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raucci avatar 3:48 PM on 02.25.2008  (server time)
RROD then... not?

Today I was playing Devil May Cry 4, on the final boss, when the game suddenly froze and my XBOX made a strange pinging sound. I turned off my BOX of X and tried to turn it back on and lo' and behold, three gorgeous blinking red lights. YES!

Now, the RROD has never happened to me before, and I consider myself lucky... but to get it at the beginning of a week just sucked. So I immediately called the Microsoft tech line to get my shit straight and start the process of fixing my console.

While on the phone with my depressed sounding customer service man, he had me repeatedly test my box, turning it on, and off, and constantly testing it to see if anything could be done. We did this for about 20 minutes. Those three red lights kept flashing and life was awesome. I squared away the return policy stuff and my mailing box was on its way... a month without a 360, fine, i would take this hit.

Thirty minutes later I decided to turn on my XBOX 360 and record the three rings on my phone so I could show my friends who actually joked about me getting them sometime soon.

Aaaaaaand.... what!?

My XBOX turned on, worked fine, and I proceeded to play it for an hour and a half with no errors. Now what the hell happened?

I didn't fix anything, I didn't move the console, I didn't even unplug anything since I last talked to the tech guy.
So what caused the initial red rings? I only had my system on for about ten minutes, and it hadn't been on for 2 days, when it worked fine, so overheating seems null.
And what then ultimately led to the system operating perfectly again?

Has anyone else experienced this? And has the RROD reared its head shortly after a miracle such as this?
And what do I do now that I already scheduled my XBOX to go back to Microsoft to be fixed? I understand that about 4 of you will yell at me for not posting this in forums, my bad, I was lazy and I just hopped into this. Plus this gets more exposure and I really want to see if this has happened to anyone else. I once felt invincible to the RROD... then utterly vulnerable... and now like I have some sort of magic.

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