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About me.

Name: Samuel "The Retroman" Absolom
Age: 19 (with the taste of a 30 year old man)
Sex: Robots have no gender!!!
Country: Australia
Likes: Retro games, comic books/manga, Classic horror movies, women,Anime
Dislikes:Bananas,PSP,halo, teenagers, Broken consoles & controllers.
Loves: Chad.

Currently playing:
Battle arena nitoshiden (PS1)
Various gameboy games.
Rock band 2 (360)

What started your love for gaming?
I was 3 and my parents had a sega master system which had sonic the hedgehog built in, ahh my first love. <3

WTF do you do on your blog?
I currently do two things..
1.I post reviews
2.I have this show called personal jukebox which I highlight my fave tracks from video games.

I do plan on making other shows for my blog in the near future.

Wait a min? Your 19? How can you be a retro gamer?
I believe that age has nothing to do with it and by the way I'm not that young, I still remember alot about gaming over my life, I remember running into my local Kmart and seeing rows of NES & master system games and I also remember seeing games evolve.
Man I can write a tangled up in blue like song about this.

Besides video games, what do you like?
I like tabletop games like yugioh,Dungeons & dragons, Warhammer and heroclix which I hope to do articles on.
I also like movies, heavy metal and collecting vinyl records.

What got you started on writing reviews?
It all started back in 2006 when I started watching a show called video masters TV. (check it out)
I loved how they were so honest about video games and I thought they were the wisest gamers I've seen which inspired me to review myself.
Since I started reviewing I managed to get a job on a review site called gamerau, so if it wasnt for them I wouldent have been able to experence this wonderful job.
So I would like to say thank you to the video masters tv crew for getting me into writing.


Battle arena nitoshiden - NTSCJ
Beatmania 2nd mix - NTSCJ
Capcom retro collection vol.5 Street fighter 2 - NTSCJ
Legend of mana - NTSCJ
Naruto Shinobi no sato no jin torigassen - NTSCJ
Pocket fighter - NTSCJ
Pop n music animation melody - NTSCJ
Rockman - NTSCJ
Rockman 2 - NTSCJ
Demo 1 - PAL
Official Australian playstation magazine demo vol.35 - PAL
Official Australian plastion magazine demo vol.41 - PAL
Final fantasy 6 - PAL
Front mission 3 - PAL
Megaman battle & chase - PAL
Misadventures of tronne bonn - PAL

Big black cd AKA[Vinyl}
Judas Priest - metal works 73-93
Iron Maiden - a matter of life and death
Icehouse - Man of colours
Lionel Richie - Dancing on the ceiling
Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold
Guns n Roses - Chinese democracy *Do not get*
Twisted Sister - Stay hungry
Metallica - Master of puppets
Metallica - ...And justice for all
Metallica - S&M
Metallica - Death magnetic
Motorhead - Ace of spades
Aquaman & The flash power record.

More info coming soon.
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Be gentle its my first time. ;)
Part 1

Part 2

Big thanks & hugs to the following:
John from VideoMastersTV

On this edition of personal jukebox I look at 8-bit renditions of my fave pop n music songs with 5 picks from pop n music GB.

About the game: Pop'n music was originally released in the arcades back in 1998 by legendary music game makers bemani and distributed by konami.

The game is normaly played using a 9 button controller but for the gameboy version you are limited to a 5 button layout due to the lack of buttons the gameboy has.

The gameboy version is pretty good for what it is, certanly alot better than the dance dance revoloution gbc games .

The music is pretty good in the GBC version with most songs being very reconiseable as you can see with the five songs I picked.

This episodes are What I want(euromix), Rockabilly, Holiday, Quick master & I really want to hurt you.


Remember if you have any requests, fan/hate mail or just something nice to say email me @ . also add me on twitter @ TheRetroman .



As promestd weeks ago, here is season 1 of personal jukebox which ran from late 08 - early 09.

I have posted it in playlist form which contains all 4 episodes in the one video.

Episode guide under video

Episode 1
My personal picks from Haunted castle
Track 1: Bloody tears
Track 2: Cross your heart

Episode 2
My personal picks from sonic R
Track 1:Can you feel the sunshine (instrumental)
Track 2:Living in the city

[color=yellow]Episode 3 [/color]
My personal picks from Daytona USA :Circut championship edition.
Track 1:The American dream
Track 2:The king of speed
Track 3:Lets go away

[color=darkred] Epsode 4[/color]
My personal picks from Haunted castle......again.
Track 1:Level 2 theme
Track 2: Battle with Dracula theme

Again, I am sorry that alot of my stuff is running late.

Well I hoped you liked, New episode should be up after I get that damn happy B'day day 5 article done.


Game: Marvel vs. capcom 2 HD
System: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: Capcom
Release date: June 29 2009

Marvel and capcom fans rejoice marvel vs. capcom 2 is set to be released this June and we PSTripple owners were given a taste with an exclusive demo.
Sadly the 360 owners probably wonít get the demo until the game gets released on XBLA which is still better than the wii owners who are hoping to play this as thereís no planned release for it.(They do have that other vs. capcom game however grrrrr.)
So to those 360 owners who want to play it and those PS3 owners who are unsure whether to download it, I have written a little preview just for you all.

First Iíll give some details on the game for those who have not played or heard of this game before.

Originally an arcade game back in 2002, you get to pick 3 fighters from the capcom and/or marvel rosters and you go at it till the last team is standing.
The demo contains 6 fighters, Ryu, Chun Li, Strider Hiru, Ironman, Wolverine, Spiderman, a decent choice for a demo as they are all simple characters to control.
The demo is sadly limited to local multiplayer only so if you only have one controller or hope to own ass online well....youíre fucked quite frankly.
I was lucky myself to have a second controller lying around, but nobody wanted to play me as my younger brothers were busy.
In the video you can see that I have no one on player 2 minus me setting it up.

The graphics I was inexpertly impressed with as it had some new visual options which made the game much more clear & crisp which was an enjoyment on the eyes.
The sound and controls are the same as the previous versions of this game but I do recommend you use a hori fightstick as it will make the game far more enjoyable.

Well thatís all that really needs to be said about the demo.
Overall I thought the demo could have been a bit better (like adding a single player mode for people that play alone.)
Would I recommend you download it though, hmmm only for the really hardcore players as I donít think it will be a standard gamerís cup of tea.
I would recommend downloading it for parties when there a bunch of your mates around.

You can expect the full version to hit June 29.

Enjoy this footage of me playing the game; sorry for the big glare on the bottom of the screen, I kinda forgot to close the blinds.


Well folks, for the very late day 5 edition of happy B'day GB I've decided to record gameplay footage on some of my fave gameboy games.
However I don't think thats enough for something like this so I am also going to record footage of your fave gameboy games also.
For me to find that out you will have to leave a comment on this post and you also may get a mention in the post.

Don;t just sit there.......well sit there you can do and reply now.

I don't have a deadline but I will end it when theres enough request to go around.

Retroman Strawberries.

What do you get when you have been up all night, had a few drinks and found yourself completely nakerd?

You get crap like this.

Day 4 of 7 done(Cheaply)