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2:43 PM on 10.24.2011

How long I have yearned
to grapple once more above
the thugs of Gotham.

O Riddler Trophy–
Your verdant form so tempts me.
Elusive thou art.

Gliding through the air,
the World's Greatest Detective
pops some more balloons.

4:23 PM on 05.10.2011

Defective Turrets'
Lives are short and conflagrant.
Oh, are you still there?

Ah, Repulsion Gel
Your delightful bounciness
Takes me to new heights.

Don't cross Cave Johnson.
That man has combustible
lemons. He'll find you.

1:23 PM on 04.08.2011

Though ye may be small,
opportunities await.
Cunning will triumph.

Hi-jinks are fun to
Practice on unsuspecting
dolls. Toss your cookies!

Need to spread your wings?
Stack into a bird and fly.
Nests can give insight.

11:21 AM on 02.15.2011

Life in the darkness
I feel I am being watched
Is that a spider?

A floating corpse can
Be more useful than you think
Shame that you can't swim

To play amongst gears
Can be fun or get you squashed.
Oh look, the world turns.

O Covenant, how
your zeal to destroy us burns.
Grunts are fun to kill.

An Elite has come
to side kick me in the chest.
Must he shoot my corpse?

Sprinting can be fun
Armor lock nice to play with
Jetpacks: I hate you.

How I yearn to play
The legendary Höfner.
Pre-order tempts me.

One has to wonder
How many haircuts will be
Within the options.

Mean Mr. Mustard
I really hope he will show
On September Ninth.