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11:53 PM on 11.10.2009  

BlockBoy And The Quest For Arms

Is a game I'm making.


BlockBoy And The Quest For Limbs

I'm making a game. You're a block. You go around looking for your arms and legs.
I need ideas, and music.

Halp :3
Also, is anyone interested in when it comes out, to play it?


8:46 PM on 11.04.2009  

SpySwitch Animation Mod (for TF2)



One day I thought,
"Hey, the spy can be other people, so why cant he taunt like other people?"
I decided to put it in to play!
It looks pretty fun. It serves no purpose.
It doesn't break any other taunts as far as I know.
That's when the Halloween even with the Thriller Taunt ends.
So download this to get ready, preload it, if you will.
It works still, but if you taunt, 5/6 times it will be thriller.
So you can sit in spawn and wait for it to taunt the correct taunt and you'll see that it works.


Get winrar :
Open up the folder that says "SpySwitch".
Open up the class you want the spy's taunts to replicate.
Drag the folder called 'tf' and put it in
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ [YOUR USERNAME] \team fortress 2\
Open it up, and you are good to go!

By redban!

No it doesnt mess up taunt kills.

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2:24 PM on 11.01.2009  

Goodbye L4D, Hello L4D2

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3:31 PM on 10.27.2009  

DJ Hero Unboxed and Played

Oh. My. GAWD.

Nice box:

Nice turntable:

Nice game:

Nice free DLC:

Nice disc:

This game is just...............................

+ DJ Hero Store
+ Great Customization
+ 15+ setlists
+ Fucking 90 mixes
+ Customizable setlists
+ Party mode
+ DJ vs DJ and DJ vs Guitar
+ Unlockables
+ Stars aka Money
+ Sampling
+ Fucking headbobbing mixes
+Wifi battles

In my first blog I mentioned no DLC for Wii. I lied. There is.

Best mix so far:
Masta Ace - Born To Roll vs Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff

This is a phenomenal game. Pick it up if you have the buck.
Dont get it.
The extra 80 bones is 2/3 of buying another copy of DJ Hero.

Carrying Case = Wait 2 weeks for a third party
CD = Seriously... Internet...
Metal finishes on table = My lord. Do you really need this?

55 / 5


2:28 PM on 10.24.2009  

5 Great $10 Games

Just got paid $50 dollars eh?
What you may think is: OH YES TIME FOR L4D2/BORDERLANDS/MW2
Rethink that.
How bout new, great games for the same price?
Give these games a chance.
For example:

Metascore: 84
Price: $50

Far Cry
Metascore: 89
Price: $10

I'm not saying Metascore = Good. I am saying Old =/= Bad.
Rank Title Metascore
5 Day Of Defeat: Source 80

+Great war gameplay

-No Singleplayer
-Class Limits

4 Audiosurf 85


+Custom game mode tags
+Lotsa characters

-Cons? Seriously? Uhhhh... no tits?

3 Far Cry 89


+Good graphics + gameplay for its time
+Challenging missions

-Not long enough

Far Cry 2 = $20

2 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 89


+Nice parkour feel
+Nice slash and run mechanics.

-Well... there's glitches.
-Impossible parts

1 Psychonauts 87


+Its so damn fun



10:06 PM on 10.23.2009  

redban tells a joke, causing the end of the world

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3:14 PM on 10.23.2009  

Damn it Dtoid.

Not again.

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10:07 PM on 10.22.2009  

Experience: DJ Hero Booth at Best Buy ...
"Try game now"
*Punches in zipcode*
Ohhhh snap.

You walk in and run to the video game section. To your surprise, there is not much of a line besides a kid, a teen, and a creepy bald guy. You get behind the creepy bald guy and just wait. He says things like "Great technology" and "Look at the way that 8 year old is working out his strong hands" constantly. The kid realizes he has to push the buttons as well, and gets frustrated. Next comes the teen, who isnt quite great, but has a good grip on it. He plays 2 songs, then goes off to look at the new kids DVD releases. The worst is always the fucking weird dude. He sits there and presses the button slower than a damn tortise. When he gets a note right, he chimes with excitement. He gets through half the song then fails.
Finally, your turn. You see this:

You set that shit to medium and quickly realize that this game is your calling. You are doing so great and people crowd around you with comments like "This game is good." and "I never knew they made an MC Hero, like the last one I saw was Guitar Hero 3!! Hardyhar!"
You finish the whole damn set and walk off with style. On your way out of your performance you say to the crowd:

"Games out the 27th. See you here."

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9:31 PM on 10.22.2009  

Generic First Post.

I'm redban.
Owner of a Wii, PC, and selling a DS and PSP.
I play music, puzzle, action, and shootan games.
This is what i've been up to lately:
-Going to Best Buy to sample DJ Hero
-Pre-ordering DJ Hero
-Pre-ordering L4D2
-Contemplating cancelling my DJ Hero order, and getting it in store 2 days earlier :P
-Trying to sell shit
-Reaaaaally looking forward to DJ Hero.

Also, with this god awful first post, I ask a god awful question.
Will DJ Hero DLC come to the Wii?
EDIT Answered:
No :(

I'm redban, and the next posts will get better.

Also, an example of amazing drawing -_-

EDIT 10/23
Wry Guy asks:
"Ware you trying to sell your shit, and why are you looking forward to DJ Hero?"

Well, I need money.
I need new games.
I need to get rid of stuff I dont play. I particularly need CoD6 and Borderlands. And this could work through forum trading. Also, if you are interested in trading...

Why do I love DJ Hero oh so much?
1) For 3 years my favorite Genre of music has been mash up.
2) I remix.
3) I always wanted to fuck around on a turntable
4) This.
and this.
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