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12:32 AM on 04.07.2010

PAX East 2010: It's a Ballroom Blitz

Hanging out with the Destructoid community was my main goal during PAX East. I fulfilled that by 200%! For the most part PAX East wasn’t too bad. Here is a quick run down of what took place!

Note: Some of these pictures display a pose known as a “Bboy Stance,” it's a pose used to show how bad ass one is. Let's Go!

Thursday night some of us went to "The Publick House" for dinner. This place has an enormous beer list. Thanks to Zen Albatross I had a Young's double chocolate stout. It was like drinking a chocolate cake, I highly recommend trying it! Afterwards we all went to Uno's to meet up with the rest of the Dtoiders that were coming into town.

Friday we got to watch a rematch of a shark in a pie eating contest against one of the creators of P.B. Winterbottom

The Friday night concert was pretty good, I especially enjoyed Anamanaguchi's sneak peak glimpses of the Scott Pilgrim video game. Fist-pumping was inevitable.

Zen Albatross, ScottyG, Keener, PetiePal

Afterwards we all went back to Uno's which by then had become the Destructoid Satellite HQ. The waitstaff did an excellent job accommodating such a fine group of individuals.

Topher and the Tino

BROWN TOWN! CasualWeaponry, Hamza, Wex, Jonathan Holmes, Samit, Senisan

The Meat Cleaver, Senisan, and Foxhound

Saturday we gathered around to watch Tino almost beat Dragon's Lair

Some of us went to a karaoke bar in somerville and this happened

Necros and Analogue

Zen Albatross was droppin' beats on Sunday!

It was fun times indeed, and I look forward to creating more memories with my fellow Dtoiders. You guys rock!   read

9:08 PM on 09.18.2009

PAX 09: Memories

I unfortunately had a case of the "Nerd Flu" when I came back from PAX, but it was worth it. I met so many amazing people I can't wait to see them again.
My good friend Senisan had introduced me to Destructoid back in 2006. I’ve been a lurker for quite some time, but didn’t sign up until last year when he showed me how active he was in the community. It was very refreshing to actually see that this site was different from all other gaming sites. It even spawned some of it’s own memes! I quickly became involved in the Dtoid New England events thanks to him. This year at PAX was something I could never imagine. Granted I was at PAX in ’07 and it was fun, but ’09 was just too awesome to truly describe. So I’m going to try anyway!

Note: Some of these pictures display a pose known as a “Bboy Stance,” I used to be a "professional breakdancer" and this just happens to be a pose used to show how bad ass one is. Enjoy!

Katamari rolling some random guy


Aborto's Steampunk Mr.Destructoid

GuitarAtomik is mad cool, his music is mad cool too

A real live shark!

Chad & R3y looking like gangsters

Samit & ZenAlbatross reppin' Dtoid NY

Garison, Sonicboom, AnonymousNoob (that man is an innovator), Kryptinite

BulletTrain, Aiya, and Mikey are awesome

Professor Pew!


Senisan and I had a tequila shot sponsored by Kryptinite, for Yojimbo's absence at PAX.

Knives & Naia (and zombie me in the back)

That beautiful man in the middle is our Destructoid Army's Commander-in-chief. Can you feel the love?

Senisan gives Chad a gift from Dtoid New England
[embed]149158:22715[/embed]   read

10:44 AM on 04.29.2009

Pink Castle Crasher had a contest to win a rare pink castle crasher. To enter you had to make an edible pink castle crasher. I entered with an 8 1/2" tall pink castle crasher, made of rice krispie treats, fondant, and love.
I won a rare pink castle crasher figure! Contest winners!

More pix here!   read

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