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3:07 PM on 12.08.2011

Pushmo 3DSWare Review

If you enjoy puzzles and are looking for a game to download from the 3ds Shop, look no further Pushmo is the game for you.
Released earlier this afternoon Pushmo is a very entertaining and thought provoking 3DSWare release.
The game plays like Catherine on Xbox 360 and PS3 except instead of progressing through each level by getting to the top. Your goal is to push, pull, and jump over blocks to save the children trapped in the Pushmo's.

The game features numerous premade levels along with a pretty entertaining level editor. I found the level editor to be very fulfilling in terms of ability to create whatever comes to mind. I did have a problem with the restricted size of user created levels this makes it hard to create extremely detailed level with many colors and smaller block platforms.
Fortunately Pushmo makes you playtest every level you design to ensure that it is indeed completable.
I can see myself playing this game in bursts of 5 to 30 minutes when I need a bite sized gaming experience, and for $6.99 this game is a steal.

[size=18] 8.0/10[/size]
recommended   read

2:29 PM on 09.21.2011

oh 90's Capcom where art thou

I remember a simpler time in gaming before the advent of online multiplayer and DLC. Life was good game companies weren't as greedy, sadly all good things must come to an end so they say. Capcom one of my favorite companies when I was younger has taken possibly one of the biggest turns for the worst, a Company that once was known for quality games is now known for cheap money making tactics. Including charging for costume colors and re-releasing last years big Capcom game with extra content for $40 dollars.

I was willing to ignore what Capcom has become in the beginning but after throwing Mega Man out like yesterdays trash, I can no longer stay silent. However unlike most gamers that are fed up with them I am going to propose some things Capcom can do to please their fans.

1. Let Keiji Inafune finish working on Mega Man Legends 3, this one is pretty obvious I feel. Mega Man has been in an overwhelming amount of games in the past two decades, some great others utter shit. I understand that Capcom is trying to move away from the Mega Man series however, I feel it is only fair that if they wish to end the series they should give the Blue Bomber one last swan song.

2. Stop charging out the ass for DLC that should have been a part of the game in the first place!
This is another blatantly obvious suggestion as well, but face it Capcom's CEO's are too content with swimming in their pool full of gold doubloons to even wish to consider this option. I as a consumer and a gamer cannot justify paying $40-$60 for a game with large chunks of its content being sold to me on the side for small amounts of extra money. It is sickening that this is becoming the new norm in the game industry, Games at $60 are expensive enough take all of the DLC into account and you are paying over twice the retail asking price for a completely intact game.

3.Take more risks with game localization.
Capcom recently has been getting the reputation of only releasing Street Fighter and Resident Evil,this is really a missed opportunity seeing that they have many other quality games that never make it to the states. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd are just two of the many games Capcom hasn't released anywhere other than Japan.It can be argued that these games would have received low sales or just been pirated, but by not releasing them stateside they are just giving gamers more of a reason to download a fan translation patch and play them on modded hardware. Capcom does have some interesting looking games coming in the near future lets just hope they actually localize them.

I believe I have only just scratched the tip of the iceberg here, Capcom needs to do some major thinking if they want to keep their loyal fans happy. Weather or not they choose to improve is ultimately up to then in the end. Capcom please look at the monster you have become, hurry and abandon the dark side of the industry before it is too late.   read

3:14 PM on 03.30.2011

Petitioners are not a fan of DNFs babe slapping don't want it on Walmart Shelves

Duke Nukem Forever has been getting a lot of publicity in the last week mainly due to it being delayed yet again... However while searching for more information on the game I stumbled upon a rather bizarre and almost laughable petition.

The petition was started by a woman named Shelby Knox, I did some research on her this is from "Shelby Knox is nationally known as the subject of The Education of Shelby Knox, a Sundance award-winning film that chronicled her high school activism for comprehensive sex education & the establishment of a Gay Straight Alliance in her conservative hometown. Feminist organizer, speaker and writer, Shelby is the Director of Organizing, Women's Rights, for"

I find her overview of the petition to be completely amusing, she goes into detail about how capture the babe, is somehow making a game out of physical and sexual violence towards women.
I suppose her point has some merit but I have to counter her statement by saying this isn't the first time nor is it the last time violence such as this will be used in a game. "lets face it sex and violence sells"

She also takes offence to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford finding this gameplay mode to be hilarious.
First off DNF isn't meant to be taken seriously the thing that makes Duke Nukem games so much fun is the lack of political correctness over the top action and bad-ass one-liners. Without these Duke would be another bland FPS game.

After a paragraph of complaining about Randy Pitchford she goes on to bring up the good old one in for American women will become victims of domestic violence statement. While I agree that domestic violence is serious does she seriously think that every man playing this game will become a relentless woman beater? I for one find this like everything else said by Shelby to be preposterous, not to generalize but a lot of gamers don't even have significant others and the ones that do usually know better than to treat women like a punching bag.

The last paragraph is more of the Blah blah Pitchford is the devil rubbish, and she comments on strongly recommended that Walmart "a family friendly store" does not carry Duke Nukem Forever until the babe slapping is removed.
I just have to point out that the chances of that mode being removed because of some obscure feminist demanding it are as slim as Duke packing enough bubblegum. Isn't also Ironic that Walmart is being referred to as a "Family Friendly Store" last time I checked gun retailers are nowhere near family friendly.

Follow this link to see for yourself
I have honestly lost track of how many times people manage to take video games out of context and make it into serious business. If you do not support the content then don't buy the game! You have that right just please do not tell me what I can and cannot buy and from what retailer.   read

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