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rawnewdlz avatar 9:08 PM on 09.18.2009  (server time)
PAX 09: Memories

I unfortunately had a case of the "Nerd Flu" when I came back from PAX, but it was worth it. I met so many amazing people I can't wait to see them again.
My good friend Senisan had introduced me to Destructoid back in 2006. Ive been a lurker for quite some time, but didnt sign up until last year when he showed me how active he was in the community. It was very refreshing to actually see that this site was different from all other gaming sites. It even spawned some of its own memes! I quickly became involved in the Dtoid New England events thanks to him. This year at PAX was something I could never imagine. Granted I was at PAX in 07 and it was fun, but 09 was just too awesome to truly describe. So Im going to try anyway!

Note: Some of these pictures display a pose known as a Bboy Stance, I used to be a "professional breakdancer" and this just happens to be a pose used to show how bad ass one is. Enjoy!

Katamari rolling some random guy


Aborto's Steampunk Mr.Destructoid

GuitarAtomik is mad cool, his music is mad cool too

A real live shark!

Chad & R3y looking like gangsters

Samit & ZenAlbatross reppin' Dtoid NY

Garison, Sonicboom, AnonymousNoob (that man is an innovator), Kryptinite

BulletTrain, Aiya, and Mikey are awesome

Professor Pew!


Senisan and I had a tequila shot sponsored by Kryptinite, for Yojimbo's absence at PAX.

Knives & Naia (and zombie me in the back)

That beautiful man in the middle is our Destructoid Army's Commander-in-chief. Can you feel the love?

Senisan gives Chad a gift from Dtoid New England

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