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Razerangel's Super Amazing Happy Scrappy Blog!

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Goodbye, Dear Friend

For many moons I wandered the harsh landscape of the internet, I've seen things that would make grown men cry - and trust me I'm a grown man who's shed a few tears - but here I stand in front of you the Dtoid community once a...


Are Games Becoming Homogenous?

One of the "dirty" words in our society is "shovelware". It inspires fear in even the lead hardcore of us. For many however it is a great source of fun, but if all our games are to become the same, wouldn't that ruin the indu...


I Am Gamer

My it’s been a long time. Some of you may know me, others may not (hi there, nice to meet you =]) but I’ve been a member of this fine community for over a year now and as of late due to a horrendous schedule, crappy universi...


Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Demo Imperssions

Motorstorm was a solid, if incomplete launch game. It was pretty much my favourite launch game, with Resistance coming a very close second. Although I loved the online matches in Resistance the game itself just wasn’t fun e...


If you love it, change it: skate.

For many years we skateboard loving gamers amused ourselves with the great-yet-arcadey antics in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Sure they were fun, really fun, but the skateboarding itself and the physics just felt...wr...


Repetitive Game Design in Sequels

Many gamers bring forth arguments about sequels; how they are a bad idea, how they are a good idea and how idiots go and buy the same game time and time again, yet they themselves go and buy the latest game in their favourite...


The Life and Times of "A. Ngry Gamer"

To many seasoned pros of gaming and its culture the jerk-wad gamer is a common and inescapable foe, one which makes every level headed and rational gamer quiver with fear. We often get lumped together in one big sweaty pile w...


Mario and Luigi: Rawkstars?!

I recently returned from my jaunt to the lovely town of Glasgow, Scotland. That's a lie, it is a hellhole of the highest magnitude but has an awesome music scene, so I go there ever few weeks to see some bands. Today I went t...


Confessions Of A PS3 And 360 Owner

For the uninitiated I started this blog some months ago about the games that I have been playing recently on my shiny PS3. I wrote about 6 of these blogs and then purchased a 360. Since I split my gaming time between the two,...



Well today my monthly issue of OPM UK came through the letterbox, less than five minutes ago in fact. This month it was a bit late and now I know why, it has the first PS3 review of GTAIV as far as I'm aware. It's not the fi...


About razerangelone of us since 5:46 AM on 10.15.2007

Hey guys and gals and transgendered people out there. I am a ghost from the mighty past of the here website. I used to roam these halls back in the heyday of the 2008-2009 era then disappeared for reasons which aren't clearly explained. I am back now.

I'm from Scotland which is that funny little country about England that is as obese as the US but with a heck of a lot more heart disease. I study. I play guitar, bass, mandolin and write songs. I take pictures but hasten to call myself a photographer.

So am I real or am I some figment of your deranged imagination? Well that's for you to decide if you so choose. I personally like the whole haunting business, it's almost like being an evil voyuer!


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