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reviewsbyismail avatar 3:43 PM on 01.23.2014  (server time)
Grand theft auto 5 REVIEW.

Gta 5 known as the best game ever made, no one could think gta 4 can top the next gta, which everyone was wrong after intense hours of playing the game i have found a conclusion about grand theft auto 5. 

 Firstly GTAn5 is a game where you chill back and play. don't get me wrong there have been many,many,many times where im sitting right at the end of my chair gripping the controller as its an intense moment of the game. You are the controller of your gta 5 life, certain things you do in one part of the story mode will dictate what happens when you finish the game. 

secondly, GTA gives you more of your choice for an example when robbing a bank you have to plan it out, which you can have a stealthy attack or go gun shots through the front door like a terrorist. 

This is gta has done something that no other game has ever done before, A bond with characters, Franklin is a guy from the hood and just wants his money however people just wanna kill him thought the game, mostly because his friend lamer keeps sitting him up with drug deals that go cold. Travor what can i say about him, he is one of the weirdest characters i have even seen or played, he is very different more or less he is like Rambo but Travor is mostly drunk all the time. Travor may seem like a killer but all he wants is love and care which never got. Lastly Michael, an EX thief which has all the money,cars,wife , 2 kids. you ed think he would be happy however he is depressed mostly because he has a son that plays games all day and that has no future in life also sits and smokes dope all day. his wife well his wife she cheats on him with a yoga teacher and his tennis coach in there own house and own bed, Well this is normal of the gta life.

To sum up my 50+ gaming hours with gta 5, ive never ever felt so much love with a game, ive never felt like ' ahh this game is getting boring' there soo much things to do like stealing a car and taking it to the mod shop and put a beast of a turbo on it. 

Gta 5 will be the game of the year and will be the best gta to be ever made.

** honest opinion*      
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