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randombullseye avatar 7:39 AM on 11.26.2008  (server time)
Random Select: Threads of Fate

Threads of Fate is one of those games released when Role Playing Games were THE games to own. Back when all I needed was to see the name "SQUARE" and I knew I was getting something good. Did you ever play Threads of Fate?

Seriously, that opening story is true. I had almost no idea what Threads of Fate was. Probably saw a little blurb preview in a magazine like Gamepro or Tips & Tricks, then purchased it off of the name squaresoft name. This same tactic got me Vagrant Story. Upon a little reflection, I realize now that there was a demo disc packaged with Vagrant Story. It had both this and Front Mission 3 as playable games on it. I had nearly forgotten about that demo disc. It also had Chocobo Racing on it and a few videos for other games. Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, and Chocobo's Dungeon 2 were the videos according to my research. A quick check of my Vagrant Story box reveals the demo disc and confirms the "interactive" and "preview movies" on the disc. I guess that opening story wasn't true now. Seriously.

In Threads of Fate, you can choose between two characters. A boy with an axe or a girl with two magic rings. I recall finishing the game with the male character and ALMOST finishing it with the female character. The male character has a revenge storyline that I remember liking when I played the game. The female character has a more humorous storyline motivated by her own selfish ambitions. Not exactly a story I can empathize with, but if I recall it had some funny bits to it. At least what I played of it. The two storylines take you through similar areas, but I can't remember if they were in the same order or not. I do recall some crossover, especially now that I'm rewatching the opening intro.

Each character has a separate special ability. Rue (the man) when he kills enemies he receives a coin power up. What that does is turns him into that monster granting him the monsters abilities. Some can fly, some jump higher, some of the plant monsters can't move at all, and stuff like that. Really cool is that you can hold several of those at once and mix and match them out when you encounter new enemies. Mint (the lady) can use magic as her special ability. She has several different colored coded elementals to choose from. White is holy. Yellow is lighting. Blue is water. That sort of thing. I tried to research it in an FAQ on Threads of Fate how Mint gets her magic. I was pretty sure you just find it along the way or are given it during talking sections, and that seems to be correct. I guess I'll find out when I replay the game.

I put off replaying it and put it off. Now yesterday when I go to hook up my playstation one, I find the controller is broken from where I tried to fix it. I looked around my boxes to see if that was the only one I had. Assuming that it was, I gave up. I was looking forward to trying this one out again. I played it for a good few weeks when I first got it, and I remember liking it a lot. This type of gameplay stuff is always fun. The best I can do is to find you some gameplay videos.

As far as I understand, Threads of Fate is a stand alone game series. Just the one entry. Maybe it is for the best that another one doesn't come out. The game was and still is a fun memory for me. If you like this sort of gameplay, and happen to have a playstation one, pick up Threads of Fate.

Japanese box art. The game was known as Dewprism over there.

American box art.

Lots of pictures in the gallery!

Did you ever play Threads of Fate?

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