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Xbox One won't play used games, confirmed!

by randombullseye   //   2:00 PM on 05.21.2013

So according to a wired interview, the xbox one will only use discs to install games one time. Then those discs are locked to your account. If you pass those to a friend a "fee" will be charged to them to install that disc. 

This is video games now. 

I'm really upset about this. I love sharing games and borrowing them. Without renting games or buying games at yard sales, I wouldn't have had access to nearly as many games. These days, piracy and file sharing are definite problems. Locking users out of sharing games legitimately would likely lead to a widespread amount of those issues. 

I really don't like what video games have become. It's like a subscription service.

Things like Netflix and Hulu are full of people sharing accounts, I fully expect this to be an early and easy way for people to share their content, with dummy accounts that they pass games around amongst friends. Especially if you can play a game without the disc, why wouldn't people just pool together on a single account for the majority of games? Not everyone is looking to play first person shooters or any sort of online game. I'm bothered as shit by this.Photo view gallery
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