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Why I Love Game Center CX

Finally get past the second episode of Game of Thrones to see what my family, friends, and coworkers are all talking about? Nah, Game Center CX episode 67 please. I seriously canít get enough of this show. Iíve put about as ...


Exploring Philadelphia in Video Games

The first goal you are presented with is jumping over three abandoned cars. You manually set the position of the ramps, the person who issued the challenge nonchalantly tells you to go for it, and soon you're easily hopping...


The Legend of Ritos 'n Dew

Ritos 'n Dew (2010) was a weekly webshow in the style of Continue? and Game Grumps that featured playthroughs of retro video games and commentary by the titular stars, nicknamed Ritos and Dew. Discontinued after only 3 month...


My Birth Year in Gaming: 1988

I've been reminiscing on where I fit on the human timeline thanks to all of these cool 25th Anniversary celebrations going on for series like Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy lately. Lots of people say how they fe...


My Top 5 Games of the Year List

I think Game of the Year lists are pretty fun so I thought I'd make one of my own! 5. Journey This game made me feel: sentimental. I also feel like a jerk. I only played Journey completely through once, everything that can...


Gaming Culture is in Our Hands

I long for the day when entire 4-block street lengths become dedicated avenues to appreciate, craft, play, and buy video games, much like like Philadelphia's Fabric Row is for textiles. I long for the day when I can turn on ...


Barista Gamer Blues

I am not a suitable fit for my occupation. As a barista, I'm supposed to care about conversation more than cleanliness or even coffee. It was a struggle to adapt to this sort of work having only one job prior, and even then I...


Samus Aran: A Figure of Power, Not Sex

If you want to acknowledge Samus Aran of the Metroid series as the original and most badass female heroine in video games, RESPECT DAT ARMOR, not dat ass. Zero Suit Samus is the worst idea Nintendo has ever had for a char...


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