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randombullseye avatar 4:40 AM on 11.22.2008  (server time)
Random Select: Sonic 2

This is one of my favorite games. When I think of a good game, this is one that comes to mind. What game am I talking about? Sonic The Hedgehog 2 of course.

Developed here in America and released in nineteen ninety two. I first played it at a cousin's house at a family outing. Not being a follower of magazines or any sort of gaming news, finding out about a new game was a random accident. He was busy trying to get the Super Sonic cheat code to work. I later received my own copy, without cover art, from my half brother. Me and him played it to death. I played it to death on my own and with other people. This one copy has been played hundreds upon hundreds of times. I somewhere got another copy that has the cover paper still on it, but am unable to recall where I got it. An old school mystery that still bothers me a little.

Sonic 2 plays exactly like the first Sonic, but with upgrades. Among the greatest and best upgrades ever featured in a game series. Move around with the dpad, all three buttons let you jump. Down and A let you do a spin dash move that revs Sonic up for a quick burst of speed. Most obviously is the addition of Tails. So now you could play two player. Of course, everyone who plays as Sonic rushes too fast for Tails to keep up. To really play with two players means slowing down significantly.

Each level in this game is great. I could write about them, but that is a lot of levels to write about. Seriously. That's what I like about it. You get a lot of levels to play through. Two levels to a world (except in the case of a few of the later ones) and each one has a cool gimmick. Like a casino world with working slot machines. Who doesn't love Casino Night Zone? Another cool level to speak about is the chaos emerald bonus levels. You play in this pseudo 3D half pipe collecting rings and avoiding bombs. More emeralds and attempts at the levels you go the tougher they get. I like that. Some of them have almost no margin for error. Its cool, but I usually don't go for the Chaos Emeralds when I play Sonic 2. I know some people that always go for them though. How about you guys? You obsess over getting super sonic or just playing the game?

I would replay Sonic 2, but I know the game like the back of my hand. So I'll write about the last time I played it. Made it so very close to the metropolis zone (about five levels from the end of the game) and quit. I've played this game so much over the years. It just never seems to get old for me. I actually broke down and played for a few minutes. I love this game so much. One thing I noticed when replaying and letting the game sit on the title screen that I had almost forgot about was the split screen mode. If you select two player vs you can do a split screen mode and race against a friend in versions of levels from the main game. If I recall correctly it removes bosses and makes everything about speed running through your regular enemies and obstacles. I don't know how I almost forgot about this mode. You can also do the special stage from there as well without having to get 50 rings and pass the marker. Then jump into those rings that show up above it. I guess their rings? Right? Maybe stars? I don't know. I love Sonic 2 though. That much I do know.

Splitscreen screenshot. Blurry version is all I could find.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 makes me happy. Playing some of the new Sonic games doesn't. Even Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles aren't as good for some reason. I can't figure it out. Sonic 2 has the same elements as the other ones. Why do I consider it the best? Just my gaming opinion. I've played a lot of games over the years and this one has, overall, everything I want in a game. Catchy music, lots of fun and diverse levels, two players, some secret stuff, and some great cheat codes. I remember using the cheat codes a lot when I was a kid, not so much anymore. The game isn't my favorite ever, but is one of my favorites. Pick it up on the original cartridge, xbox live arcade, or any number of other re-releases. Even on the genesis it got re-released with Sonic 1 and Doctor Robotnicks Mean Bean Machine. Find yourself a copy of Sonic 2.

Knuckles is a fun add on for Sonic 2.

I didn't mention it anywhere, so I'll shoe horn it in here. You can choose to play as just Sonic or just Tails from the options menu if you wanted to. If you put Sonic 2 into Sonic & Knuckles you can play as Knuckles with his gliding and climbing powers it changes the gameplay some.

American box art.

Japanese box art.

European box art for the sonic compilation.

More pictures in the gallery.

Did you ever play Sonic 2?

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