. Maybe it's some innate narcissism or something. NEXT TOPIC!

Not so long ago, HandsomeBeast (My frenemesis, if you weren't aware.) showed everybody what he thought I looked like. Well, two can play at that game! Maybe even a third person, too, but right now it's just between me and him! Let's see... He tries way too hard to be cool, he has a rival who is not only better than him but has been around for longer, and for some reason, some part of me likes him. I had almost figured it out, but then he said that he was "darker than Holmes," and I finally realized what he looks like! Ladies and gentlemen, HandsomeBeast! (click on the link!)

Now, we must wrap today's thoughts up: My mind is a scary place, I adore Cave Story, I enjoy Disasterpeace and Radiohead, I dislike IGN, I watched Firefly, I'm a narcissist, I know what HandsomeBeast looks like, and I love New York.


8:36 AM on 02.19.2011

RexwolfTrivia is *GASP* on time!

It is a beautiful morning here in Rex-Land, and I thought that it might be a good idea to bring all of you swell fellas some trivia! I know that it hasn't been on time lately, but there have been legitimate reasons for that, and I'm just typing this stuff to pad the words so the post doesn't look really, really short. Oh yeah, Occams has three points. Yup.

I hate this level with a burning passion.

Super Mario Sunshine was one of the first games that I got for my Gamecube, and I can assure you that I played the hell out of it. (but never completely beat it, sadly) I like the game, and I don't see why it seems to be so hated. While it's different, it's not intrinsically bad or anything.

And now it's time for...


In Sunshine, there are three nozzles: Hover, Rocket, and (insert nozzle here). What is the third one, and what does it do?


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