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9:14 PM on 10.18.2010

Ultimate Balls!

I only wish I had taken that class on metal casting.

4:45 PM on 03.16.2010

A Game Idea

Perhaps some of you have heard the discussion of the game 'Train'. Bold move to make a game so
repellent you win by not playing it or by trying to sabotage
the intended storyline plot / or "achievement" structure.

I can imagine a "documentary" style RPG/FPS about war.
Something along the lines of 'Six Days in Fallujah' that
actively encourages you to participate in and witness every
reported and documented war crime associated with our (here
comes my characterization) Holy Imperial Invasion. Our
mission to install a new puppet dictator.

If they really want to make a 'survival horror' game for
Iraq I would hope the majority of characters you encounter
are unarmed civilians - if you are to play a Marine
character. A crucial element of most war games is the
unrealistic total lack of a civilian victim/target

Twists in plot could be -

1. after you play your invasion campaign you then play as
the population. That would be real survival horror. You experienced all the horrors that you just inflicted on the population playing as a Marine. Did you torture any one? Well, you should experience that first person.

2. Then you get to join the underground resistance to drive
the barbaric invaders that have been terrorizing your people and committing atrocities out of your country.

3. Finishing the game perhaps unlocks your ability to
re-skin the entire world where you get to play as Nazis
invading Poland. Then playing through the entire campaign
again culminating in the Warsaw ghetto uprising ( depicted
in the film 'The Pianist' ).

4. Perhaps DLC can be re-skin the entire world to be
Vietnam. Then you can just frag your commanding officer for
ordering the Mai Lai Massacre or any of the thousands of
incidents like it that occurred in almost every company of US
"soldiers" in Vietnam.
5. England in Northern Ireland.
6. The US and Israel 60 year occupation and annexation of Palestine.

Even the Total War series of Simulation games pay no more attention to what is happening to civilians other than referring to peasant uprisings caused by (of all things) you taxing them to greatly to fund your war machine and your expansion of your Empire.(I still love Shogun.)

I hope there is a developer out there willing to put $15
Million into a Triple A game that actually captures the
unambiguous evil of American Foreign Policy in the most
repugnant and horrifyingly accurate way technically
possible. A bitter pill for people to choke on. And include
links to all the documents and websites in the special
extras of the game.

You may not win game of the year, but you may win a Nobel
Prize or Humanitarian / Arts and Education Endowment Award.

You might ask, why play "War" including elements from the perspective of unarmed civilians?
There is huge potential for these portions to be "not fun"
or frustrating to the gamer. Such as having to fight machine
gun toting opponents who can drop white phosphorus on a
whole town, while you only have a hand gun and some IEDs?

I think being on the receiving end of the gun will be
enlightening and emotionally educational - I think the game
would have the potential to illustrate glaring immoral
paradoxes concerning our own country. This furthers building
a functioning democracy in the US.

I would ask that gamers consider the argument that there is no democracy when state crimes remain a secret to the voting
public. The Electorate as a matter of logic can not consent
to policy that is secret to it and is thus perpetually ignorant of.

Democracy promotion in the US, is the definition of
patriotism, so I would say it follows that state secrets are
the greatest threat to US democracy.

I think it is worth upsetting people to suggest that we
should eliminate our pervasive and extraordinary use of
policy and military force which is many ways identical to Nazi Doctrine. Even if that threatens our domination of every natural resource and government in the world.

So far (last I checked the statistics) we have murdered one
and a half million people, and created half a million
refugees while only sustaining 4,ooo deaths ourselves.

Congratulations to all Stockholders involved.

That is a documented fact. Yet it is so unknown and
unreported by the US 'Free Press' you would think it was an
official state secret.

In this regard our free press is 'free' like a reviewer/journalist at Gamestop is "free" to review 'Kane and Lynch' while receiving advertising dollars from 'Kane and Lynch' publishers. Free to bow and kiss the Master's ring.
[see- 'Manufacturing Consent']

A troubling historical parallel exists. Most German citizens
did not know about, or were ever allowed to vote upon the
creation of concentration camps, or even review or debate
Holocaust policy. It was a state secret. One result of all
these Nazi state secrets is quite revealing. 80% percent of
the population of Germany was killed. There was in the end,
blow-back from their foreign policy.

All we have experienced so far is the September 11th, 2000 incident, which was financed by private individuals in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of many countries we have installed anti-democratic military puppet dictatorships in.

If war stories are compelling why not tell the real story in a video game which includes the perspectives of non-combatant populations like women and children? They are in reality the intended victims. The potential slaves and subjugates of encroaching Empires.

I would describe the Iraq kill/death ratio(1,500,000 :
4,000) = (375 : 1) an unproportional response. Not only is
'unproportional response' a war crime in itself. It is an
often cited hallmark in the definition of terroristic
genocide. That sounds like a story that needs to be told.

I don't expect anyone here to have studied any
International Human Rights or Military Law associated with
'Crimes Against Humanity' treaties we are a party to. I
have, and can say that were our leaders ever "captured and
tried" under existing law they would be executed as war

In fact all of them would be, going back to
Roosevelt, who predates the creation of the Nuremberg
Principles of International Law. One tangible example of
this is that a couple years back Donald Rumsfeld had to
cancel a trip to Germany, because they were going to arrest
him on site.

Even the most genocidal book in our western cannon of
literature (The Bible) says an eye for an eye. It does not
say for instance... "if you murder my brother, I will go out
and murder 375 random people that have nothing to do with
you then steal their land." But in a simplified minimalist
analysis of the known facts that is what we are doing.

Perhaps when Republicans refer to the "Bible" it is short hand, and they actually mean the Satanic Bible of their dark Lord of the Abyss? IMO - it is a possibility worth considering. Not in my game idea. In reality. :)

Train is an exquisite unexpected gem, and I could only hope
that a real documentary video game on the subject of 'Six
Days in Fallujah' is made one day. To be realistic I doubt
anyone will bite the master's hand any time soon.

PS. 'Green Zone' is a breath of fresh air.   read

9:54 PM on 03.15.2010

Scientific & Technical Awards

We as gamers and moviegoers take what we see for granted.

Even the Oscars didn't show the 'Technical Awards' portion. But if you are interested - above is a link to this years awards.
People who are not just using, but developing the cutting edge graphics technology (such as ocular occlusion).

The link above is to this year's 2009 winners. These advances in processes become the wealth that we as gamers will inherit in years to come. They are worth acknowledging.   read

5:56 PM on 11.20.2009

Rumor of Firefox coming to PS3

As long as it has (at the very least) flash 9.
I don't understand how it can even be considered a browser if it doesn't have flash 9.

I've even gone ahead and wasted time installing yellow dog linux for PS3 on my hard drive, all to find out after the fact - 'yellowdog linux for PS3' doesn't have flash support either. A company claims to offer it as a $30 upgrade, but I am not willing to take their word for it without a trial period demonstration for proof. Call me cynical.

The folks at PlayStation Insider say they've "received a tip from a source very close to Sony" about possible conversations between Mozilla and Sony. No word on whether a deal is close, but having Firefox on board would put a little more wood behind the PS3's arrow in its battle against the XBox 360 and the Wii.   read

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