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I don't know about you, but I love to jump online and check the game reviews for all of the industry's hottest titles (or even better, the lesser known diamonds in the rough). I've probably embraced this concept even more since going into college, however as I'm nearing my graduation date, I'm also realizing that game reviewing that results in a score or rating out of 100 is *ahem* bullshit.

Well why in the world would I think that right? We all love getting high scores on our test - you get an 80 or higher and you feel pretty good about what you've done. That's all fine and dandy, and yes there's nothing quite as rewarding as sending mom home an assignment to post on the refrigerator door, however I'll be the first to admit that I've had my fair share of assignments that I put a lot of quality time and effort into that didn't quite reach that A (or B for that matter), yet I still pride myself in all the hard work I put into it, and I feel as though I gained more from those assignments then from my more successful ones.

How about we get back on topic? I think it's great to have paid game reviewers go out of their way to give us the insight on today's hottest games (no really I do), however I've grown terribly sick of the subjectivity and bias that goes along with it. Without pointing any fingers, I can think of a few certain game reviewers who just seem to think their opinion is higher then God himself, and that whatever they label a game should be the defining opinion of the rest of the world......well let me tell ya, it doesn't work that way. As a matter of fact, it only discredits that reviewer (in my mind), and provides for either comical effect, or me wanting to chuck my old broken Snes at them (rip old Snes).

I pride myself in being 'that gamer' who thought outside the box and enjoyed the poorly reviewed games for what they were. Example: Duke Nukem Forever - really liked it. While Duke was nowhere near the hottest up and coming fps games at it's release, it is a game that had been in development for 15 years (mostly in a measly apartment by a couple of poor white guys). Gearbox's Randy Pitchford in tribute to his founding father 3D Realms took the game under his wing and put it out to the public so that Duke could finally have his final showdown ( least for the time being). Really and truly, I enjoyed the campaign of the game, and I'm grateful to have received another book of one-liners thrown at me (even if they were slightly outdated). Another fine example: I Am Alive - really enjoyed the different pacing and elements of survival that went along with this game (it was basically about bluffing your way in and out of trouble). The ending was heartbreaking and left you wanting to know what the heck happened (I'm sorry, but video games these days very rarely execute this sort of emotion in me. Period).

The lesson to be learned from this blog (say it with me) "Take it with a grain of salt"! Seriously, think objectively and give the forlorn and neglected their chance to shine, because there is obviously more that went into those games then someone throwing money out the window and crapping on the fans perspectives (Capcom and RE 6 reference.....very fun game btw, you should actually try it). Stop feeding trolls and start thinking as an individual, or else you might just see your 'favorite' game developers jump boat and start developing strictly for ios/android based gaming.....and the apocalypse. Are you ready for the apocalypse? No? Didn't think so. [img][/img][img]
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