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7:28 PM on 02.20.2009

Are Wii Ready For A Virtual Boy 2?

Huh? A Virtual Boy? Yes the ugly red headed step child that is Nintendo's creation. I am not asking if we are ready to see Nintendo take another stab at it, because god only knows what head waggle games they would come up with. More of the real deal, you know, the ultra real things we use to see in sci-fi movies.

Working for a video game accessory company, I have been thinking about a way to take video games to a more immersible level. I think something that can include head tracking, motion control, and the ability too combine video goggles with a television is key. More specific would be combining something like the example below with a television.

There are also virtual glasses that project video onto the glass lens, allowing the user to simultaneously see both the video and whats in front of them.

I can think of a few ways at how this could be integrated into a game. One major way would be to take the in-game menus in Dead Space and apply it to the precise location of the video goggles. This would create a 3d type of effect like we have been so greatly introduced to by Johnny Lee (Wii Head Tracking) With something like this implemented, you could also have things such as ammo, health, map, check points, etc. always available. Again, going with the Dead Space mechanics; you could have things like health packs, ammo, etc, highlighted within your goggles when your character approaches such items.

I believe that the technology is there, it really depends on consumer/manufacture cost, and the public's acceptance of such an accessory. As much as I think things like the Wii remote are for gimmicks, I also believe without them, the video game industry will not evolve. Look at how Playstation responded to the Wiimote. These type of devices are only going to continue to expand. Perhaps this will cause more of a separation between core and casual, or perhaps these gimmicks will lead to greater innovations.   read

11:33 PM on 02.08.2009

[NVGR] A First Post About Me

Hello DToid Community,

I thought I might make a proper introduction about myself. I am a resent grad with a major in Graphic Design. I have always loved retro games and have always tried to incorporate them in my designs and illustrations. I think a lot of what makes an old game great is how much left for the imagination. We can play an old Zelda game now and say, "Hey these old 8bit graphics blow ass, what the hell are those square blocks attacking me," or we can play the same game in retrospect and remember how we once imagined the game . I use to love to look at video game booklets and see what the developers attended the characters should look like. And in the end the character would be a mixture of the pixel sprite, my imagination, and the graphic representation. A lot of what a game is about is tied into the graphical presentation (manual, box art, label, logo). As a kid, the box art was a big part of the game purchase, especially in the days of the NES.

I hope to go more into depth about these topics and similar ideas in the near future. I hope you enjoy the following wall paper; my graphic representation of retro artwork.

1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1280 x 800
1440 x 900   read

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