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11:33 PM on 08.22.2007

Team Fortress 2 - Better than Brad Bird?

I am absolutely stunned - these trailers have been more exciting than a Indy 4 trailer or seeing newly bought lingerie in my girlfriends shopping bag combined!!!

FINALLY, the dream I had while watching Toy Story that "games one day will be like this" is coming true. Valve has done something truly special that is bring the wit, grace, humor, immense creativity and professionalism of Pixar or oldschool Disney and adapted it profoundly to us sobered, dumbed-down and twitch-reflex generation of gamers and seem to be paying back our eagerly patient hopes and dreams with a worthy sequel to a little mod some Australians built over a decade ago.

Now yes, my initial forethought was uneasy at the first screenshots but I was finally won over by art design and technical style with this video. (warning: if one is not familiar with 3D Animation don't fall asleep during the terminology quiz and pay attention to the underlying logic to the genius game design)   read

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