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It's your favorite knight, Rex! After an extended leave, I'm back in the community and here to stay.

Along the way back to Dtoid, I've delved into PC gaming and picked up an appreciation for things that I'm horrible at, such as roguelikes, horror, and twitch.

Mix a love for indies, lifelong Nintendo fandom, and an unhealthy obsession with Shu Takumi. Stir with the Master Sword while sprinkling in bits of Cave Story and Terry Cavanagh, then bring to boil. Add in chopped Zero Escape series, with a light hint of not being good at shooters. Cover and let simmer for 45 minutes. Serve alongside a generous helping of Kirby, and you've got RexWolfSoup!

I'm trying my best every day to be a bright beam of sunlight, and it's great to meet you! Come and stay a while.

...I still like Kirby Air Ride.


Steam ID: rexwolf2

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Sorry, guys, itís been a while since Iíve posted a blog, but now I am posting one, so enjoy! Also, RexwolfTrivia is taking a slight hiatus so that I may spend my time on real blogs, instead of churning out trivia.

After reading Elsaís fantastic interview with Chester the Skeleton, I decided to get an interview of my own. I sent out emails to plenty of different guys, hoping that, maybe if I was lucky, Iíd get an interview with Carlos the Rat. Then, when I had given up all hope of getting a reply from anybody, I found a message in my inbox containing nothing but sheet music for a short minuet. I rushed over to my piano and played the tune, and once I had released the last key, a shining green light enveloped me and I blacked out.

When I woke up, I found myself in a clearing in a forest, near what appeared to be the ruins of some sort of temple. Somehow, my piano was still with me. I swatted a mosquito, and, to my surprise, it died in a puff of smoke and left behind a floating red heart. I looked up into the sky, I saw a similar flock of glowing green lights coming towards me, and when they touched down, they formed the shape of a green-clothed young man. I welcomed him, and began my interview.

Pictured: The hero and his horse

You must be Mr. Link, is that right?

I see, but what if your name was ďidiot?Ē Then, when people talk to you, they would be calling you dumb!
Navi: Hey!
Stay out of this, fairy. If I wanted to interview you, I would have sent you an email.

Now, Idiot, what is it like to be the Hero of Time?

I admit, maybe that question was a bit too vague. More specifically, how do you balance heroics and leisure activities? I know that Ganondorf is busy killing and ruling, but sometimes it would be pretty nice to just go fishing for a few days or run after some chickens- excuse me, cuccos, right?

Quite the chatty Cathy, arenít you?

Okay, I admit that that joke was pretty lame. So, if you had a personal saying, what would it be?

I seeÖ Oh, thereís one thing Iíve always wondered: Are all of the separate Links different reincarnations of you, or are they simply unrelated heroic young men that all happen to dress alike?
(Thinks for a while)

Wait, I don't understand: which one is it? The first choice, or the second one?

Okay, thank you for your time sir. By any chance, would you know how I can get back home?

At this point, Idiot motions to the piano, and so I slide off of the bench to give him room. He plays a tune that I instantly recognize as the Song of Time, and the next thing I know, I am back at my computer with my clipboard. I take a look at my mail, and find the message that Link had sent me- unread. I delete the message, realizing that Link must have sent me back in time to before any of the troubling interview began. As I tried to comprehend this situation and what it meant for the laws of physics, I realized something:

My piano is gone.


Thank you for your time, and even though we had fun, there is a valid point to this interview: Don't give Link a stupid name! Even though it may seem funny at first, it really isn't. Name him after yourself, a friend, or, hell, just name him Link! But DON'T TRY TO BE FUNNY.

All of the above goes for Pokemon, too.

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