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randombullseye avatar 1:49 PM on 10.25.2009  (server time)
Old School Games: X-Men 2 Clone Wars

I enjoyed the first X-men on genesis. It's a fun game, but its pretty brutal difficulty wise. I've never beaten it, but I never beat this one either. I do love it though. The second is such an improvement that I would say its a must own genesis game. A must, must own.

X-Men 2 Clone Wars starts off without you picking your character, without an intro, without anything. You start off as one of the heroes in antartic base full of Ninjas, Hand Ninjas, but that doesn't matter to someone not into comic books. Just a quick intro level to stomp through. But after it, the SEGA logo and introduction all play out. I can think of a handful of games that try something like this and its interesting that they do this. It kind of was a mind blower to just start the game. I don't know why.

It almost forces you to play as the lesser characters like Psyloke for that one level. Nothing against her, its just, I'd rather be Wolverine. I know a guy who only wants to be Gambit. Another friend of mine has Cyclops as his favorite. Why would any of us want to play as Pyslocke? How did she even get into the game in the first place? She was never in the cartoons or movies and most of these types of characters are featured in later games that have full databases full of characters to look through. Yet she's not only in this, but also in the Super Nintendo X-Men game Mutant Apocalyspe. I'm not saying she's a bad character or unusable in the game, its just, most of the time I want to play as Wolverine. I've yet to figure out why this was included, but feel it is interesting. I don't recall her being a big deal really. The guy who wrote X-men for many years always liked her I guess. That's the best I can come up with.

Now as I said you've several characters to choose from after your intro level with a random one. You've the All New All Diferent characters we think of when we think X-Men, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Psylocke as well as Beast and Cyclops. If you can beat the third level, Astroid M, you'll unlock Magneto as a playable character. Yes, Magneto. What I really like is that you're not limited to using your powers. Say you want to shoot out the "optic blasts" of Cylops, you can fire at will. You can also charage up those attacks to. Gambit blasts out more cards for example. Wolverine and Nightcrawler can climb up walls. Beast almost can, but he just sort of hangs on. It's really nice how varied everyone is and really sets a standard for how an X-Men game should be. Everyone with their own abilities and reasons to play as other characters. Including Psylocke. For example, her knife can hit through walls but can't hurt robots. It's a physic attack after all. How can something like that hurt a robot?

Storyline wise, its your standard Magneto's trying to destroy everything plot, until the Phanalnx show up. At that point I'll refer you to an episode of the cartoon in which Beast and Mr. Sinister have to team up to stop these creatures. They showed up more recently as an enemy in an Annihilation story arc as well as in one from the Exiles. If I could tell you to go read a full of volume of comics, it would be that first set of exiles. It's so freaking good. Has almost nothing to do with X-men clone wars 2, but niether does the advertisment. It's at the ten minute mark, some of these other commercials are outragous too.

Classic sega yelling name commercial. Again, ten minute mark you'll find the X-men 2. While I enjoy the first game, its confusing nature and brutality make it a little less playable. This time you've plenty of lives and abilities to get things done. It's just a matter of setting out to do something.I've played the crap out of this game over the last fifteen years.

Someday soon I'll try to finish this one and the first one. The first one I couldn't finish because of that strange reset glitch, but this one I always just run out of lives. It's great for two players though and the first couple levels are really fun. Back in the day I only rented it and now I've not got my own physical copy, yet. A quick ebay search yields 10-15 dollar copies floating around. I might have to pick one up. It's worth replaying and one of my favorites that feature the X-Men. No nonsensical talking like in the recent Legends games or combos to learn like the fighting ones, just a great beat em up.



First X-Men genesis game.

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