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realyst's blog

5:51 PM on 06.07.2011

So, my thoughts on the WiiU:

Let's get the superficial out of the way: The name is dumb. It's pronounced oddly no matter what tongue(unless you're imitating a siren), it too close to the "Wii" pronunciation as to cause massive amounts of confusion for ...   read

6:40 PM on 03.04.2011

Sony Reminds You: You Are Mere Peasants, We Are The Lords.

snidely by pixelcurious, on Flickr Let me preface this with the following disclaiming statement: I loved having a PS2. I have a PSP. I remember the days of the PSX with fondness. Sony has had a positive impact on the i...   read

5:58 PM on 03.04.2011

So Here my Blog Begins, Insert Fanfare and Throw Some Dried Waterweed Seeds

Don't give a....? by Joelk75, on Flickr This is the first post announcing my intent to populate this space with commentary, news, or news about commentary. Anyone riveted by this prospect rivets quite easily. You have no ...   read

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